Why SEO is More Important in 2020 Than Ever Before


In the past few months, search engine optimization has shown, more than ever before, just how durable and useful it can be. As the COVID-19 outbreak has forced unprecedented amounts of consumers indoors and online, SEO has become a lifeline for companies hoping to survive and thrive.

“Amid quarantines and social restrictions, more people are looking for product and service providers online,” said Maria Gibson, CEO of Altitude Agency, a leading Colorado digital marketing company. “To take advantage of available opportunities and remain competitive, it’s important for local companies to maintain a strong, ever-growing online presence.”

Whether they’re looking to build leads, increase conversions or cultivate brand awareness, companies need a long-term digital marketing strategy. This is especially true during the recent outbreak when more and more consumers are going online to meet their needs.

As businesses adjust to restrictions and limitations at their physical addresses, the pandemic has caused a surge of e-commerce, leading to big opportunities for companies that were already well-positioned with comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that allowed them to reap the rewards. It has also shed light on the importance of staying committed to a long-term SEO plan that can help companies remain competitive during uncertain times.

“In this shifting landscape, it’s important to keep one eye on the present and one eye on the future,” said Gibson. “Right now, it’s important for companies to stay committed to their SEO and digital marketing campaigns so they will be able to stay profitable in the short-term while maintaining the agility to reap the benefits of explosive opportunities when things begin to normalize.”

There are a variety of complex factors that go into a successful SEO campaign. Results don’t happen overnight and are highly dependent on a continuous, long-term approach. Consistency and commitment are essential components to a successful digital marketing campaign. Consumers don’t typically become customers immediately; it usually takes multiple encounters with a brand. All the incremental efforts and informative blog posts a business publishes as a part of its SEO strategy lead to quality encounters, trust-building and greater brand familiarity.

“SEO is about earning trust from search engines,” said Gibson. “The only way to achieve this is slowly and deliberately, over time, through consistent output. Since substantial gains from SEO don’t typically occur until a few months down the line anyway, there are plenty of things companies can be doing right now to solidify their long-term future.”

According to research, small businesses that don’t regularly blog generate 67% fewer leads than their competitors who maintain a consistent blogging schedule. They also have 97% fewer inbound links, making it much harder for them to rank among the first few pages of Google.

Blog posts attract traffic around the clock, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Once a company publishes them, they continue generating leads now, months from now and years into the future. Even old blog articles can get noticed, go viral and charge up the SERPs if they contain relevant, helpful content that informs consumers and answers their questions.

As part of a complete digital marketing campaign, blogging and SEO helps insulate businesses against market instability and shifting circumstances. Even during times of great uncertainty, consumers need specific products and services. To remain viable over the long-term, companies need to invest in a complete digital marketing campaign that includes, claiming and updating their Google My Business (GMB) profiles, keeping an active company blog, building an intuitive site structure, conducting regular keyword research, optimizing content for the web and employing comprehensive SEO tactics. Unfortunately, for some companies, these efforts are often disjointed, inconsistent and, to an extent, random.

“A consistent, synergistic digital marketing campaign is the key to succeeding during times of uncertainty,” said Gibson. “Creating a complete web presence with optimized SEO will continue to benefit a business not only immediately, but in the long-term as well. Laying down this foundation now will be an excellent way to make sure your company will remain successful now and gain a competitive edge when business returns to normal.”

About Altitude Agency

Altitude Agency is a high-level enterprise digital marketing agency delivering carefully crafted enterprise advertising solutions for top brands.

At Altitude, we’re committed to helping each of our clients overcome these unpredictable times successfully by continuing to grow their branding and expand customer outreach. Our ongoing Enterprise SEO and digital marketing campaigns are designed to make sure each business survives and thrives during challenging times. We’re committed to helping each of our clients overcome these unpredictable times successfully. To ensure that we meet the unique needs of each client, our team is operating at 100%, prioritizing each client’s short- and long-term marketing goals.

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