Texnologia reports the ongoing rivalry between Facebook and Apple

It has been a while since Apple announced that in their latest updates related to their iOS 14 they have announced policies related to the privacy of the user which is unacceptable for Facebook. Facebook strongly opposes this as this will put an adverse effect on Facebook’s revenue generated through ads.

Apple claims that the changes which have been made regarding the privacy of users will bring about a great change over the internet and will be a big turnout for everyone as websites and blogs will start charging a specific amount of money as a subscription fee to the users.

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Moreover, Apple also says that this will make websites and blogs follow the concept of adding in-app purchases for the users as there would be a lack of personalized ads in between and no revenue would be generated through that.

According to facts and figures, it has been concluded that Apple will bring about this change for all Apple users. The users will have the authority to permit or reject the option of having access to their data and tracking while using specific websites.

Apple also unveiled the concept that how iOS 14 users will bring about a change through this privacy policy and also asked authorities like Facebook to give valid reasons on why they are opposing this.

Apple claims that they have changed the privacy policy so that they can protect and stand up for their users. On the contrary, this policy will affect Facebook’s business and Facebook does not want this to be implemented as they think that the promotion of small businesses will stop.

A spokesperson of Apple explained that this policy is being brought so that the users should be aware of this thing when their data is being shared across several apps and websites. It is also being said that users have the right to accept or deny this option as it is completely their choice.

Furthermore, to defend this policy, CEO of Apple spoke to the public through a tweet and said that the basic purpose of bringing about this change is that the users should know how their data is being used and they should have access to allow or deny this as it is their data.

On the contrary, Facebook says that these changes are just being brought to benefit Apple as they will be benefitted by moving all the apps into a paid model and Apple will be able to earn through in-app purchases and subscriptions.

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