Roqos: Next Generation Cellular Router

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Introducing A Cellular Router Providing Intrusion Prevention With VPN & Cellular Data Services


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Protect yourself from internet outages and threats with Roqos cybersecurity router bundled with cellular data and VPN services


Today’s routers are simply not smart and powerful enough to protect your home or business from internet outages and threats. Enter Roqos, Internet security company that provides Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), user controls, VPN, always-on-Internet with Roqos Core RC20 routers which are automatically updated for 24×7 protection.   

Traditionally internet security has been an expensive problem which requires experienced cybersecurity exports. By using automatically updated IPS, and packet filtering rules, Roqos Core automatically examines every single packet coming from and going to the internet to make sure that they are clear of malware.

Roqos Core not only makes enterprise grade internet protection affordable, but also it is easy to setup and maintain. Use your app or your browser to set up Roqos Core RC20 in minutes, and then leave the rest to Roqos which automatically updates software, firmware and security signatures, and alerts you when there is a suspicious activity.


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