5 Amazing Trampoline Games to Play

A trampoline in your backyard offers a lot of fun for the entire family. It is not necessary to always just jump on the trampoline, you can play many wonderful games on it. Yes, there are plenty of trampoline games that you and your kids will love to play on your backyard trampoline.

In order to play various trampoline games, you should have a large size gymnastics trampoline in your home backyard. Make sure your trampoline is in good condition and the enclosure safety net is providing 360 degree protection to the jumping surface. If everything in your trampoline is fine then get ready for five amazing trampoline games to play for kids, adults and everyone.

#1. Bouncing Air Catch

Bouncing Air Catch is one of the best trampoline games to play with the kids. As a parent, you can participate in this game by standing outside the trampoline. In this game, one person stands on the jumping surface, while other person stands outside the trampoline.

You can use a tennis ball or foam ball for playing Bouncing Air Catch game. Simply hold the ball in your hand and throw it in the air so that it falls on the trampoline surface. Your child has to take a high bounce and catch the ball when s/he is in the air.

You need to throw the ball 10 times to one child, the number of times s/he catches the ball is their score. Thereafter the next child should enter the trampoline. In this way, multiple kids can participate in Bouncing Air Catch game one by one.

At the end of this game, the child who has achieved most catches when in the air will be the winner. Please note that the catches taken when child’s feet are on jumping surface will not be counted in the results.

#2. Musical Bounce

In order to play this game, you should have a CD player or USB player and the trampoline with large playing area. The Musical Bounce means the kids are required to bounce on the beat of the song playing.

You should create a play list of your kids’ favorite songs which you are going to play during the Musical Bounce game. Thereafter you should ask all the kids to stand on the trampoline surface, allocate a separate zone to each kid and ask them to stay in their allocated zones throughout the game play.

When all the kids are standing in their positions, start the first song for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, shout “Bounce!” and all the kids should bounce at the same time. The last kid to bounce is out and has to leave the trampoline.

You should play the next song for 20 seconds or less and then again should “Bounce!” towards the kids. In this way, the kid who bounces last is eliminated and the rest of the kids will continue to play the next round. The last kid standing on the trampoline surface will be the winner of the game.

#3. Pop the Popcorn OR Crack the Egg

Some people call it Pop the Popcorn, while others call it Crack the Egg. Both the names are of the same trampoline game. This game is very interesting and we assure you that your kids will definitely love playing this game.

In order to play Pop the Popcorn trampoline game, one child should sit in the center of the trampoline surface. The child should be in the position to touch their knees to their chest and arms around the legs. Then the other child will enter the trampoline surface to begin the game play.

After entering the trampoline surface, the child should start jumping around the child sitting in the center. Make sure the jumping child does not touch or fall on the sitting child. The air of jumping child is to pop the popcorn means indirectly force the sitting child to open their arms.

If the sitting child opens their arms, s/he is out. Then the next child will sit in the center of trampoline in same position. The child who remains in same position, even if the other child is constantly jumping around, will be the winner.

#4. Castle Attack

Castle Attack is a wonderful game to play on your backyard trampoline. It requires at least 4 kids/persons to play this game. The kids are divided into two teams, one team contains only one child and he is called “King”. You should have a foam ball or some water balloons to play Castle Attack game.

The other team contains rest of the kids who are called “Attackers”. In the Castle Attack Game, the attackers should stay outside the trampoline, while the king has to stay standing inside i.e. on the trampoline surface.

The attackers (kids) should try one by one to hit the king using the foam ball. The attackers have to throw the ball over enclosure net and the king has to save himself from getting hit by the ball.

During the Castle Attack game, if the king gets hit 3 times then he is out. The kid who throw the last hitting ball on king will become the next king. The kid (king) who can save himself from getting 3 hits for the longest time will be the winner.

#5. Piggy in the Middle

Piggy in the Middle is the best trampoline game to play when there are three kids. In this game, one child becomes piggy that stands in the center of the trampoline mat/surface. Remaining two kids stay outside the trampoline as opposite to each other.

The one of the outside kids are required to throw a foam ball over the enclosure net. Make sure the ball reaches to the other kid standing outside. The piggy kid has to jump high to catch the ball and the outside kids have to throw it the way so that the piggy can’t catch it.

If the piggy successfully catches the ball, the kid who threw that ball becomes the new piggy and the game continues.

In this way, you can play many amazing trampoline games on your trampoline and enjoy the free fun time with your kids.


Elijah Paul