Selling Bungalows in Mississauga Has Never Been this Easy

If you think 2020 is all about losses, you might want to understand the yin and yang concept. This Chinese philosophy states that everything in the world has a dual meaning. And this year is no different than this.

If this virus has brought losses for us, it also has some gains. Talking about the real estate industry, the Q2 witnessed sudden demise where it broke years’ records. But the counter effect came with some smart moves where the very next quarter i.e. Q3 witnessed a graph far better than that of Q3 of 2019.

The federal government took some smart initiatives and guided people to overcome this critical time. Real estate couldn’t stay behind, and it took all the measures to rebound with a strong jerk.

One of the best things the industry has recently witnessed is the use of technology that restructured the whole process.

So, if you’re planning to sell you bungalow in Mississauga this year, you need to make sure that your realtor is tech-savvy and offers you smart services to make the whole sales process stress free.

Virtual Tours

Technology has advanced so much that you’d visit tons of places virtually. Some of them are pre-recorded virtual tours, and some are streaming live.

Many realtors also have started offering this service (pictures are only to attract attention). They’re offering pre-recorded videos of bungalows by virtually bringing the house to your screens.

You could also ask such realtors to manage a live stream and talk to the seller in person, virtually.

Virtual tours are not only beneficial to close deals, but they also limit social interaction and prevent you and other parties from the threats of the virus.

Social Media Marketing

Realtors are also vastly using different social media channels to market the properties listed with them.

Earlier, MLS (multiple listing services) were mainly the way to display available properties. Since the novel coronavirus, social media channels have also become a marketing source.

To my best understandings, Instagram and Facebook are the two most important channels to market your bungalows in Mississauga.

Just make sure that the realtor you tend to hire is using these marketing channels appropriately.

Staging Your Bungalows

An empty home is a house, and people tend to buy homes. That is where the home stagers come in handy.

Home stagers are experts in decorating your empty houses and giving them a new appearance that will make the incoming buyer get attached to this home.

Home stagers offer different services depending on your budget. They could give an entirely new look to your house or only do some slight touchups.

Following SOPs

The rising number of cases in the region is up on the rise after the impact of the second wave. In recent news, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie stated the situation in the region is getting dangerous.

That makes bungalow for sale in Mississauga a challenge.

However, if your realtor is smart, not only he would take the necessary measures to avoid interacting with the virus but would also make sure that the incoming buyer is aware of the situation.

This challenge is further reduced if your realtor is offering virtual tour services to the buyers.

Have a Backup Plan

While the major challenge is the pandemic of the year, you still need to have a strategy to back off from your initial plan to sell the bungalow.

You might face low-ball offers due to the virus and might think that selling it for a lower price would work for you. However, this virus is not going to last forever (coronavirus vaccines will soon reach every nook of the country).

If you face any challenge selling your property, try to stick to it for a little more until the situation calms down.

You might also want to hire a realtor who is smart to negotiate the deal for a better price and find your house a perfect buyer.

The Bottom Line

Now go back to where we started – the yin and yang concept. Where there are some challenges involved in selling your bungalow in the region, there are some alternate routes to overcome them.

All you need to do is find the realtor offering you a wide range of services where your interaction stays to a minimum level, and the realtor takes the lead to make sure your bungalow gets what it truly deserves.

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