“Why Many believe 11 plus exams are unfair”

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Besides the fact that standardized tests are not so child-centered, many parents and school leaders are concerned about the gap among students from different social classes. Some students may receive enough support and can afford private tutors to prepare for the 11 plus exams. While, some students might not have a working laptop and stable internet connection to prepare.

When you have an entrepreneurial attitude, you are able to constantly identify problems and seek solutions in order to add value into other people’s lives. Baljeet Dogra, founder of KidSmart, created an app with the intention of supporting parents and their children through these difficult times. The app includes learning materials such as 11 plus practice papers with over 350 past papers and learning app modules like 11 plus vocabulary support from tutors to assist families with the 11 plus exam.

“We encourage parents to start early, if possible, as early as year 3 to give ample time to your child to prepare and to avoid putting a lot of pressure if you start late. 11 plus preparation requires building a lot of skills that require some time to master. When you start early you get plenty of time to take it slow and steady without the need to stress.”, said Baljeet.

KidSmart was founded from Baljeet’s own experience in preparing her daughter for the 11 plus exam. He recognized the necessity for having a platform where pupils can learn remotely, giving them time to relax and enjoy.

Parents and tutors, including Baljeet, are appealing to suspend the exam. He stated, “I agree with most parents and tutors alike that the 11 plus exams should be called off during the pandemic. In general, it should be abandoned as a requirement from most schools.”

While exam suspensions are yet to be finalized, KidSmart will continue to provide services to make it easier for parents and students to tackle 11 plus exams and the stress that comes with it.

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