Centurion Plus to support Mozambique’s Economic and Energy Boom with In Country Presence

Johannesburg, September 7th,2020: Centurion Law Group is delighted to announce the launch and opening of its lawyers-on-demand service Centurion Plus in Mozambique. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Mozambique remains in the top 15 of the fastest growing economies this year, and is expected to grow by almost 5% next year. On the back of massive LNG projects under-development that represent billions of dollars, the Mozambican economy is set to be one of the world’s most dynamic in the coming years.

Centurion Plus will especially focus on supporting new joint-ventures and partnerships in Mozambique to build domestic capacity, assisting foreign investors to work in the country, helping state entities to build an enabling environment, supporting local content development for national companies, and empower local Mozambican lawyers. The upcoming gas revolution in Mozambique will notably create tremendous growth opportunities for the local services industry, opening up the door to new regional and international partnerships that can create jobs and nurture the development of a strong local industry in Southern Africa.

As a tailored legal service offering, Centurion Plus is adapted to respond to a growing need for flexible and bespoke legal services in Mozambique. As the country develops, the need to build legal capacity domestically while bringing in world-class regional and international expertise in key areas such as oil & gas or energy infrastructure is growing. By leveraging on its network of carefully vetted African and international lawyers and consultants, CenturionPlus can both inject know-how and expertise into the local industry while offering best-in-class legal solutions to the country’s rapidly developing economy.

“Our clients have made so much progress in Mozambique thanks to our work. They value our great insights of the country’s legal framework. Mozambique will be Africa’s next growth success story on the back on upcoming LNG projects and increasing domestic monetization and valorization of natural gas. Such activity will have positive effects across all sectors of the economy, offering a unique opportunity for CenturionPlus to make a difference for its growing base of clients in the country, but also for the legal industry of Mozambique,” stated, Zion Adeoye, Managing Director of Centurion Law Group.

“CenturionPlus is now ready to take the lead on any projects in Mozambique. Our dedicated pool of commercial and corporate lawyers both in and outside of Mozambique offer the best blend of local anchorage and on-the-ground presence with the best global practices in the legal industry. We truly look forward to bringing new legal solutions that benefit both investors coming into Mozambique, and the country’s local economy as a whole,” added Keseena Chengadu, Director of Centurion Plus.

About Centurion Plus:

Launched by pan-African energy and corporate law conglomerate Centurion Law Group in 2018, Centurion Plus has become one of the fastest-growing on-demand legal service on the continent. Having recently expanded across Western Europe, Centurion Plus is now globalizing a new approach to the practice of the law, combining flexibility of service with cost-efficiency without compromising on quality. With a pool of over a 100 carefully-vetted lawyers on-demand, CenturionPlus is able to answer to any legal needs or requirements with agility and speed, ensuring that the needs of both clients’ short and long-term legal services are met.

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