How to Open a Blocked Car Door: An Actionable Guide

One event that can ruin a perfect day is a locked car with your keys inside. Well, mistakes can happen, no matter how careful you are. So, in this article, we are going to talk about how to open a blocked car door without having to spend a ton of money and damaging your car.

What Are the Most Common Ways to Unlock A Blocked Car Door?

Here are some methods you can use to unblock a blocked car door:

  • The String Method
  • The Wedge and Rod Method
  • The Hanger Method
  • The Inflatable Wedge Method
  • Pick the Lock Method

The String Method

This may sound very unbelievable, but you can open a car door lock without using anything but a string. In this case, the string should be at least 6 feet long. Now make a knot in the middle of the string. You can use a shoelace as it has high friction to attach itself to the door lock inside the door.

This is what you need to do – slide the shoelace through the sharp corner of your car door and take it all the way close to the lock. Now, try to make the knot sit on the door lock.

As soon as it sticks with the lock, pull the string from both ends, grab the lock within the knot and pull upwards. Remember, this method only works on cars with post-style door locks and has a small knob on the door lock.

The Wedge Method

A painful yet effective method to open a locked car door. All you need to do this trick is a wedge or a doorstop. As you know, the doorstop has a tapered part on its body. Use this tapered face to push it underneath the top corner of your car door, and this will create some space between the door and the car’s mainframe.

Now, slide in a thin rod with enough strength to push the emergency door lock switch to open all the door locks at a time. Be careful while doing this trick because you might end up damaging the car’s body and your door if you do this the wrong way.

Also, this trick is effective for the newer cars with automatic door lock feature.

The Hanger Method or Slim Jim Method

The hanger isn’t only good for hanging clothes because this soft steel can be deformed and converted into almost anything with the right amount of force applied to it. In this example, we need to separate a cloth hanger from its hook and bend its straight sides to take the shape of a sharp hook.

Slide in the rod through the gap between the door and your car’s mainframe after you create some space there. Now, slip the hook behind the weather stripping of the car’s window. The weather stripping should be quite easy to get through if you can manage to get through one of the loose ends.

Keep the hook-shaped rod faced upwards and get close to the other side of the door lock, and you will find a latch.

Now, use the hook to grab onto the latch and pull it upwards, and your door will open for sure.

Remember, this is not an easy trick. So, you will need several attempts to get it right.

The Wedge Method

Both incredible and dangerous – this method is the most artistic of all door opening techniques out there. But it is not recommended that you do this technique as an amateur as it takes some precise skills and observation to master this technique.

You’ll use a thin air pressure bag, or a doorstop or a putty cutting tool to create the space between the door and the car’s body. Now, slide in a small rod-like a shaped coat hanger or something else through the gap and use it to push the unlock button on the car door.

You can unlock your car this way. But here’s what you have to get for it. You risk scratching the car paint, denting the car’s body, tear the weather stripping, and bend your door slightly out of shape, which might make it noisy. So, it’s your call whether you want to do it or not.

Pick the Lock

Undoubtedly, the best way to open a car door lock is if you call an automotive locksmith such as `serrurier bruxelles pas cher`. There are special lock picking tools out there to do this job. Tension tool and lock pick – these are all it takes to pick a lock, but it’s one hell of a work.

Besides, you can use a jiggler, i.e., the generic lock picking keys for each type of car brand. And remember, lock picking and jigglers do not work on newer car doors where the keys are laser cut to perfection.

To Wrap It Up

This is a comprehensive guide on how to open a blocked car door. If you have a stuck door then, call an automotive locksmith before trying all by yourself. An amateur hand on lockpicking always poses the risk of causing unwanted damage.

Abdul Rehman