How To Communicate Effectively About Your Case?

Not many of the lawyers these days know the significance of effective communication with their clients. This is because most law schools teach lawyers to be focused on the legal aspect of the law. Communication is barely taught as a form of oral debate in court.

The importance of good communication with clients is not promoted or talked about much despite it being the key to the success of a case. The absence of effective communication between a `lawyer` and the client is detrimental to the relationship between them.

Moreover, it stands as a huge obstruction for proper counsel to clients. This is why we are going to tell you the best ways to communicate effectively about the case.

Tips For Communicating Effectively About Your Case:

Most lawyers lack the adequate skills of communication for effective counseling with their clients. Even though it may not seem essential initially, it is the most critical factor to concentrate on. These skills are not naturally built but have to be learned.

Today you are going to learn with us how to communicate better with your clients. There are a few useful tips we are going to share with you right now.

Show empathy after you deliver bad news:

Usually, when you deliver bad news to anyone, they want you to empathize with them. Clients are no different. Bad news brings out a lot of negative emotions in people. It causes clients to experience emotions of anger or panic, making them incapable of processing complex information at a time.

Hence once you have played your role of being a lawyer by conveying the bad news, stop acting as a lawyer rather be a friend. The next step is to give your client the time and space to understand how they got here. This is really important advice that does not come naturally to most lawyers.

The focus should be on helping the client understand their situation and the proper processing of all the information. Deliver bad news with a little empathy. You have no idea how empathy works miraculously in such situations.

Importance of a good looking front office:

An important factor in building a positive emotional relationship with your client is by starting off right by making a good impression. It pays off big time by putting your foot on the right steps first.

It is extremely essential that the client feels warm when they visit you. They should be able to trust your credibility and approach towards your case. Believe it or not, having a good looking office contributes a lot to it.

However, many professionals often fail to understand the need for a positive gateway to an office. This negligence can be a terrible mistake to make. There is no doubt that people have not a good experience when visiting an office every once in a while.

On the other hand, receptions at many offices do not have the most welcoming attitude towards visitors. The receptions are often rude and dismissive in their approach towards the visitors. As a result, the visitor’s moods are spoiled.

Moreover, the visitor does not feel valued or welcome and hence leaves with a bad experience. Hence make sure you are not one of them.

Do not make unreasonable claims to your client:

It is important to make sure that the client’s expectations are reasonable. Lawyers can often be very positive and confident during their discussions with a client. Due to that high confidence, the clients tend to start having high expectations from the lawyer.

However, this expectation can lead to more pressure on the lawyer. A simple tactic to avoid such high expectations is to avoid mentioning any numbers to the client. Whenever a lawyer presents the client with a number, the lawyer draws more expectations from the client.

In such a case, if things do not go in favor of the lawyer, the client will refer to those numbers as a minimum standard. As a result, the lawyer puts himself or herself in a difficult whenever a specific number is mentioned.


No matter how good a lawyer you are, you need to understand the importance of effective communication with your client. Your law school will not teach you these. You, yourself, have to ensure effective communication for successful counseling.

As a lawyer, the clients are the heart of your profession. Communicate effectively, deliver information adequately, and seal the case in the best manner. Here given are some of the most effective tips for a lawyer to communicate about the case effectively with the clients. Pay attention and apply them to the best of your ability.

Abdul Rehman