How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform

An ecommerce platform is a software application that enables you to do business online or sell your services online. This operates by helping businesses to manage their website, marketing, advertisement, sales, and other operations.

E-commerce technologies are getting advanced with time, as widely adopted as a valuable tool for conducting business in COVID-19 quarantine when masses suffered by losing their jobs.

Many e-commerce platforms can help you to grow your business. The top ecommerce stores include Shopify,, Woo Commerce, and Big Commerce, etc.

Here, in this article, we are uncovering the differences between Shopify and Woo Commerce to help you how to choose the best ecommerce platform. We should consider the factors before starting an ecommerce platform. Let’s have a glance at them.

Comparison between Shopify and Woo Commerce

While choosing a platform to start your online store, consider the factors like ease of setting up, price, design, features, SEO, cart recovery tools, build in basic ecommerce features, and customer support. Let me describe the comparison between Shopify and Woo Commerce.


Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution for businesses that provides you with every single thing that you need to get started with your ecommerce venture. This is an eCommerce software and a service (SaaS) tool where you don’t own the platform but pay a monthly fee to use it by creating your online store.

Shopify is available in five different versions to cater to businesses from small to large range. The basic Shopify plan is all about setting up a customizable website, an online store, and a blog. Advanced Shopify is the next step from the Shopify plan. In advanced Shopify, you get custom reports and can upload unlimited products. The more advanced and modern Shopify store is Shopify Plus with a fully hosted site and designs.


WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce plug-in builds on Word Press. In WooCommerce, you can start selling your services and products from your Word Press site. If you have already invested your time and energy in Word Press, you can take start your online store relatively quickly. Take a kick by registering your domain name, picking a web host, and activating the WooCommerce Plug-in.

Ease of setting:

For new users, setting up in Shopify is a piece of cake. You just need to simply sign up for a free trial and select a theme for your store. You get a hosting plan and domain package to take a kick for your online store on Shopify.

With WooCommerce, you set up everything by yourself. WooCommerce gives you total control over the functionalities from header to footer.


Shopify provides pricing from a 14-day free trial to budgeted mid and high-level plans that include various features like unlimited products or abandoned cart recovery, etc. So you can choose any plan according to your budget and your requirements.

In WooCommerce, you can choose flexible extensions from a large range of free and premium plug-in. You can also get several high-quality shipping carrier integrations for WooCommerce.


WooCommerce is more SEO friendly as it runs on Word Press. Plug-in enhance the chances to increase SEO functionality. Shopify stores have SEO build in for optimization.


Shopify works with over 2500 apps whereas in WooCommerce there are above 400 official extensions including Facebook, Pinterest, etc.


Shopify provides a wide range of high quality free and premium themes and designs on their store. WooCommerce offers many designs including an in-house theme, Storefront. You can also design your own customized Storefront child theme.

WooCommerce is considered a DIY tool where you can choose designs of your choice. Social media forums are also activities related to WooCommerce, and in this way, you can run a great store that ensures personal experience and complete control of your data.

Both the eCommerce stores are unique and great in their ways. You can choose one based on your personal choices. You can choose any one eCommerce store after properly investigating their features and can help you choose the best ecommerce platform.

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Hafiz Sarmad