Access to financial markets has always been one of the major barriers to more people getting involved with trading and investing. But, thanks to a new platform called Tradu, active investors can benefit from unrivalled access to a wide range of financial instruments through the same provider.

What is Tradu?

Tradu is the latest addition to the trading and investing scene, backed by leading global investment firm, Jefferies. But it’s not just another competitor – far from it. Tradu is bringing a new approach to the world of online trading with innovation and a greater focus on user experience.

Craig Mischel, Tradu’s MD of Product & Strategy, commented that the platform is “geared towards people looking to invest their funds as opposed to looking for quick high leveraged gains.” He went on to say that it “caters to both and has been designed with sophisticated traders in mind.”

What makes Tradu different from the rest?

The platform’s biggest USP is that it offers access to a wide range of financial instruments from one central hub. It’s revolutionary because not many brokers offer multi-asset trading platforms and even fewer do it with success, but Tradu promises to deliver with technological innovation and a comprehensive design solution.

Paresh Patel, Tradu’s Global Head of Trading, was asked about the benefits of using their platform:

To trade the full stack of financial instruments available you’d have to have multiple accounts [with other providers]. With Tradu, you’ll be able to do crypto, FX, CFDs, indices, treasuries and much more all in one place.”

“You’ll also have the ability to transfer your money from one account to another, seamlessly. Other models mean you’ll have two different accounts and trade between providers and these transfers can take time and could cost money depending on how it’s done. We have all of that siloed under the Tradu name so it can be seamless and you can make a transfer or trade within a couple of minutes.”

There’s even more to be gained by using Tradu it seems. Pricing is a significant consideration for investors, but this platform offers zero commission on leveraged products and one flat $1 fee for buying shares, regardless of how many. Tradu assures users that it can offer a more user-friendly experience and be competitive with many of the big players in the CFD and other financial markets.

Check out Tradu today to see what all the hype is about.