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Berberine is one of the most used products when it comes to traditional medicine. It has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese culture, Sri Lankan & Indian culture. It belongs to medicines called alkaloids, which are natural organic compounds that don’t contain nitrogen. Moreover, it includes only non-acidic components.

According to modern science, this supplement is excellent for helping those who have chronic illnesses. It can cause a significant reduction in blood sugar levels, helps with creating good gut bacteria, help you lose weight, does blood sugar, and has many more health benefits.

However, many companies pay for their Berberine product to be shown and promoted on the web while its ingredients and effectiveness may be unsafe or untested. We reviewed the best Berberine supplement available on the market for blood sugar so that you can stop relying on false information and get to the product.

Our PickInsulin Herb Berberine Supplement

A quality berberine supplement enhances the body’s healthy metabolism and is beneficial for those struggling to lose weight and balance blood glucose levels. This Insulin Herb supplement has shown several benefits in supporting blood sugar support, weight loss, aiding digestion, and immunity. Learn more from the Insulin Herb Berberine Supplement Official Website >>.

For quite a long time, Berberine supplement has been taking place among many medical publications and health journals.

Several companies make berberine supplements, and finding the best one among the many depends on several critical factors. This research paper will evaluate several berberine supplement reviews, side effects, recommended dosage instructions, and other safety issues when using it. We have selected the top five berberine supplements on the market that provides the best value and eventually came to our final verdict.

If you are trying to find the best one in the market, this paper may prove helpful. Can regularly taking berberine supplements to reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes?

As we progress, we will also learn about the latest information, side effects of berberine supplement, and benefits.

Find out what the recent study tells from the following berberine review section. Also, get in details about our top pick.

Insulin Herb Berberine Supplement What is it?

Barberine supplement carries berberine extract and is essential for several health concerns. But before choosing a berberine supplement, it is necessary to check the source of ingredients and ensure that it comes with no added or toxic fillers. Also, as a consumer, it is essential to know if the supplement adheres to the quality and maintains the standard.

The berberine with milk thistle is Insulin Herb supple from EzyAbsorb is a high-absorbing formula derived from Phellodendron Amurense (Bark). Each bottle contains 90 capsules, and single divided dosage three times daily lasts a month. The extra ingredient, Milk Thistle, amplifies the benefits of berberine results. Each berberine capsule contains an all-natural 500mg berberine concentration, which is the exact amount you need for a single dosage thrice daily.

As a consumer, you must also check if the supplement comes in cellulose-based capsule form or if it’s gelatin-based. The good news is that the berberine capsule from Insulin Herb is vegan-friendly, which means it comes in vegetable capsule forms.


Insulin Herb Berberine Supplement Ingredients


Insulin herbal supplements such as Berberine is a healthy natural choice for several concerns. But before you buy, it is essential to know and check the complete list of ingredients on the supplement label. Look no further, because here we share with the full ingredient list of the Insulin Herb from EzyAbsorb Berberine Supplements-

  • 500mg Berberine HCI (Each capsule)
  • 80% Silymarin from Milk Thistle Seed Extract (Each capsule)
  • Organic Rice Hulls
  • Natural Rice Extract

The Insulin Herb berberine supplement from the brand, EzyAbsorb are essentially gluten-free and veggie capsules formulated in an FDA-approved facility. What we liked about this berberine supplement is the level of label-transparency. The manufacturer even detailed the allergen warnings on the label.

Although the supplement does not contain any peanut, shellfish, or similar allergic-triggering ingredient, it is manufactured on a shared facility that may produce products containing allergic ingredients. It is detailed on the ingredient label of the supplement.

Berberine Supplement Benefits

Why is Berberine good for you? A quality berberine supplement provides you a range of health benefits and one of the reasons why it is regarded as one of the best natural supplements. Here we have listed the top five health benefits of Berberine-

Berberine supplement for weight loss:

Those who have an insulin resistance problem suffers greatly from controlling their weight. And one of the vital health benefits of Berberine is that it helps in losing an incredible amount of weight effectively. Several clinical trials and studies prove the efficiency of Berberine in providing the weight loss effect.

It speeds up metabolism and enhances and stimulates energy levels throughout the body. This, in turn, results in weight loss benefits. But berberine supplement should not be misinterpreted as fat-burners. Unlike fat-burners, Berberine enhances weight loss by preventing fatty cells and improving the metabolic function of the body.

Berberine supplement for diabetes:

Although, Berberine primarily appeals to those who want to lose body fat and weight, clinical research [Source] confirms the benefits of it for people with diabetes. High-quality berberine supplement can treat several health concerns, including prediabetic, and provide an extra edge to the weight loss efforts.

