Porcelain Paving Direct – Everything You Need to Know About Calibrated Indian Sandstone

Trying to find the right design and type of slabs you want laid down on your garden patio leaves you open to many options.

At Porcelain Paving Direct, we are experts in supplying garden flooring that can make your outdoor area an even better place to be.

Let’s look at what Calibrated Indian Sandstone is and whether it could be the best choice for your home.

What is Calibrated Indian Sandstone?

Indian sandstone is a sought-after material that can vary in its appearance, offering a sleek and modern look. Sourced from India, the stone is natural and frequently used in outdoor spaces for contemporary aesthetics.

Calibration means to ensure the measurements are set to a defined standard for accuracy so that the item can be used for its intended purpose.

This type of sandstone would be calibrated to ensure that there is consistent depth and angles throughout the slab to make sure that none of it is uneven. This is done by sawing down both sides of the material to a desired thickness using high-speed machinery.

The blades used to cut the stone to the desired size are extremely sharp so they will adequately shape the Indian sandstone. Without performing this process, it would be very difficult to get the slabs to the size that’s required.

Porcelain Paving Direct has a range of Indian sandstone slabs that could be perfect for your garden. Explore our range of calibrated Indian sandstone products here.

The Benefits of Indian Sandstone

To get that perfect appearance in your garden, you’ll want your slabs to be calibrated and cut to a specific size, carried out by industry experts. This will ensure every slab in your garden patio fits perfectly with one another based on the pre-measured area that you have.

This material is durable so no matter how many people walk across your garden or how many times, you can expect the Indian sandstone to hold up. Whatever the weather, this material is strong and lasts for a long time.

Indian sandstone is remarkably easy to clean; using the most basic washing products will do the job, but we’d advise that you avoid any formulas with staining chemicals just to be sure. Simply using a mop with a high-quality product and then hosing it down after will keep your slabs looking in good condition.

This type of stone can come in its classic sand or beige appearance, offering a sun-kissed natural shade that will surely complement your garden. With a few bright additions, your garden will look radiant in the summer with these colours adding that golden glow to it.

If you want to know about the entire range of products on offer at Porcelain Paving Direct, contact our team today for more information.