IMS Launches COVID-19 Research Insights Series and Releases Findings from In-Depth Jury Research

IMS Launches COVID-19 Research Insights Series and Releases Findings from In-Depth Jury Research

Pensacola, Fla. |IMS ExpertServices has announced the launch theIMS COVID-19 Research Insights Series,including a robust set of findings, analysis, and expert perspective designed to equip the firm’s clients with a clear view of threats, opportunities, and strategies relevant to their practices amid the pandemic.

The thought leadership in the series has been developed through in-depth research efforts spanning several months, including twelve focus groups with potential jurors across three major venues and seven litigation types, nearly 500 community attitude surveys with responses from potential jurors across four representative venues, in-depth discussions with thought leaders and expert witnesses on industry- and practice group-specific implications, and analysis by the firm’s top trial strategy advisors and jury consultants.

The findings released in this series point to a range of shifting juror attitudes and other considerations critical for litigators, including the influence of the pandemic on how potential jurors are evaluating information and making decisions, likely juror views in the context of the pandemic based on factors including venue and type of litigation, and implications of COVID-19 for matters related to commercial insurance and other industries.

“As we monitored the shifting effects of COVID-19 across the courts and our industry, we recognized the acute need to help our clients navigate significant and important shifts catalyzed by the pandemic,” remarked IMS Chief Revenue Officer, James Crane.

IMS has published the series to provide clarity specifically for the firm’s clients around emerging implications from the virus for litigation either directly related to or in the context of COVID-19, and critically, to help them rethink their courtroom strategies in this changing environment.

“Clarity and context are extremely important during this time,” continued Mr. Crane. “Our trial strategy advisors, jury consultants, and the broader research teams who advanced the research underpinning this series unearthed some important complexities, including on how potential jurors are relying on core values to inform their decisions across various types of litigation in the context of COVID-19. We are confident our findings and recommendations discussed in this series will prove valuable for our clients and the broader litigation community, and are honored to be able to deliver these insights during a challenging and transformational moment for our industry.”

“It’s a given that juror attitudes have changed over the past few months,” observed IMS Senior Expert Trial Consultant, Jeremy Young, who coordinated research efforts underpinning the series and has collaborated with trial teams on more than 300 matters over the last eighteen years. Mr. Young underscored the importance of translating the findings around juror attitude shifts into practical applications. “Our focus is explaining not only howthey have changed but also, and more importantly, what trial lawyers can to do to adjust their trial strategies.”

The series addresses a variety of topics, themes, and litigation types, and delivers specific insights, practice tips, and recommendations as well as thorough considerations for litigators from expert witnesses and industry authorities. The reports, practice tips, recommendations, videos, and resulting analyses developed through the series focus on actionable guidance to inform how trial lawyers persuade in the current fast-changing environment.

Several sets of key findings and releases from theCOVID-19 Research Insights Series, includinghighlights from twelve focus groupsconducted this summer and practice-area specific interviews with expert witnesses, have been made available to the public through the firm’s COVID-19 client resource hub. A curated selection of in-depth, client-exclusive material is also availableto the firm’s clients upon registration in the huband by request. Additional materials and analyses will be added to the series over the next several weeks.

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