Normal GPS Device Vs GPS Tracking App with Dash Cam: Which One Is Better For Your Car?

When it comes to using a GPS tracking device for family or company vehicles, it’s essential you research about all the different types of GPS products and systems available in the market. With the continuous release of new GPS monitoring applications for smartphones, many users wonder if these alternatives to dedicated GPS tracking systems will fulfil their needs just as well.

While there are several similar applications to using such devices, the results and fuctional capabilities differ from one software to the other.

There are standard GPS devices that are simply used to track and monitor the location of the car, and then there are advanced tracking systems that come with dash cams.

Now, how is a GPS tracking app with a dash cam different from its alternatives?

Let’s look at some scenarios that talk about the benefits of having a tracking app with a dash cam:

  1. Helps Track Vehicle in Case of An Emergency

Your family might not be familiar with the roads if they are travelling with a chauffeur. As a result, your chauffeur could take advantage of it.  They can either take the wrong route or harass your family member. Also, sometimes it could be too late by the time your spouse or child knows that they are in danger.

When you use an advanced car GPS tracker with a dash cam, such as KENT CamEye, you get a complete view of both the inside and outside of the vehicle. In addition, the playback feature in the car GPS tracker can give you an indication of where the vehicle is, making it easy to map the vehicle’s location in an emergency.

  1. Offer Possible Assistance at the Right Time

The dual camera option in car cameras GPS trackers makes for one of the most advantageous features. You’ll be able to live-stream it from anywhere you are, whether your car gets into an accident or the chauffeur misbehaves with your family. You will be able to provide some support to your family members in this manner by tracking their exact location and sending help.

Furthermore, if the chauffeur wants to tamper with the system, you get an automatic warning, allowing you to take appropriate real-time action. You’ll also be notified if someone new takes control of the car, which can prompt you to take action to protect your family.

  1. Will Help Minimize Risk

Chauffeurs have a habit of speeding and behaving erratically, endangering the safety of passengers. On the other hand, your chauffeur would be more cautious if they realize you are tracking the vehicle with a new car GPS tracker that includes a dash cam.

These systems have a built-in microphone and speaker that allows for two-way communication. Hence, if at any moment you see that they are over speeding or driving rashly, you can sternly call them though the GPS tracking app and instruct them to drive carefully.

Given the current situation, you can install a smart car GPS tracker with a dash cam in your vehicle. From getting real-time information about your car’s location to receiving real-time alerts, there are a lot of features that can benefit you.

When choosing such a device, you should select KENT CamEye, which is one of the most advanced car GPS trackers with a dash cam. They also provide a free demo option. In this way, you will be able to know the specifications in detail. You can order the device from Amazon India or Flipkart at the earliest and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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Usman Sabir