Top Tips to Profit Selling Your Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch continues breaking sales records for hybrid handheld/home consoles – nearly 6 years after first launching. With over 118 million units and 1,300+ games sold as of January 2023, the enduring popularity of the Nintendo Switch shows little sign of fading. For resellers holding the surprisingly elusive Switch systems for sale, huge profit potential awaits.

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Why Used Nintendo Switch Consoles Sell So Well

On the surface, selling a used Nintendo Switch seems easy. The consoles remain sought-after and available pretty ubiquitously at $299 retail pricing. Yet a closer examination reveals strong tailwinds helping elevate Switch resale values higher:

  • Strong brand loyalty and nostalgia fuels collectors chasing rare special editions
  • Ongoing stock shortages still hitting retailers since 2021
  • Improved new OLED ($349) and Lite ($199) models expanding the family
  • Massive libraries of acclaimed first-party/indie titles, old and new
  • Upcoming software like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Furthermore, supply constraints and chip shortages affecting Sony/Microsoft consoles also ripple over to limit Nintendo’s production volumes. This all combines into strong sustained demand for used Switch units – even playing games from 2017.

Where To Find Used Nintendo Switch Deals

Instead of jockeying for restocks like PlayStation/Xbox buyers, switch sellers can utilize multiple acquisition streams to tap consistent flows of second-hand Nintendo hardware:

  • Buy from gamers locally– Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist provide private sellers liquidating games/consoles
  • Check pawn shops regularly– Their high turnover spots discounted products faster
  • Monitor OfferUp, LetGo etc– Resellers recirculate deals on these mobile marketplaces
  • Consider thrift stores– Less obvious venues sometimes yield surprise finds
  • Target video game traders– Decluttr, DKOldies and others sell off buyer trade-ins

Purchasing pre-owned Nintendo Switch consoles through these possible sources almost always undercuts current retail pricing. Patient sellers can then list consoles across eBay, Facebook, Craigslist simultaneously and leverage demand to earn solid profits reselling Switch inventory at market rates. Sell game Console

How To Maximize Nintendo Switch Resale Profits

As with any reselling, a few tips employed by seasoned video game flippers help maximize returns selling pre-owned Nintendo Switch hardware and bundles:

  • Price at local market rates– Check eBay recently sold listings to calibrate pricing in line with current demand in your regional area.
  • Stress condition– Highlight warranties, original packaging, new screen protectors, lack of joy-con drift etc to portray value.
  • Bundle games and accessories– Include popular physical games, extra controllers, cases and cables to enhance bundles.
  • Require immediate checkout– Reduce risks of non-payment by mandating instant checkout through secure methods like PayPal Goods and Services.
  • Offer shipping and local delivery– Cater to both local buyers wanting meetups and remote purchasers needing reliable shipping
  • List simultaneously across multiple sales avenues– Maximizing visibility across Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay etc connects with more buyers to drive up bidding and final prices.

As with any reselling, creating professional listings and cultivating solid buyer feedback helps attract recurrent customers willing to pay asking prices for Nintendo Switch consoles.

Why Do Switch Resellers Earn So Much?

Nintendo Switch resellers easily command premium margins for a few simple reasons:

Strong Tailwinds for Demand

Ongoing production issues, massive nostalgic appeal, and hit game software keeps demand for Nintendo consoles steadily rising among wide audiences beyond just gaming fans.

Buy Low, Sell For Retail Pricing

Unlike rival PlayStation and Xbox resellers fighting for limited inventory, used Nintendo Switch consoles sell decently even purchased near retail prices – just with some effort required to locate units.

This allows flippers to acquire Switches from numerous sources routinely under market rates, then list on popular marketplaces where pricing matches brand new systems. Impatient buyers happily overpay resellers essentially full price just to get access immediately and avoid sold out retailers.

Special Editions Command Higher Prices

Unique variations like Animal Crossing, Fortnite, and Pokémon Switch bundles trade much higher than standard consoles due to scarcity and collectability. These limited edition Switches become coveted by franchise superfans and game collectors seeking rare variants.

Switch Resale Outlook Remains Strong

Nintendo recently overtook the PlayStation 4 as the second highest-selling home console ever. Momentum shows zero signs of slowing entering 2023 as more gamers jump into Nintendo’s ecosystems.

The company’s family friendly franchises and innovative hybrid console/handheld form factors continue capturing imagination beyond just devoted video game fans. Even used Nintendo Switch units will foreseeably stay in high demand for years as new audiences discover the highly acclaimed software library.

Gizmogo Offers the Best Switch Resale Values

For resellers aiming to maximize profits flipping pre-owned Nintendo Switch consoles, Gizmogo emerges as the clear standout buyer. Gizmogo guarantees simplified selling of used Switches by handling all shipping logistics and paying sellers quickly the day after accessories arrive to their facility.

Their constantly updated price database calculates high-end quotes based on real-time supply and demand – consistently resulting in 5-15% increased payouts compared to eBay completed listing averages. Consoles get confirmed and graded rapidly, followed by direct deposits enabling fast reinvesting into sourcing more inventory.

Overall for resellers looking to profit from selling used Nintendo Switch systems, Gizmogo delivers an unrivaled combination of top-tier pricing, five-star service and rapid payouts.