Why Contact a Solicitor When You Are Caught Using Blue Badge in the UK?

The use of blue badges in the UK offers valuable support to people with disabilities. With this badge, differently-abled people can gain easier access to parking spaces. Also, they can gain essential services with ease. Nevertheless, abusing or misusing this privilege is considered a serious offence in the UK. When you are caught using blue badge inappropriately, you will have to handle legal consequences.

When you are caught in such a situation, it is better to immediately get in touch with a solicitor. Only then, you can easily navigate the complexities of the legal system. Also, it will help you safeguard your rights.

Blue Badget Misuse – What is it?

Blue badges in the UK are issued to individuals with particular mobility disabilities. With this badge, they can park in the spaces designated to them. Particularly, they can park in places close to the services or amenities. Unfortunately, the misuse of this badge is becoming a major concern.

The authorities are instructed to take stringent actions to address fraudulent use of the blue badge. The common offences include using the badge of some other person. Also, altering the information on the badge is an offence. Further, using the badge without the presence of the holder is offensive behaviour.

Legal Consequences

The consequences you will have to face if you are caught using a blue badge will be severe. The reason is that this usage is considered a criminal activity in the UK. The penalties levied can include community service, fines or even imprisonment. Further, the local authorities might revoke the blue badge of the person from whom you got it with or without the person’s knowledge. So, it can become challenging for the legitimate holder to access the facilities that are essential to him/her.

What Role Can a Solicitor Play?

When you are facing allegations of misusing a blue badge, it is better to contact a solicitor. Here are a few ways how a solicitor can help you get out of this situation:

Legal Expertise

Solicitors have complete knowledge of the criminal and traffic laws. With the required expertise, they can get through the intricacies of the case. They can get into the details of your case. Also, they can spot potential defences. Accordingly, a solicitor can guide you through the legal processes involved.

Knowledge of Charges

With a solicitor, you can comprehend the charges against you. The professional can explain the legal implications. Also, he will help you know about the probable consequences. With this knowledge, you can arrive at an informed decision. Above all, the solicitor will teach you the appropriate defence strategy.

Preparing for Defence

A solicitor can develop a robust defence customized to your situation. He can take appropriate strategies like:

  • Proving a lack of intent
  • Challenging evidence
  • Demonstrating extenuating situations

In turn, a solicitor can increase the chances of a favourable outcome for your case.

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