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Because they worry about stains and damage, parents sometimes feel compelled to choose uninspiring laminate countertops for their kitchens and bathrooms. If you have young kids, you may be surprised to learn that there are plenty of other beautiful and durable countertop options that can hold up to everyday wear and tear. Here are some of the top kid-friendly countertop options available for today’s homeowners.

Nonporous Quartz

When it comes to choosing a kid-friendly countertop, materials matter a lot. Since porous countertops absorb liquids, they are susceptible to stains and dangerous bacterial growth. Contrarily, nonporous countertops are essentially impervious to liquids, making them highly stain-resistant and much easier to clean and sanitize.

This makes nonporous quartz countertops ideal for both bathroom vanities and kitchen counters. In addition to being nonporous, quartz is a solid manufactured product, making it stronger than most other countertop options. This makes it an ideal choice for households with young kids who could accidentally damage less durable countertop materials.

Like other types of engineered stone, quartz is available in various colors and textures that can mimic the look of other countertops while offering superior durability. Maintenance is as easy as wiping the surface with warm water and mild soap, and it doesn’t need to be resealed at any point after installation.

When it comes to choosing quartz countertops, you have a variety of options available, including:

Caesarstone: Introduced in 1987, Caesarstone is manufactured from 93% natural quartz, along with high-quality polymer resins and pigments. The mixture is molded into exceptionally durable, non-porous slabs and is available in a variety of color schemes.

Cambria: A natural, quartz product, Cambria is non-porous, meaning it won’t absorb food and liquids. Essentially maintenance free, Cambria is stain and heat resistant and available in more than 80 different colors. It’s also made in the U.S.A. and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Hanstone: Blending natural quartz and high-quality polymer resins, Hanstone is a luxurious, nonporous stone surface that requires no sealing.

LG Viatera: Made of 93% natural quartz, LG Viatera is another durable quartz product available in more than 80 striking colors.

Silestone: Made up of 94% natural quartz, Silestone is the only quartz product with built-in antimicrobial protection. It’s also available in more than 60 colors and a nice variety of textures.


Although it hasn’t always had a child-friendly reputation, granite is now a practical option for parents with young kids. Thanks to new powerful sealants, parents no longer have to worry about having their stunning granite countertops stained by spilled juice or dinged by a dropped glass. When properly installed and sealed, granite countertops are essentially nonporous and easy to clean. Harsh cleaning agents aren’t required to protect children from germs.

Granite is also a good option for parents with teenagers who use hot hair tools. Heat-resistant, granite countertops work well in bathrooms as long as they are properly sealed. Harsh facial cleansers won’t cause damage, and nail polish can be wiped away without leaving a mark.

With that said, proper installation and sealing are essential. Before settling on a countertop contractor for professional installation, be sure they have extensive experience sealing granite surfaces for optimal durability.


A bullnose edge is a beautiful kitchen counter edge style that’s been used in kitchens for decades. Instead of mitered or square edges that feature sharp lines, bullnose edges are completely rounded. If you have young children, you should consider the benefits of choosing a safely rounded bullnose edge for the countertops in your kitchen.

In addition to reducing the risk of injury, these countertops add an intriguing architectural element to your kitchen. They also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your kids can move about freely without having to worry about banging their heads or elbows on a pointy corner.


Marble countertops aren’t generally recommended for homes with small kids because it is highly porous and scratches easily. That said, if they don’t mind a little added character, parents may love the imperfections that accumulate over the years.

Consistent polishing and sealing can help prevent stains in the porous, soft surface as much as possible. Bear in mind, however, that etching is almost unavoidable with marble countertops, so you should always use a cutting board when preparing food.

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