Will a Roof Inspection or Repair Violate the COVID-19 Safer-at-home Order?



As the snow melts and the weather warms, it’s common for homeowners to start thinking about renovations and repairs. Unfortunately, the recent COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted many of these plans, thanks in part to the state-wide stay-at-home order. 


Even in the midst of this order, it’s still important to ensure that your home is safe and free from damage at the first line of defense against the elements: your roof. 


Right now, it’s perfectly ok to schedule a roof inspection or repair. Roofing contractors and construction services are exempt from the stay at home order and are essential for ensuring that a home is free from costly leaks that often occur during the spring season when storms can be especially violent. 


Heavy winter snowfall and harsh spring storms can cause damage to shingles and shakes. While some damage can be obvious; minor issues can go unnoticed, leading to slow leaks that can result in substantial repair costs. From minor water stains to toxic mold, a silent, unseen leak can be especially destructive. That’s why it’s so important to inspect your roof to catch potential problems in their infancies. 


According to Steve Becker of the Denver roofing company, National Home Improvement, it’s important for homeowners to regularly inspect their roofs, starting at ground-level.


“To keep minor problems from evolving into expensive issues, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your roof,” said Becker. “Watch for cracked calking and rusty spots along metal flashing. Look closely for shingles that are missing, broken, curling, blistering or buckling. You should also keep an eye out for damaged or missing chimney caps, along with cracked or worn rubber boots around roof vent pipes. If you notice lichen or moss, that could be a sign of serious underlying decay.”


According to Becker, it’s also important to carefully inspect your attic, checking for signs of mold, including musty odors and brown or yellow water stains.


With that said, when inspecting their roofs, homeowners should avoid being too aggressive, or they could damage their shingles or suffer a dangerous fall. 


“Anytime you walk onto your roof, you are taking a risk,” said Becker. “Not only could you damage the roofing materials; you could have an accident, especially if you have a sloped roof or just aren’t used to working with ladders.” 


With this in mind, it’s generally best to call a professional roofing contractor for seasonal roof inspections. While an average homeowner may be able to identify obvious problems, such as missing or curled shingles; other damage typically requires a trained eye. 


“Most homeowners are surprised to learn that some of the most expensive repair issues result from minor, unseen leaks in the roof,” said Becker. “Without a thorough, up-close inspection, it’s often not possible to know whether there is minor damage that is allowing water to seep into the home. On the other hand, regular inspection can help identify small problems before they have a chance to cause major damage.” 


For newer roofs that haven’t experienced especially harsh weather, a visual ground inspection may suffice. In any other instance, however, it’s best to schedule a comprehensive inspection by a professional roofing contractor who knows what to look for.


Even during these difficult, unpredictable times, it’s important to ensure that you aren’t experiencing a slow leak that could compound your stress by leading to significant damage requiring thousands of dollars in repair costs. 


“It’s understandable that people might want to put off a roof inspection right now,” said Becker. “Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the bigger the risk of serious, expensive damage. Storms and leaks don’t wait for anyone or anything. Even in the midst of the outbreak, homeowners should take steps to protect their largest investments.&rdquo


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