Important Tricks To Jump-start A Keto Diet

Looking at the success stories and testimonials online, you might be tempted to start a Keto Diet today itself. But it might not be that simple. You see, a Keto Diet requires you to take careful consideration in choosing and implementing a Keto Diet. It is an optimized diet plan that takes into consideration your nutritional needs, and weight loss goals, etc. This way, the diet plan looks to cater to all of your nutritional needs meanwhile cutting down on your carbohydrates intake. It employs the fat-burning metabolic process of ketosis to help you shed stored fat content. 

So, without further ado, here are some steps to kickstart your Keto Diet. 

  • Minimize Your Carbohydrate intake

Keto Diet depends upon Ketosis to help you shed fat, as we have seen. The metabolic state of ketosis is achieved by modifying your diet. How? Well, you need to cut down on your carb intake to help the body transition to fat burning. A lack of carb content in your diet forces the digestive system to process and convert fat, proteins, etc, into energy. This in turn will help the body burn up the fat storage of your body such as belly fat, thighs, and flabby arms. 

Alternatively, you can seek the help of a Keto Diet supplement that contains ketosis ingredients that support fat burning. However, you need to be careful as many of the supplements available do not work as well as they promise. You can take a look at our One Shot Keto Reviews on Powdersvillepost to learn about a legitimate supplement that promotes Ketosis. 

  • Include loads of fats, proteins, and Coconut oil, etc

The deficiency in carbohydrates caused by Keto Diet has to be compensated with a lot of fats. So, take care to consume food items rich in unsaturated fats and proteins. These include dairy products, meats, and some vegetables. Be mindful to avoid any food item that is rich in carbs as we are aiming to bring your carb intake below 5% of the total. Coconut oil and its nutrient-rich composition require special mention here. Coconut oil is rich in MCT, or Medium-chain Triglycerides. And MCT is a compound that has been seen to promote ketosis. Moreover, Coconut oil is loaded with many other nutrients and elements that your body needs for sound health. 

  • Increase your physical activity

No diet is a solution for obesity if you do not move as much as you should. Movement and activities are important parts of human health. Other than keeping you fit and healthy, movement is essential for maintaining optimum body weight. And by physical activity, we do not mean rigorous hours spent in the gym. You can ramp up your physical activity by choosing to skip your car and walk a kilometer or two to the office instead. Or by taking a morning stroll with your spouse in the park. Taking up gardening, or non-impact sports will also help with your activity goals. In addition, they will help strengthen your body too. 

  • Fasting 

Fasting has been shown to help people get into ketosis, according to many studies. As a matter of fact, most people go into a mild ketosis state between dinner and the next morning. Traditionally, epileptic children, for whom the Keto Diet is a treatment, are fasted for 12-72 hours to induce ketosis in them. And a day of fasting could also help you transition to ketosis. If it is difficult for you to fast for longer periods, you can try intermittent fasting. This is alternating between fasting and caloric intake based on a set timetable. 

There is another type of fasting that is useful in inducing ketosis. This also involves cutting down your caloric intake nonetheless. Known as fat fasting, this requires you to take between 700-1100 calories per day, but a major portion of it needs to be fat content. This decrease in caloric intake and the presence of more fat forces the digestive system into ketosis. 

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate and other ketones

Ketones are natural compounds that are known to induce ketosis. Prominent examples are BHB or Beta-hydroxybutyrate, Acetoacetate, etc. . So, you can take a supplement or formula containing BHB or other ketones to kickstart ketosis. Besides, it will be beneficial if you can test the level of ketones in your body once you have started a keto diet. This will allow you to understand your level of ketosis and modify the diet accordingly. You can check these levels using a Ketonix meter, blood tests, or urine tests. Alternatively, there are also breathing tests to identify the presence of Acetoacetate. 


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