FUE Hair Transplant Turkey Benefits & Costs

A large number of people suffer from hair loss. Both men and women are affected by the problem. The bald spots are becoming more and more, and the self-confidence of each individual suffers accordingly. For this reason, more and more people are undergoing hair transplants.

Turkey, in particular, stood out as the first point of contact. The Istanbul-based EstePera Clinic is one of the leading institutions in the field of hair transplants. Above all, the experienced team around Dr. Serbulent GUZEY and Dr. Sule GUNGOR can convince with their experience and expertise. But how good are the EstePera patients’ experiences? And should an own hair treatment be carried out in Turkey?

Hair transplant – what is the exact procedure?

In addition to the final result, the procedure of the procedure is an important criterion in the patients’ EstePera experience. Since many people suffer from hereditary hair loss, care products or self-therapies with dietary supplements can hardly help anymore – a hair transplant is the only correct solution.

The so-called FUE hair transplant method is nowadays the most modern application in professional hair transplants. First, hair follicles, which are often located on the back of the head, are removed from the donor area using a hollow needle with a micromotor.

The removed grafts are then enriched in a special nutrient solution before implanting in the recipient area in the final step. After about 10-12 months, the final result is visible.

What Makes Turkey the Best Choice for Personal Hair Treatments?

The Mediterranean country is one of the best places to go to hair treatment these days. Among all the institutes, the EstePera Clinic in Istanbul has emerged as particularly recommendable. Above all, the customer-oriented service and many years of experience in professional hair treatments characterize the hospital.

Contrary to the unfortunately still widespread assumption that the quality of hair transplants in this country is better than abroad, Turkey can convince many of those affected of the opposite. Above all, the positive EstePera Clinic experiences of many patients are decisive here. But what makes the hospital so special? What are the positive responses based on?

Satisfied patients are not a coincidence

Anyone who decides on a hair treatment naturally wants to achieve the best result. Of course, this also includes customer service tailored perfectly to the patient. Accordingly, the preliminary examination, including hair analysis, is carried out at many points in Europe, Asia and America. It will then agreed with the date of the trip to Turkey.

At Istanbul Airport, a VIP shuttle service is waiting at the airport to take the patients to the clinic’s luxury hotel. On the same day, another preliminary examination is made before there is the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Istanbul. The next day the treatment takes place, which is completely painless thanks to the modern comfort-in system.

As soon as the anesthetic works, the team around Dr. Serbulent GUZEY and Dr. Sule GUNGOR with the operation can take a few hours. However, one should always keep the real goal in mind – new and thick hair.

EstePera Clinic – experience and expertise are crucial

The expert is also very often highlighted in the Estepera Clinic patient experience. He can confidently be called a luminary in the field of hair transplants, as he has already helped several thousands of those affected to regain new hair and self-confidence.

The good Dr. Serbulent GUZEY and Dr. Sule GUNGOR experiences also refer to the sympathetic and empathetic nature of the doctor, who has set himself the top priority to always focus on the wishes and concerns of the patients. After a thorough preliminary examination, the hair expert always discusses which treatment option is possible with those affected. If the hair analysis shows that a hair transplant cannot achieve the desired result, the specialist will suggest further possibilities.

The hair expert knows like no other how to determine the right treatment method for each patient. Therefore, the positive Dr. Serbulent GUZEY and Dr. Sule GUNGOR experiences speak a clear language that advocates Turkey’s treatment.

The advantages of treatment in Turkey at a glance

Anyone who decides to have the hair transplant Turkey can expect perfect results and quality standards at the highest European level. Above all, the Estepera Clinic stands out from the wide range of hospitals. Only the most modern utensils are used here, and the latest and most innovative treatment methods are applied.

Of course, the unbeatable price-performance ratio also plays a decisive factor in the previous EstePera hair transplant experience. Compared to Germany, the clinic can offer its treatments at lower prices because the cost of living in the country on the Bosporus is lower than in this country.

However, it should also be said that an appealingly low price should not always be used. Of course, there are also “black sheep” in the hair transplant industry that should be avoided. If the offer is too good, it is better to keep your hands off it.

Conclusion: Hair transplantation at Estepera Clinic is recommended

All in all, it can be said that many patients describe their EstePera experience as consistently positive. The know-how acquired over several years and the team’s expertise ensures that the right method is used for everyone affected by hair loss – regardless of whether it is hair transplantation, hair pigmentation or PRP treatment.

The Dr. Serbulent GUZEY and Dr. Sule GUNGOR experiences of the patients are accordingly good. The doctor advises all patients comprehensively and knows, through his empathic nature, to calm the patient down or take away their fears before the procedure.

It is precisely this combination of modern treatment techniques and experienced specialists that makes the EstePera Clinic in Istanbul one of the best places to go for professional hair treatments.

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