Josip Heit announces innovative media partnership as the future of content distribution

NEUE ZÜRCHER NACHRICHTEN talks exclusively to Josip Heit about his media group with 42 daily newspapers on all continents

Zürich, April 24, 2024 – (500NewsWire) — Josip Heit, a recognized and successful financial manager, recently announced his intention to forge an international media group that now comprises 42 daily newspapers on all continents.

Josip Heit is now opening a new chapter in the media landscape, thanks to pioneering partnerships between the world’s leading media houses. In an unprecedented development in the media industry, Josip Heit has succeeded in concluding licence agreements with renowned global companies.

Heit recently signed licence agreements with CISION PR Newswire, one of the leading global media intelligence companies, with more than 4,800 employees and offices in 24 countries (North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, Oceania and the Western Pacific) and BUSINESS WIRE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Warren Buffett Group BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY, which has around 28 offices in the United States of America and offices worldwide in Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, France, Japan, Australia, India and the United Kingdom.

Josip Heit also signed a long-term contract with AFP (Agence France-Presse), one of the oldest international news agencies on the planet, founded in Paris in 1835, with 2,400 employees in 151 countries. Josip Heit and his 42 daily newspapers also have a central access point for Thomson REUTERS products in the form of OnePass. Thomson REUTERS is a media group with more than 24,400 employees worldwide, which shares the information market for financial data with the information services, news and media company Bloomberg L.P.

The licensing agreements signed by Heit aim to revolutionize the way content is produced, distributed and consumed. These partnerships mark a significant milestone in the evolution of digital media and set new standards for innovation and quality in content sharing.

According to Josip Heit, speaking to NEUE ZÜRCHER NACHRICHTEN, these partnerships exemplify the synergy that can be created through collaboration between companies that are willing to cross traditional boundaries and drive innovation together.
 According to Heit, these partnerships combine the specific strengths of the international media group created by Josip Heit to create a multimedia platform that offers both informative and entertaining content of unprecedented quality and reach. The aim is to reach a broader target audience while catering to ever-changing consumer preferences.
Josip Heit: “In this context, we as a media group are on a similar track as my colleague Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries, which recently merged digital streaming platforms worth around USD 8.5 billion with Disney.”

“NEUE ZÜRCHER NACHRICHTEN” asked Josip Heit to reveal details about his media companies. Heit replied with a smile:
“I am proud of the fact that, although I own 42 daily newspapers, I am treated just like everyone else. The reason for my pride is simple: I grew up with print media, but thanks to the advanced technology of our time, we no longer have to read yesterday’s news.”

Heit added: “We live in a fast-growing digital world where news influences people of all ages, from teenagers to those who grew up with print newspapers and now use digital media. I was surprised when I saw my 94-year-old grandfather reading newspapers online. That inspired me to spread my vision of digital media worldwide.”

NEUE ZÜRCHER NACHRICHTEN asked which daily newspapers Josip Heit owned, to which Heit replied:

“For example, the daily newspapers, ‘The Hongkong Telegraph’ (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China), which was first published 142 years ago in 1881, you can also see this on Wikipedia as a source, ‘La Gaceta de Mexico’ (Mexico), which was first published 301 years ago in 1722, or ‘Le Pays de France’ (France), which was first published 109 years ago in 1914, the “Deutsche Tageszeitung” (Germany) was first published 128 years ago in 1894, ‘Gazeta Buenos Aires’ (Argentina) was first published 213 years ago (1810), ‘The National Times’ (Australia) was first published 52 years ago, ‘Jornal Do Brasilia’ (Brazil) was first published 202 years ago in 1821, ‘The Peninsula Times’ (South Africa) was first published 30 years ago in 1994, ‘Il Messaggiere’ (Italy) was first published 274 years ago in 1749, ‘Morning Chronicle’ (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) was first published 253 years ago in 1770 and ‘Bombay Durpun’ was first published in 1832, 191 years ago, see Wikipedia.
The list is much longer, but I just wanted to give you some of the 42 daily newspapers that are part of my media portfolio.”

Heit went on to emphasize that bringing these newspapers together in a global media group, in collaboration with media partners and news agencies, makes it possible to ensure transparency in news around the clock worldwide. “News is crucial for global understanding and drives our society forward. Accessible information can help reduce misunderstanding and manipulation through the internet.”

He concluded by mentioning his commitment to a transparent internet without defamation, a goal he is pursuing together with EU Commissioner Thierry Breton. “I plan to increase the number of languages in which my newspapers are published from six to twelve in order to provide fast and free access to news worldwide and thus bring education to every corner of our globe.”

My main aim is to bring news and information, and therefore education, to every corner of the globe as quickly as possible by providing free access to news in many languages.

“NEUE ZÜRCHER NACHRICHTEN” NZN asked Josip Heit what the life motto of a self-made billionaire would be?
 Josip Heit answered this question for NZN:
“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. The day comes to us at midnight – completely pure. It is immaculate when it arrives and puts itself in our hands. He hopes that we have learnt something from yesterday.”

You can read the entire article in NEUE ZÜRCHER NACHRICHTEN here:


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