April Whiting Haraguchi Examines the Importance of Spending Time With Family During Covid

April Whiting Haraguchi is a business owner and family-oriented individual who has struggled, like everyone else, during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, she has done better than she imagined, thanks to a careful understanding of spending time with her family. By working together, she and her family have stayed out of each other’s ways and had fun at the same time, creating a unified and relaxing environment.

Why April Whiting Haraguchi Emphasizes Spending Time With Family

The lockdowns that help protect against Covid-19 have been both a blessing and a curse for a family unit, April Whiting Haraguchi states. It has forced people to spend more time together and interact in fun and engaging ways. However, April Whiting Haraguchi also knows that family members may also start getting on each other’s nerves and causing various emotional struggles that may be upsetting.

That’s why April Whiting Haraguchi believes it is so vital for families to take the time to schedule their time together. This type of opportunity is not likely to occur again, in which families are together for so much of the time. April Whiting Haraguchi and her family have created a unique series of activities, games, and adventures that help make their life more enjoyable while cutting back on agitation.

April Whiting Haraguchi and family

For example, April Whiting Haraguchi states that everybody must have scheduled alone to do whatever they want. She and her family often have an hour or two apart before playing together. This time allows April Whiting Haraguchi more than enough time to take care of her “adulting,” such as working through her business needs, doing taxes, cleaning up the house, and anything else that needs to be done.

And this also allows her family to have fun doing their thing, such as creating art, playing video games, or doing anything else that they want. April Whiting Haraguchi finds these family pauses are critical for Covid-19 lockdown time together. Try to make sure that these times are regular and scheduled. They should be followed as much as possible to prevent any confusion or scheduling conflict as well.

When it comes time to do things together, April Whiting Haraguchi suggests spending an hour on different activities that everyone likes. For example, April Whiting Haraguchi offers playing a board game that your children may like and then watching a movie or show that you and your spouse may enjoy. The idea is to find things that everybody can enjoy without causing any conflict between each other.

By carefully integrating these activities into your schedule, April Whiting Haraguchi believes it is possible to stay sane during Covid-19. Just as importantly, you can not only get through this experience together but become closer than ever before. People who go through struggles often stay tight-knit, April Whiting Haraguchi says, due to these struggles. And nothing has impacted the modern world quite so much as Covid-19.

April Whiting Haraguchi hanging out with family


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