Berberine supplement for cholesterol:

The natural compound berberis helps reduce cholesterol levels, which is why it is also beneficial for improving cardiovascular heart health. The lipid-lowering properties of Berberine are well-researched and documented. Findings from a 2012 study tell us that 500mg of Berberine three times a day lowers body fat and researchers found a 12% decrease in cholesterols level.

Berberine supplement for PCOS:

Berberine is a powerful herbal supplement popular among women with Polycystic ovary syndrome ( PCOS) as it helps optimize the hormonal balance effectively. Research also tells us that Berberine improves fertility. [Source] It benefits people with PCOS in several ways, such as boosting insulin sensitivity and aiding carb metabolism rate effectively. Berberine is hence a right choice for PCOS sufferers.

Berberine supplement for acne:

Due to Berberine’s natural antibiotic properties, it is regarded as one of the best herbal medicines for hormonal acne and blemishes. How does it help in reducing the acnes? Berberine comes with antimicrobial properties, and it lowers insulin, inflammation, and testosterone in women, and all these contribute to lowering acne efficiently.

Berberine Supplement Pros and Cons

It is important to know about the pros and cons of berberine supplement. This will help you in making a better-informed consumer decision. Here we have listed all the pros and cons of insulin herb berberine supplements.

Pros of Berberine Supplements:

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Easy to Use and 100% vegan-friendly
  • Natural blood sugar-regulating
  • Comes with anti-cancer benefits
  • Works better than metformin
  • No prescription is needed
  • Affordable and great value for money

Cons of Berberine Supplements:

  • Berberine is not suitable for people under 18
  • Over consumption can cause side effects such as reduced blood pressure
  • Not recommended for pregnant, breastfeeding women and newborns
  • Berberine Amazon stock always runs out

Berberine Supplement Reviews and Customer Ratings

Here we share with you three of the best berberine supplements reviews and user experiences that explain it all-

  • “I have type 2 diabetes and my doctor’s medication was very expensive and did nothing in managing my sugar levels. So, I did an experiment. I stopped medicines and took 250mg berberine thrice daily for the next 3 to 4 months. And my sugar levels became normal and also my A1-c dropped from 7.0 to 5.6. I have ordered some for my father too and will let you know about her results. But, for now, I can tell that my results with it have been simply amazing and I highly recommend it to those who want to go off pharma meds” — Cheryl Young, 37. Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2019.
  • “Berberine s was a complete surprise. Compared to other brands, this one very affordable and since taking it I have noticed weight loss and also less apitite and sugar cravings. I Cannot recommend this product enough. My glucose is under 200 and also I feel great and active. I must tell you that my decision to go with the supplement was not on a whim. I did my research and found that this one is the most affordable and best in terms of quality. And, Thanks God I tried it. I have lost my weight and also my cognitive function has greatly improved. I don’t know if its because of my supplement or workout. But thanks to it.” Meridith Omary, 29 . Reviewed In the United States On December 1, 2019.
  • “I am 57 years old male and I have diabetes for 8+ years. I tried metformin but it has many side effects and I wanted a herbal alternative. Let me tell you this, in this age of mine it is often difficult to do regular exercise and a quality berberine supplement can really make the difference. I have tried various herbal supplements as cinnamon, circumin and others but none helped that way berberine did. Thanks to my colleague who suggested me this and I greatly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with diabetes.” C. Derby Reviewed in the best berberine supplement reddit list on August, 21, 2020.

Berberine Side Effects

Clinical studies on berberine evaluate clean safety history and little to no side effects. The supplement is safe in therapeutic doses. The problems occur when you take too much. High doses may cause low blood pressure and also digestive issues. One of the side effects is when you take berberine in combination with metformin.

Berberine can have diuretic effects and also cause sleepiness. Insulin herb coffee combination works better if you feel sleepy or tired. If you are under any medications, then you must consult with your doctor before taking it.

Based on the 3-month clinical trial, the safety results [source] indicates that none of the patients showed any adverse effect when taking it. Hence the side effects of berberine supplements are very few and also well-tolerated among many.

Berberine is a natural compound that enhances glucose metabolism and comes with cholesterol-lowering effects. As such, it is best to take the supplement independently. The standard dosage guideline is 500 mg, three times daily, and too much or high dosage is not recommended when taking it.

If you are vegan, it is best to opt for vegan-friendly berberine supplements. Also, when choosing, ensure that it is stimulant-free. Pay attention to the ingredients list. Sometimes, you may have allergic reactions to the ingredients, and hence we recommend checking the label thoroughly before selecting it.

Berberine Supplement Where to Buy?

