Top 5 phub Downloaders: You Can Watch Videos Offline

Users often download from phub for offline use or archiving. Online phub downloader apps offer the convenience of not needing extra software. This article lists the top 5 user-friendly downloaders with wide device compatibility.

5 Best free Video Downloader apps

1. Y2mate  Downloader

Best for: Comprehensive video downloading and management.

StreamGaPhub  Downloader is a robust tool tailored for those interested in building a local collection of phub  videos for offline viewing. Its intuitive interface streamlines the downloading process, supporting high-definition video downloads in various formats to accommodate diverse user preferences. The downloader seamlessly integrates with your system, facilitating batch downloads for efficient video saving, while also maintaining the original audio quality for an authentic content experience.


  1. Format Selection: Offers a variety of formats to choose from, allowing compatibility with different devices and players.
  2. Audio Integrity: Maintains the quality of the original audio track, making sure the content is downloaded without any loss in the auditory experience.


Y2mate  Downloader caters to video enthusiasts seeking quality and convenience. Its capability to download multiple videos simultaneously saves time, and the preservation of audio quality appeals to content integrity. Overall, Y2mate achieves an excellent balance of functionality and ease of use.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
High-definition video quality options The free version may have limitations
Batch downloading feature Premium version required for full features
Multiple format support
Preserves original audio quality

How to use Y2mate

  1. Download and Install: Get the Y2mate Downloader from the official site and install it.
  2. Open Y2mate: Launch the application post-installation.
  3. Copy Video URL: In your browser, go to the desired video, copy the URL from the address bar.
  4. Paste URL: Return to Y2mate and paste the URL into the downloader’s field.
  5. Select Quality: Choose your video quality, up to 4K if available in Y2mate.
  6. Start Download: Hit ‘Download’ to save the video to your chosen location.
  7. Enjoy Offline: Watch your downloaded video anytime, without internet.

2. Easy Downloader Crack

Best for: Users looking for a free solution.

Users seeking free access to premium features may resort to using Easy Downloader Crack. However, despite enabling downloads in multiple resolutions and formats, such cracked software carries risks like malware, legal troubles, and no support, making it an inadvisable option.


  1. Cost-Free: Access to premium features without payment, appealing to users on a budget.
  2. Full Feature Access: Typically, all locked features are made available in the cracked version.
  3. Multiple Resolutions: Ability to download videos in a range of qualities, up to 4K.


We caution against using cracked software like Easy Downloader Crack because of the legal and security risks. Free access to premium features is not worth compromising your device and personal data.


Free, but illegal and potentially harmful.

Pros Cons
Access to full features Illegal use of software
No cost involved High risk of malware and security threats
Available in various qualities No customer support or updates

How to use Easy Downloader Crack?

  1. Find the Crack: Search for a cracked version of the phub  Downloader. This step poses significant risks and is not recommended.
  2. Download the Crack: If you proceed despite the risks, download the cracked software from the source you’ve found.
  3. Install the Software: Install the downloaded software on your computer. Be aware that this could expose your system to malware.
  4. Open the Downloader: Run the Easy Downloader Crack application after installation.
  5. Copy the Video URL: Go to the phub  video you want to download, copy the URL.
  6. Paste the URL: Paste the copied URL into the downloader crack application.
  7. Select Video Quality: Choose the desired video resolution, if the option is available.
  8. Start the Download: Click the download button and wait for the download.


Best for: Easy and quick online downloading without installing software. allows easy online downloading of phub  videos directly through your browser, eliminating the need for software installation. Just paste the URL, and provides the download link, catering to users of all tech levels.


  1. Direct Website Use: The website facilitates downloads without requiring extra software installation.
  2. Free to Use: There is no cost for using the basic downloading service offered by

Verdict: offers users a convenient, install-free method for occasional phub  video downloads, though it depends on internet access and may have size or quantity restrictions.


Free, with premium plans for additional features.

Pros Cons
No need for software installation Dependent on website availability
Simple and straightforward usage May have limitations on download size
Multiple format support Free version may have ads
Free service option available

How to use

  1. Access Go to the site in your browser.
  2. Get Video URL: Find the phub  video, copy its address bar URL.
  3. Input the URL: Enter the URL into’s download field.
  4. Process the Video: Press the ‘Download’ button or equivalent to let process the video.
  5. Select the Quality: Choose the quality and format you desire from the options provided by after processing.
  6. Download the Video: Click on the download link or button that appears after processing to save the video to your device.
  7. Watch Offline: Find the downloaded video file on your device and enjoy watching it offline.

4. Hitomi Downloader

Best for: Users who download videos from a variety of sources.

Hitomi Downloader is a multi-platform tool for downloading videos from phub  and more, offering features like quality choice and batch downloads for a complete solution. The application offers a range of features, including quality selection and batch downloads.


  1. Wide Platform Support: Compatible with many video sites, not just phub .
  2. Batch Downloads: Allows for multiple videos to be downloaded at once.
  3. Format Flexibility: Users can choose from several video formats for their downloads.
  4. Quality Selection: Offers the choice of different video resolutions, including HD.


