How to Install A Doorknob with Keyed Lock: Step by Step Process

The doorknob is a very important part of a door’s security mechanism. It ensures the locking security of the door as well as the easy opening and closing of the door.

Sometimes, you might need to replace your previous doorknob with a new one or install a fresh doorknob with a keyed lock. The task needs a step by step procedure to be perfect.

Here we have shown a step by step guideline on how to install a doorknob with a keyed lock.

How to Install A Doorknob with Keyed Lock

In order to install a doorknob with a key lock, you have to follow some easy steps. Following the steps will help you perfectly install the new doorknob or replace the previous one. You can also hire a `serrurier rixensart` to do complete your work. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Remove the Old One

If you have a doorknob previously installed, make it removed first so that you can install the new and fresh one. While removing the old doorknob, also remove the latch and strike plate with it. You can use a screwdriver to do this task.

For the installation of the new doorknob, first, you have to take a latch plate. The size of the plate must be adaptable to the mortise of your door. Then attach the latch plate on the upper portion of the latch.

There are different shapes of latch plates available in the market, such as rectangular or round. Pick the one depending upon your door mortise.

Step 2: Install The Latch

Secondly, you have to move your latch through the hole of the door. Place it in a way so that the plane part can touch up the jamb of the door. Make sure of that. If the jamb and latch do not touch each other, you will face problems while closing the door.

Now push the latch using a hammer and a block made of wood. As a result, it would fit perfectly into the door hole. Later on, for more safety, fix the latch with the door with screws where they need.

Step 3: Install The Doorknob

Now it’s time to install your doorknob. You need to insert half portion of the doorknob into the latch. Insert the half part that comprises a steel peg and ensure that the peg has been appropriately placed into the latch.

Let another half portion of the knob set up in the other hole of the latch. Finally, turn the holes of both sides around as much as you need and tie them to be aligned using some screws.

The alignment of both holes is very much important. If it does not happen properly, you will find the doorknob installation very poor. So make sure that they are correctly aligned. If necessary, push both sides with your hands through the hole.

Step 4: Place The Screws With The Door

In this stage, fix your doorknob with the door from both sides using screws. Measure or count how many screws you will need to attach them completely. In order to fix up the screws, you can use a screwdriver. Remember, both sides of the door must be tightened up strongly.

Step 5: Use Wood Putty to Fill The Gaps

While installing the new doorknob, you might find it less matched with the hole of the previous doorknob hole. In that case, you can use wood putty or a hardening type of wooden filler to fill up the gap and make it properly matched.

After using the putty or filler, let it dry for some time, at least 30 minutes to one hour. It might vary depending upon the instructions on the body of the filler.

Step 6: Attach A New Strike Plate

You did remove the old strike plate in the very beginning, remember? Now it is time to install the new strike plate. Fix the new plate by screws with the door latch as well as the door frame.

Abdul Rehman