Nuud Turn Their Sustainable Tubes Into Sticks

Nuud, the Dutch direct-to-consumer scale-up, will launch its Kickstarter campaign on the 7th April 2020, lasting for one month. The nuud Kickstarter will offer early adopters the chance to be involved in the new product development of nuud’s applicator cap – an innovation set to transform nuud anti-odorant tubes into a more familiar ‘stick’ format without the disadvantages of regular sticks (a lot of plastic and one-time use).

The company, which has already been highly successful in the launch of its anti-odorant product, will use the Kickstarter campaign to further expand its reach to more armpits worldwide. They thereby target a wider audience of sustainable-focused consumers looking to direct their buying habits away from traditional deodorants. Nuud deems them sub-optimal to the planet in both their production methods, type of plastic packaging and the disposable nature of the products.

To achieve their expansion, nuud has developed its ‘Super Smart Screw-on Applicator Cap’, which transforms nuud’s tubes, which previously required finger-application, into an easy-to-apply stick. Early backers of the campaign can pre-order packages of nuud tubes, which all come with the applicator cap included. Packs start from just $22 for a bundle of two 20ml tubes – enough for four months worth of anti-odorant. Backers of the campaign can also choose larger bundles, up to a year’s supply, with multiple applicator caps, with limited-edition golden tubes included.

The active ingredient in nuud is (Ecocert-certified) micro silver, which naturally neutralises the bacteria that cause sweat odours. Natural oils (almond, coconut and castor oil) care for your skin and keep the micro silver in place. Nuud is Free from aluminium, parabens and salts, and contains no artificial fragrances or alcohol. This makes nuud ideally suited for sensitive skin. Additionally, nuud is odour-free and does not mark or stain clothing. The cream comes in a convenient size and is so concentrated that you only need to use a tiny amount. One application the size of a pea keeps you odour-free for several days (three on average).

The deodorant is not only good for your body but loves the planet too. As only a small amount of nuud needs to be used, only a small amount needs to be produced. Which also results in less shipping and less materials for packaging. The deodorant also contains no animal ingredients and is therefore completely vegan. The sugar-cane tube is 100% recyclable and packed into a box made from unbleached biodegradable FSC cardboard. By compensating for the emissions caused by postal deliveries, nuud ensures its distribution is climate-neutral.

Commenting on the announcement, nuud Founder and CEO Martijn van Seters said:

We truly believe that we can change the world with our armpits. This Kickstarter project can really speed up our goal of achieving our mission to bring a sustainable armpit solution for everyone”

Wilbert Leering, Creative Director and Co-Founder, commented:

“Kickstarter is the ideal way for us to meet new armpits, and have armpits meet nuud.”

Nuud Kickstarter campaign:

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