In this section, you’ll know where to buy berberine supplement and things to keep in mind when shopping from eCommerce sites. Point-specific, we will discuss four options regarding buying it, and then we will conclude with our recommendation.

Berberine supplement Walmart: If you search for berberine supplement near me, you will come across several websites and most probably Walmart store. But Insulin Herb berberine with milk thistle is currently not available in Walmart. Also, the one that you will get from Walmart carries 1000 mg or 1200mg berberine pills. Note that the recommended dosage is 500 mg thrice daily, so we do not recommend the berberine supplements available at Walmart.

Berberine supplement Walgreens: Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy store chain. Yes, you may find berberine products there but not the Insulin Herb Berberine supplement that we reviewed in this article.

Berberine supplement vitamin shop: From protein powders to nutritional supplements, you can find almost everything in the Vitamin Shoppe but not the Berberine supplement from Insulin Herb. Berberine supplement Thorne is also not available in vitamin shop, Walmart, or Walgreens.

Berberine supplements Amazon: Amazon is the biggest eCommerce store but several berberine supplement amazon UK reviews tell us that the stock always runs out. We do not recommend to shop nutritional supplements from amazon because it is difficult to spot the genuine brand.

We always recommend buying dietary supplements from the official website. The best berberine supplement to buy is always available at the manufacturer’s official website. For instance, the berberine and milk thistle supplement we reviewed is sold exclusively at the official Insulin Herb Website.

Berberine Supplement Price List and Shipping Charge

Each bottle of Insulin Herb berberine and milk thistle supplement costs $39.90, while the 3-month supply (three bottles) is $89.70. The three-bottle package is the value pack, which saves 22%, and that’s why it is the best pack for returning and recurring customers. All orders from Insulin Herb is a one-time purchase and free shipping orders from the official website.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping online. We have done the research and found that all the purchase is one-time when you order from the insulin herb, and you won’t be charged for recurring orders. That means you don’t have to worry about recurring bills or hidden charges.


Insulin Herb’s berberine supplement reviews tell us that the shipment takes a maximum of 18 days. One of the berberine supplement Philippines review says that it took 13 days to get the product in hand. Insulin Herb offers worldwide shipping for Canada, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Pakistan, and other parts of the world.

Ranking The 5 Best berberine supplements in 2021

Which berberine supplement is best and the safest? The top berberine supplement should have no fillers and must be under 500 mg. In this section, we will discuss the best berberine supplement on the market-

The Thorne research berberine supplement is rated as one of the best berberine supplements on amazon, but it is currently unavailable. Next to the Berberine Thorne Research supplement stands the one from Sunergetic. The Sunergetic premium berberine supplement reviews tell us that nothing can go wrong with the product. However, we have encountered with few complaints about the labeling.

Searches related to the best Berberine supplement Reddit tells us that other brands such as Dr. Whitaker and EzyAbsorb are taking the top spots. Berberine supplement Swanson is a premium brand available in Walmart. Few reviews tell us that the berberine and silymarin supplement combination works better when paired with Milk Thistle.

We like the Insulin Herb Berberine Supplement for several reasons. Firstly, berberine and milk thistle supplement from the Insulin Herb has gained immense popularity. It is one of the best berberine supplement 2020 UK, and the brand, EzyAbsorb is also one of the top berberine supplement brands. Secondly, compared to other brands, EzyAbsorb is a lot more affordable and offers 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Berberine Supplement Reviews — Final Verdict

How should you choose the right berberine supplement? Several factors such as price, the ingredients, quantity, and availability play a critical role in selecting the right one indeed. It is also important to note that the customer testimonials and berberine supplement reviews help in decision making. If you are a first-time user, we highly recommend going with the most popular ones, and in this case, please go through our top picks.

Note that the best ones are always affordable and popular in several medical publications. We also recommend emphasizing the Insulin Herb Berberine supplement by EzyAbsorb as this is the single one that is currently available globally.

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FAQs of Berberine and Insulin Herb Berberine Supplementation

  • Is berberine supplement safe?

Berberine is a popular herbal supplement, and several clinical studies and trials state that the supplement is safe and well-tolerated if taken according to the dosage instruction. Note that Berberine provides a low-cholesterol and blood-thinning effect, and hence it may react with other blood-clotting medications such as Warfarin.

  • How to take Berberine Supplement?

Berberine as a supplement should be taken by mouth. Berberine product that is used for treating acne and skin disease comes in gel form. The standard dosage instruction of taking Berberine is to have 500mg thrice daily. Berberine for cholesterol level dosage instruction is to take 600–1500mg divided dosage daily for at least 12 to 24 months. [Source]. On the other hand, it is recommended for the hormonal disorder to take 1500 mg divided Berberine supplements daily and at least for six months.

