From Children to Retirees Darcy Bergen Continues to Take the Mystery Out of Money Matters

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Founder and owner of the Bergen Financial Group, Darcy Bergen, has helped people of all ages understand financial management and help take the mystery out of money matters. For more than two decades, Darcy Bergen, both personally and professionally, has invested a lifetime in not only learning about financial responsibility but teaching it too. 

From teaching children about money basics to teaching teenagers how to read and understand their checks as they enter the workforce, Darcy Bergen believes that learning how to manage money begins early in life. Those beliefs are some of the motivation behind why Darcy Bergen takes time out to help our youngest generations, but Darcy Bergen hasn’t neglected those in their retirement years either.

Much of the recognition Darcy Bergen has received over his career has been centered around his work and expertise in the arena of retirement planning, including topics like Fixed Index Annuities and IRA’s. As the owner of a financial planning firm, Darcy Bergen is committed to helping people plan for their financial futures today, even if today means those people are still youths, young adults, and even for those folks approaching retirement.

However, the greatest motivation for helping others comes from the role models Darcy Bergen had growing up, and none were more influential or more significant than his parents. After spending much of his childhood and formative years in Canada, Darcy Bergen moved with his parents to New Zealand, where they planted a church. Later as missionaries in Kenya, his parents worked helping orphanages and on projects to help people to get clean and safe drinking water, among other selfless endeavors.

Today, that heart of giving back guides Darcy Bergen in many of his activities, in both his personal and professional life. Darcy Bergen also quietly takes pride in having been a successful wrestler and three-time provincial champion during his schooling years in Canada. Now, living in Arizona, he is proud of his company’s work and the people it helps. Today though, if you were to ask Darcy Bergen what he is most proud of, it may very well be his wife, Heather Bergen.

A career in financial learning and lessons taught by Christian-led and giving parents have resulted in Darcy Bergen living a life with his wife today built around teaching people and helping others take steps towards financial security. From children to retirees, Darcy Bergen continues his mission of helping and teaching, just as he has been taught to do his entire life.

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