Non-Intrusive SMS Spy Tools of 2024: Track Without Touching the Phone

While SMS is considered outdated, millions still rely on this simple messaging system for communication. Hence, it’s a channel that offers valuable information for parental control, personal safety, confirming infidelity, and even employee monitoring.

However, sometimes, it’s necessary to access SMSes remotely without touching the phone for anonymity’s sake. This is where spy tools come in and act as a complete mobile phone tracker. Let’s briefly look at the best options here.

A Brief Overview of How SMS Spy Tools Work

These applications work with spyware installed on the targeted device (like a smartphone or tablet) by the user. The software works discreetly in the background and can produce the following results:

  • Reading messages through several channels like SMS, email, social media apps, and instant messengers
  • Obtaining voice-based content like phone calls and voice recordings
  • Accessing multimedia content across many popular apps
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Viewing browsing history

Once the software is installed, it works without the spying user having to access the device they are tracking physically. The person being monitored will not know the software is on their device.

Best SMS Phone Tracker Apps in 2024

Now that you understand how SMS spying works, let’s look at the best apps for performing this duty.

uMobix – Overall Best Phone Tracker App for SMS Monitoring

uMobix makes it first on our list of phone tracker options for good reasons. Launched in 20220, this London-based phone tracker offers a complete suite of monitoring features for SMS. The app allows users to read sent and received SMS messages remotely on the spied-on device. Moreover, one can even view deleted messages from the gadget.

Aside from SMSes, uMobix is quite advanced with other tracking capabilities. It dives deep into the target’s messaging activity across apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Telegram, Skype, and Tinder. uMobix also offers photo and video tracking, browsing history viewing, and a streaming feature to see the target’s front camera.

Fortunately, no rooting or jailbreak is necessary to install this phone tracker. The app works with all iOS versions and Android versions using OS 4+ and higher.

uMobix is a paid subscription costing $49.99 monthly. Alternatively, you can choose a 3-month plan for $89.97 or an annual plan for $149.88. uMobix has a 2-day trial costing $1, which you can request by contacting their support team.

mSpy – Among the Oldest SMS Phone Tracker Tools

mSpy features on this review for its sheer longevity, having existed since 2011. As expected, customers can observe all incoming and outgoing SMSes from the gadget they are tracking, including the deleted messages.

mSpy goes the extra mile, allowing one to view conversations across numerous social media and messenger apps, from Facebook and WhatsApp to Instagram and Telegram. It provides further features like GPS tracking, geofencing, keylogging, and screen recording.

Luckily, mSpy works on Android and iOS devices, with paid packages costing the same for either operating system.

mSpy is available in the following plans:

  • 1-month: $48.99
  • 3-months: $83.97
  • 12-months: $139.92

Mobile Tracker – Best Free SMS Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker Free is one of the top totally free SMS and MMS tracking tools. With this Android-based app, one can view all the SMS and MMS messages received and sent by the targeted device, even the deleted ones.

Mobile Tracker Free provides information like the name of the sender and recipient, along with the date and time. The application goes a step further and includes even the GPS coordinates of the device when it sends and receives the SMS or MMS.

General location tracking is another feature available with the app, along with call recording, screenshot recording, live viewing, access to social media apps, etc.

Mobile Tracker Free provides paid subscriptions for a better user experience with no ads and fewer restrictions: the Basic plan is for €6 monthly, and the Premium plan is for €15 monthly.

Phonyspy – An Advanced SMS Monitoring Service

Phonyspy is a phone tracker providing a comprehensive SMS monitoring experience. Users can access all the incoming, outgoing, and deleted SMS messages on the device they are spying on every few minutes.

Worried about hidden chats? Phonyspy has you covered here. The app’s dashboard also organizes the data, displaying the most commonly used contacts.

Phonyspy also boasts other useful capabilities like tracking across multiple messaging apps, keylogging, and remote control over the targeted gadget.

Although Phonyspy works with Android and iOS, it has more features for the former than the latter. Regardless, the app requires a monthly subscription of $49.99, $89.97 for three months, or 149.88 yearly.

Final Thoughts

Old-fashioned SMS communication is a blessing. Unlike instant messengers that always rely on an installed app and the internet, SMS can work offline. Thus, there is value in detecting what your target may be discussing here.

Fortunately, you should have enough options to choose from. uMobix remains the best mobile phone tracker overall, with mSpy and Phonyspy as viable alternatives. Mobile Tracker Free is best for those on a budget.

In either case, consider installing these apps to spy SMS messages, and never touch the phone again!