  • When to take Berberine Supplement?

Berberine supplements should be taken daily and on an empty stomach. The divided dosage should be taken thrice daily at least 2–3 hours before or after a meal.

  • Can Berberine be taken long term?

Until now, there is no such case history stating that berberine may be harmful in the long-term. But, what’s concerning is to follow the dosage instruction which we have cleared above.

  • Can Berberine be taken with other supplements?

The medical interaction of berberine supplement is basically with the blood clotting medicines as Warfarin (Coumadin), apixaban (Eliquis), dabigatran (Xarelto), or Xarelto. Hence, it is recommended not to take Berberine with a blood-thinning supplement or other insulin-lowering supplements. If you are taking insulin-lowering medications, it is essential to consult with your doctor before taking Berberine.

  • Can Berberine be harmful?

Taking any supplement more than necessary is harmful, and hence, Berberine is harmful too if taken in high dosage. Also, Berberine can be harmful if combined with blood-clotting medicines. Before purchasing any berberine supplement, you must again go through the ingredient list to check if it has any ingredients that may trigger allergic reactions.

  • Why is Berberine good for you?

Berberine is good for those who are struggling to balance sugar level and lose weight. But note that the benefits of berberine supplements are more than sugar level balance and diabetes. Medical practitioners often recommend berberine supplement for fatty liver and to lower cholesterol levels quickly. It is also popular among women suffering from PCOS or infertility.

  • Where to Buy berberine supplement in Canada?

Since Berberine is a popular supplement, you will get in in-stores and also online. But, note that not all of them can be as effective. The one we reviewed, Insulin Herb Berberine Supplement by EzyAbsorb, is available worldwide, and that includes Canada. The manufacturer and marketer, Insulin Herb, offers Free Delivery Charge and also a great money-back guarantee. If you are still wondering — “where can I buy Berberine supplement” please go through the Official Website of Insulin Herb.

  • How to choose a berberine supplement?

Generally, there are four things to consider when choosing a quality berberine supplement. Choose a berberine supplement that complies with the following four essential factors-

  1. Transparent Label and quality ingredient sourcing
  2. Manufacturing the right way
  3. Clinical tests and trials
  4. Good User Ratings

When selecting a berberine supplement, it is essential to go to the company’s website and learn how they harvest and source the ingredients. Before choosing, it is better to read berberine supplement reviews and customer testimonials. If you are shopping for insulin herb dietary supplements, please do your homework and read the insulin herb reviews. Also, popular and top berberine supplement brands easily get duped. Hence, it is essential to purchase and not become the victim of such counterfeits.

  • Is Insulin Herb Berberine scam?

None of the insulin herb products that you purchase from the official website is a scam. But note that we do not guarantee the same for anything you buy from anywhere other than the official website. In this article, the one we reviewed in this article, the berberine, and milk thistle supplement, is ranked as one of the top 10 berberine supplements in 2021. [Source]

  • What does Berberine supplement do?

Berberine supplement affects the body at the molecular level and supports a healthy circulatory system. It improves the metabolic function of the body by regulating insulin resistance and lowering blood glucose levels. Evidence-based research also tells us that Berberine’s consumption treats type 2 diabetes, improves cardiovascular health, and effectively loses weight.

  • Who makes the best berberine supplement?

In the above research paper, we have listed the top five brands that make the best berberine supplement. The one that we liked is from the wellness brand, Insulin Herb. Since FDA does not regulate dietary and herbal supplements, as a consumer, you must check the full list of ingredients before taking them.

  • Why take Berberine?

Berberine supplements are a healthy natural choice for those struggling to lose weight and balance their sugar level naturally. According to a berberine supplement mayo clinic pharmacist, it is popular in treating diabetes and hyperlipidemia [source]. It is not always possible for everyone to follow the mainstream advice of challenging exercise and maintaining a strict diet. In cases such as this, the Insulin Herb berberine supplement provides remarkable benefits. The supplement offers the best benefits, similar to the insulin resistance herb. But before taking any supplement, you must also know in detail about insulin herb side effects.

  • Which one is the best herb for insulin resistance?

Some of the insulin booster herbs are Fenugreek seeds, milk thistle seed extract, ginger, cinnamon, and even garlic. We came to know that berberry is one of the best insulin herbal plants from the insulin herb plus ph archives. Turmeric also comes with herb lower insulin effects. Things become more manageable when you take a supplement that combines all the essential insulin resistance benefits. The berberine supplement works similar to herb insulin sensitivity.

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