Top Reasons to Hire A Commercial Paving Company


Asphalt pavement is a critical and complicated part of our day-to-day lives. When it comes to repairing and installing these surfaces, there are numerous considerations and all sorts of potential pitfalls. This is one of the reasons it’s important to rely on a commercial paving company to ensure a safe, effective surface that will meet federal and local standards.

Cracked and bulging sidewalks and parking lots are hazardous to people and vehicles, especially when painted lines begin to fade. In addition to making a business look less reputable, a damaged or deteriorating lot can leave a business vulnerable to potential lawsuits when they cause or contribute to accidents or vehicle damage.

“Poorly maintained parking lots don’t just turn off customers, they increase a company’s liability risk,” said Doug Enright of Enright Asphalt, one of the top concrete contractors in Denver, Colorado. “If a parking lot causes vehicle damage or personal injury, the business that owns the lot becomes liable. Hiring reputable professionals to maintain the parking lot can reduce the liability risk and protect a company from costly injury claims.”

A commercial paving company can also free up business owners so they can focus on the things that matter most. The typical business owner has customers and employees all vying for their attention. They just don’t have time to spend an afternoon repainting faded lines and filling cracks in their parking lots.

“By allowing professionals to handle all the dirty work, business owners are free to focus on serving their customers and growing their businesses,” said Enright. “A reputable commercial paving company will visit your property, evaluate your lot, and determine your needs. They will then work with you to create and execute an appropriate and customized maintenance plan.”

A professional service also ensures a certain level of quality and peace of mind. When a business relies on a commercial paver, they know their parking lot will be compliant with stringent ADA regulations, and that no corners will be cut in an attempt to skimp on materials and cut down on overhead costs. Commercial paving companies also work efficiently, allowing businesses to continue serving customers even while repairs are being performed.

“Commercial paving companies have the ability to tackle big projects in a timely manner,” said Enright. “They have access to complex machinery which can be used to quickly and effectively repair both minor and major imperfections. Contracting crews also work very efficiently to get the job done right and on time, so that they don’t obstruct businesses or get in the way of everyday operations.

Professional paving contractors also have diverse capabilities that allow them to do much more than simply repair potholes, cracks or catch basins. They can leverage years of experience and expertise to make excellent recommendations and offer specialized professional paving solutions based on a business’s unique location and requirements.

Commercial paving companies also have extensive experience and important knowledge relating to local and federal building regulations.

“There are a lot of important considerations that go into a parking lot,” said Enright. “Experienced contractors are well aware of the many provincial and federal regulations that are involved in designing, repairing, and constructing a driveway or commercial parking lot. They can advise you on your options and recommend the best course of action. For example, there are very strict stipulations when it comes to placing mandatory handicap parking and other important accessibility features. A business owner could get into serious trouble if they are unaware of these rules and fail to comply with federal, state, and local standards.”

In addition to meeting strict construction standards, most professional asphalt contractors are so confident in their work they offer extensive warranties for materials and labor. In most instances, they will also come back to inspect your property periodically and repair any issues listed in your contract.

About Enright Asphalt

Founded in 1989, Enright Asphalt has gained a well-earned reputation for being one of the most skilled and reliable asphalt and concrete contractors in the Denver area. For nearly three decades, we’ve provided beautiful, high-performing asphalt surfaces for homeowners and businesses using only the best materials and installation methods to get the job done right.

With extensive experience and diverse capabilities, our concrete specialists can help you decide on the most effective option based on your unique situation and needs. We know the best way to provide you with a durable, attractive surface that meets your unique needs and fits your individual budget.

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