What Does It Take to List Token on A Crypto Exchange?

The crypto market is developing rapidly, with numerous projects and tokens emerging, especially today, when Bitcoin price shows a positive trend. Crypto project developers continuously roll out new tokens catering to specific needs in the industry. Launching a new token holds great potential, however, its long-term success depends on many factors, including liquidity and community engagement.

Today, we will talk about listing token on exchange – what it takes and how to do it smartly.

Prepare for Сrypto Listing: What Should Be The Basis Of A Strong Token

Every project that launches tokens aims to list them on a crypto exchange. However, this process is not without difficulties, as different platforms have distinct requirements for new projects. In order to be listed on major platforms, tokens must demonstrate their value to potential investors. Here are the key criteria:

  • Active team. In the ever-evolving crypto industry, for a project to survive and be attractive to investors, it’s crucial to carry out improvements, communicate with the community, share plans and achievements, etc.
  • A token’s promotion should not be based on hype only. There must be a real use case and utility for the asset to attract real investors and expand the community.
  • An engaged community is a strong indicator of a project’s success. The larger the community, the bigger the user base for a token.
  • Liquidity is the lifeblood of crypto trading, facilitating smooth and efficient token trading. High liquidity means the token is easily bought and sold. It creates trust among investors and engages more users. By listing on a market maker crypto exchange, projects can boost their tokens’ liquidity with the help of market maker services.
  • Token developers must ensure token security, implementing protection mechanisms against hacker attacks that can lead to the loss of funds and reputational risks.

Crypto Exchange Listing on Binance and WhiteBIT

Every project dreams of listing on Binance. Binance Launchpad is a tool enabling new projects and startups to list token on exchange. The main criteria for token listing are the user base and community of a project.

WhiteBIT is another popular platform every project strives to list on. This is the largest platform in Europe with over 4 million users daily. WhiteBIT offers its Launchpad with three simple steps:

  1. applying for participation;
  2. early raising funds for investors to cast their votes for a project;
  3. listing on the platform.

To part take, leave your request on the WhiteBIT website and a personal account manager will contact you.


Listing a token on exchange is a long process that requires thorough preparation to meet a platform’s requirements. Community engagement, utility, liquidity, and compliance are the main criteria for listing on major trading platforms.