Dealing with a dear invasion just got easier – and more humane!

You paid hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for that landscaping around your estate. Then, one day, you find your priceless flower patch destroyed – by free grazing deer that wandered onto your property from the nearby woods. You’re devastated! It’s the same feeling that washes over farm owners and estate owners that take pride in their landscapes. A deer barrier may be the only solution to this problem.

Keeping your green spaces deer free

There are stories that deer deterrence is possible. As a result, estate owners and farmers have tried “unconventional” means to dissuade deer from entering their properties. From old soap bars and human hair, to beer cans filled with pebbles, automated motion-sensing sprinkler systems and bright headlights and alarms that go off/on in the night. Do they really work? Mostly – NO!

You see, deer, like many other grazing animals and rodents, invade human habitat when they’re desperate for food. And, while the “unconventional” may keep them away from your prized rose garden or corn field for a while – until the novelty wears off – when hunger takes over, they’ll brave the headlights and water sprinklers.


There are ways – cruel ones – like electric fencing or piercing barbed wire fences, that deter the animals from wandering too close to your property. But a hungry deer is known to be persistent, even at the cost of suffering electric shocks and bleeding, hide-ripping barbs, just to appease their hunger pangs. And regrettably, unlike more friendly options for deer fencing, because they are too young to bear the consequences, new born doe’s often end up casualties of these painful contraptions.

But what if there was an unintrusive way to keep deer out, while you remained in – on your property – to still enjoy a perfect, unobstructed view of your estate. Building a brick wall, or erecting wooden fences just won’t cut it! So, what’s the alternate?

A better deer deterrent

Now, keeping deer, rabbits, ground hogs and other rodents at bay is easier than you think. No more must you set invasive deer traps or poisonous bait to ensure deer remain at large and away from your cherished garden, farm yard, vegetable patch or green spaces. All it takes is putting a deer fence around your property – specifically, around the are areas you wish to protect – and take away all the stress and worry of a deer invasion.

The best thing about the newer approach to deterring deer from doing damage to your property, is that they are completely deer-friendly, and quick and easy to install. Everything you need to set up an animal-friendly enclosure – deer fence, gas powered post drivers, fence posts, gates and accessories and much more – come with the fencing solution.

Here’s the unique (and amazing!) thing about these deer deterring fencing solutions. Once properly installed, deer may still visit the periphery of your property, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the natural beauty they offer to your estate. But because this fencing solution envelopes your property completely, and block all entry paths, deer and other animals won’t be able to enter your gardens or farms to do damage.