myLawyer launches myLawFirm, a customized platform for law firms to adopt for all remote communications

San Francisco Bay Area, August 6th, 2020

On Thursday August 6th, 2020 we launched our newest product, myLawFirm. This customized platform is unique in that it has been specially designed to support law firms in this trying time.

myLawFirm includes all of the practices that a lawyer should follow in communicating with clients and other lawyers. Critically the platform complies with every recommendation made by the American Bar Association in its Formal Opinion No 477, “Securing Communication of Protected Client Information”.

The main features of the platform are:

  • Custom branding of the law firm: showcasing the law firm’s logo, unique colors and typeface which will be visible throughout the platform and on all communications.
  • Secure and encrypted video conferencing.
  • Secure and encrypted messaging and file sharing.

The platform is accessible through iOS and Android apps as well as through a web app.

Law firms that register now will have a free trial for one month. Thereafter they will pay $9.99 for each lawyer, legal assistant and secretary who is registered. Clients join for free.

Law firms can register at and in less than ten minutes have their customized platform which they can use in all their communications.

About myLawyer Network

myLawyer Network Ltd is a Delaware Corporation whose principle place of business is in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company was incorporated to hold all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of myLawyer PTE Ltd, a Singapore corporation and myBarrister Ltd a UK corporation. Both companies have a mandate to create software that is focused solely on improving the tools that are available for lawyers. Today’s technology allows us to build secure and efficient tools for lawyers and to bring the global bar together in ways that could only have been dreamed of in the past.


Please reach out to for any questions or comments about the myLawFirm platform.

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