Which companies benefit from mobile document shredding?

Every company. Mobile document shredding is essential for every company that deals with paperwork. No exceptions. Why wouldn’t you want to use mobile shredding? It’s everything you love about shredding services, but in a mobile van that shows up where you want it when you want it. The benefits of mobile document shredding are such that you will be hard-pressed to find a reason not to use it. While everyone can and should use mobile shredding, it is more critical for some than others. Especially companies that deal with sensitive information and don’t want their documents leaving their office premises. With that in mind, here are six businesses that benefit the most from mobile shredding.

Credit card companies: Everything that a credit card company does is sensitive. From documents containing customers’ personal information to their credit statements, credit card companies handle sensitive data that are best kept confidential. This is why mobile data shredding is crucial for credit card companies. Any internal records discarded by the company should be shredded before disposal. Failure to do so can result in large-scale identity theft, which can result in fraud. Mobile data shredding makes sure that no sensitive information leaves the office premises, and everything that does go straight to a recycling center. It is also an excellent way to tell the customers that their data is handled and disposed of properly.

Banks: Banks deal with a large amount of private customer data. Details like customer’s names, account numbers, addresses, and mortgages’ status are sensitive information. However, depending on the status of customers, the data quickly becomes obsolete. Documents of customers who are no longer contracted with the bank need to be disposed of properly. Misappropriation of the paperwork can result in fraud and, in some cases, cause people to lose hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Much like credit card companies, the bank handles sensitive documents which are prone to identity theft. Mobile data shredding helps banks dispose of sensitive information quickly and efficiently without much disturbance to their workflow.

Hospitals: Hospitals keep every data about their patients. Medical records, family records, personal records, past reports, and just about every data that might be needed during emergencies. Considering how the difference between having and not having information is between life and death, hospitals are justified in keeping all the information. Given the volume of paperwork, hospitals need to discard faster than other companies. But while the document may become obsolete, the information it contains is still sensitive. This is why hospitals need mobile shredding services. Disposing of all the paperwork within their premises ensures that the data is only known to the relevant parties.

Sensitive retail sales: We know what you are thinking. A person’s grocery bill may not result in identity theft, and shredding sales records might seem like a complete waste of time. However, not all companies sell the same thing. Retail pharmacies, drug stores, and other stores of similar nature handle sensitive client information. For example, Drug stores have a complete record of the client’s personal information and medical history. Ensuring that the data doesn’t leave their premises is an excellent way to ensure that confidential data stays confidential. Companies that deal in sensitive retail sales should use mobile shredding services to prevent sensitive information from leaving their premises.

SaaS companies: One of the best reasons you should use mobile shredding services is its ease of use and the fact that everything gets handled on-site. SaaS companies collect private information which is both sensitive and should remain confidential. From general details about a client to their credit card numbers, SaaS companies have many documents that need proper disposal. While most of the data is stored electronically, they still have a large amount of paperwork.

Every other company that deals with paperwork: While a large amount of information is stored electronically today, many companies still deal with paperwork. From requisition forms in a bank to FIR’s fired by the local police, some organizations have paperwork integrated into their system. Similarly, government offices deal with a large amount of paperwork that needs proper disposal. Mobile shredding helps to dispose of the paperwork correctly and without any disturbance to the workflow. If your company deals with a large amount of paperwork or paperwork containing sensitive information, it might be in everyone’s best interests to use mobile shredding services.

If your company deals with paperwork, there is no single reason not to use mobile shredding services. It is easy to use and rarely disrupts the workflow of a company. Since everything happens in-line with the statutory legal requirements, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. But if you think something is wrong, you can always drop in for an on-site inspection. And the best part, since nothing leaves your office premises, you don’t have to worry about privacy theft.

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