Hitomi Downloader suits power users needing a single application for multiple source downloads, with its versatile and extensive features standing out in the phub  downloader market.


Free with optional donations to support the developer.

Pros Cons
Supports a wide range of platforms Software installation is required
Batch downloading capabilities Interface may be complex for beginners
Variety of formats and qualities

How to use Hitomi Downloader?

  1. Download Hitomi Downloader: Obtain the Hitomi Downloader from a reliable source and install it on your device.
  2. Launch Hitomi Downloader: Open the Hitomi application on your computer.
  3. Enter Video URL: Within the application, find the space to enter the URL of the phub  video you wish to download.
  4. Select Quality and Format: Choose the preferred video quality and format for your download.
  5. Start Download: Initiate the download by pressing the ‘Download’ button.
  6. Retrieve Video: After download, find the video in the designated folder on your device for offline viewing.

5. SnapDownloader

Best for:Those seeking simplicity paired with powerful functionality.

SnapDownloader’s clean interface simplifies the process of downloading phub  videos, perfect for users who desire straightforward navigation along with capabilities like video conversion and download scheduling.


  1. Intuitive Design: Effortlessly navigate through a sleek interface.
  2. High-Resolution Downloads: Choose from up to 4K video quality, with additional lower resolution options for diverse storage and device compatibility.
  3. Format Conversion: Easily convert videos within the app to formats like MP4 and MP3.
  4. Download Timing: Schedule downloads for convenient times, making efficient use of bandwidth in non-peak periods.


SnapDownloader is an excellent choice for those who value a seamless interface combined with powerful downloading capabilities. The added features such as video conversion and scheduled downloads distinguish it from simpler tools, offering a comprehensive solution for video downloading needs.

Price: Free

Pros Cons
High-definition and 4K download options One-time purchase or subscription required
Built-in video conversion

How to use SnapDownloader?

  1. Locate the Video: Find your desired phub  video using the app’s search function or by pasting its URL into SnapDownloader.
  2. Select Preferences: Pick your preferred format and quality from SnapDownloader’s options.
  3. Set Download Time: Decide whether to schedule the download for later or start it instantly with the ‘Download’ button.
  4. Enjoy Offline: Once downloaded, the video will be in the specified folder on your PC for offline playback.

Comparison of the phub  Video downloaders

Downloader Platform Ratings
Y2mate  Downloader Windows, Mac 4.5/5
Easy Downloader Crack Windows, Mac 4.4/5 Web-based 4.2/5
Hitomi Downloader Windows, Mac, Linux 4.4/5
SnapDownloader Windows, Mac 4.6/5

What is the Best Downloader for phub  Videos?

When assessing the best downloader for phub  videos, various aspects need to be considered to determine which tool suits your needs. Here are the points from different aspects that might influence your decision:

  • Legality and Safety:
    • Legal software is always the best choice to avoid any copyright infringement issues.
    • Safety is paramount; legitimate applications often provide secure downloading without malware risks.
  • Speed:
    • A fast download process saves time, especially when dealing with large files or high-definition content.
    • Check if the downloader can make full use of your internet connection for efficient downloading.
  • Features:
    • Additional features like video conversion, scheduled downloading, and support for multiple websites can be very beneficial.
    • Look for the ability to preserve original audio quality or download subtitles if needed.
  • Ratings and Reviews:
    • User feedback can provide insights into the real-world performance of the downloader.
    • High ratings typically reflect a good balance of the above aspects and user satisfaction.

Are These phub  Video Downloaders Free to Use?

  • Basic vs. Premium:
    • Some downloaders offer a basic free version with limited functionality.
    • Premium features, such as higher video quality downloads or batch processing, may require payment.
  • Trial Periods:
    • A few downloaders provide a free trial period to test premium features.
    • After the trial expires, you might need to purchase a subscription or a license to continue using the advanced features.
  • One-Time Purchase:
    • Certain downloaders might be available as a one-time purchase, providing lifetime access to all features.
    • This can be a cost-effective option compared to subscription models in the long term.
  • Subscription Models:
    • Some services operate on a subscription basis, requiring monthly or annual payments.
    • Subscriptions may offer continuous updates and support, which can justify the recurring cost.
  • Freeware:
    • There are downloaders that are completely free, but they might come with ads or have fewer features compared to paid counterparts.
    • Freeware options may suffice for users with minimal downloading needs.
  • Donation-Based:
    • Open-source or donation-based downloaders are often free but rely on user donations for support and development.
    • Users can contribute any amount they feel is fair for the service they are getting.

Final Thought

In conclusion, these phub  Video Downloaders provide a convenient means to enjoy your favorite phub  content offline. Whether you choose Y2mate,, Hitomi, SnapDownloader, or even consider the Easy Downloader Crack, remember to evaluate them based on speed, quality, ease of use, and legality. Make sure to use tools that respect copyright laws and protect your device’s security. Happy downloading!