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Celebrating Over Decade in Assisting Authors

In 2020 Writers Publishing House celebratedover a decadeof collaborating with authors to bring their books to life. By providing the tools and resources to authors over the years, we’ve given them the opportunity to encourage, motivate and influence others through their writing.

Now it’s time foryouto followyour callingand become a Writers Publishing House Author to spread your message through a book… like many others have done over the years.


How We are Different

We are one of the few publishing companies that include creative deliverables and marketing with enterprise-level special promotional support campaigns included in one service. We believe to deliver sales results; you must invent the greatest promotional campaign possible. Then, become better than anyone else, so our clients shine above the competition.

You Can Get Started Today!

We Can Help Make Your Publishing Dreams Come True

We help writers become published authors. Our team works with state-of-the-art systems to complete every aspect of writing, editing, graphic design, and publishing process. So you can be confident that your work is in safe hands.

Great advancements are born from a fascinating work of imagination. We, at Writer’s Publishing House, will take that step forward with you, because every story deserves to be told. Therefore, we invite you to experience the work of industry professionals.

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Contact Information:
Lizzy McNett – Publisher/Writer/Author

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Contact Information:

Lizzy McNett – Publisher/Writer/Author