Steel Building Trends for 2021

Metal buildings have become the preferred choice for modern businesses working across diverse industries. As their needs evolve, business owners are driving changes within the construction industry as providers scramble to meet the needs of their customers. This dynamic is expected to promote new trends in 2021 and beyond.

According to Travis McCain of Capital Steel Industries, one of the biggest steel building trends will likely center on sustainability.

“Industrial designers, architects and energy experts are constantly looking into new solutions to make all buildings, including steel structures, more efficient,” he said. “Sustainability is a big trend that’s most likely to influence steel building design in 2021. This will be achieved not only through the use of sustainable steel, but also by using sustainable materials throughout every part of the building process, including insulation and roofing.”

In addition to more sustainable structures, experts anticipate a stronger focus on flexibility that will make metal structures even more versatile. Steel buildings are already perfectly suited for a wide variety of businesses working across countless fields and industries. From agricultural producers and aircraft hangers to auto shops, breweries, casinos, fitness centers, churches, car washes, horse stables and commercial properties; these versatile structures are ideal for almost every type of business. That said, according to McCain, we’ve really only scraped the surface when it comes to applying steel structures to the needs of modern American businesses.

“Metal buildings offer all sorts of unique benefits that make them popular throughout an array of industries,” he said. “In 2021, we’ll see an even wider range of applications as steel buildings are efficiently used in all sorts of segments, including various residential applications and industrial areas. As more and more people recognize the many benefits, the scope of use of steel structures is likely to become even wider, capturing areas that have not used steel construction before.”

Increased use of more efficient erection technologies is also expected to be a big trend in 2021. Steel buildings are already known for having an incredibly quick manufacturing and assembly process. But as life speeds up even more, the technologies used for making and erecting steel buildings will continue trying to accommodate the need for more efficiency.

“As they look to make production and assembly faster, experienced construction professionals are leveraging the latest equipment and most forward-thinking strategies,” said McCain. “At the same time, we expect there to be a greater focus on using local labor to facilitate the assembly of durable metal structures.”

Companies tend to be more comfortable working with local construction companies that have a brick-and-mortar presence in their communities. If something goes wrong, they want to be able to easily get in touch with the contractor. If they have questions, they want to be able to quickly visit the service provider. They also want the confidence that comes with knowing the contractor won’t be leaving town the moment they complete the build.

At the same time, they want to work with a steel building provider who can offer a wide spectrum of services while providing affordable prices and rock-solid guarantees. Unfortunately, local enterprises usually don’t have the time, resources, relationships and experience to build top-quality steel structures. For forward-thinking companies such as Capital Steel Industries, however, this isn’t a problem.

“A leading provider of durable, flexible and affordable steel buildings, Capital Steel offers the highest quality steel structures in the industry,” said McCain. “We also connect local companies with the best, most reputable construction professionals in their local communities. Because we’ve established working relationships with local contractors in communities throughout America, we’re well-positioned to meet the rising demand for locally produced steel structures. Our national footprint allows us to provide diverse options and low prices, while guaranteeing that local construction professionals only use first-in-class materials and the best construction techniques.”

About Capital Steel Industries

A leading provider of high-performing steel buildings, Capital Steel Industries offers the industry’s highest-quality, most-affordable metal structures. By working with the top local contractors and most reputable construction pros, we ensure that our customers receive top-level local knowledge, superior materials and tailored service.

Whether you’re buying a steel building for personal use or to support a local business, you can expect first-in-class materials and expert service from local professionals in your area.

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