Intratone – How To Effectively Change Your Key Fob Battery

From time to time, our key fobs will stop working and we’ll be left helplessly outside. Knowing how to replace your key fob, however, means you’ll be able to rectify the issue.

Key fobs can seem tricky to resolve on the face of it but you can change the battery in your fob by following these simple tips.

Let’s look at how this is done and why a working key fob can improve the security of a tenant’s residence.

Removing the Dead Battery

So, you’ve concluded that the battery has died and that’s the reason a key fob isn’t working, therefore, it’ll need replacing. If you’re a property manager, you might be the first person a tenant looks for to solve the situation. Thankfully, Intratone is experienced in helping with this kind of thing.

To do this, examine how the face or back of your key fob is designed to open. There could be a sliding mechanism that makes the batteries appear. If not, maybe a small screwdriver is required to remove these from the device.

Assuming one of these methods works, the next step is to identify the types of battery in your fob. Usually, key fob batteries are different to household batteries that you might find in a TV remote, for instance. They’re often not AA or AAA size but are more likely to be a CR2032 battery that many fobs contain. You can find these at most supermarkets or hardware stores.

Remove the old battery and put it to one side. Don’t dispose of it in your household waste because batteries that are sent to a dump can have bad effects on the environment. Instead, place it in a small bag so you can bring it with you to a supermarket to recycle properly.

Putting the New Battery In

Place the new battery, or batteries, in the key fob at the correct angle and make sure it stays in. You can now close the case in the reverse manner from how you opened it.

To avoid your tenant saying that the fob isn’t working as soon as you give it to them, test it out for yourself to make sure it is working. It would be a good idea to have the tenant view you replacing the battery so they might be able to do it themselves in future.

It’s important to have every piece of security that’s in place working as it should for the safety and security of the tenants and the property. Getting the problem fixed as soon as possible lowers the risk of unwanted entry and no longer jeopardises people or their possessions.

Intratone sells a broad range of key fobs that could be perfect for any property you’re responsible for. Explore the products we offer here.