Auto Questions: Can You Look Up Features by VIN?

Have you ever wondered about the history or features of a vehicle, whether you have or plan to purchase a used car? Although you can learn about what is going on with the car right now using a Fix Finder tool, you may want to know what happened to it in the past as well. This is what you should know about using your VIN to look up information about your vehicle.

Types of Information Obtainable by Vehicle Identification Number

Every vehicle identification number is unique. You can use this 17-digit code to look up key information about your vehicle. When you conduct a VIN lookup, you can find who manufactured the vehicle and where this manufacturing occurred. This includes what country the manufacturing occurred in. In fact, the first number signifies the country, and the second letter tells you the manufacturer.

The third character reveals the vehicle type. The next five characters tell you more about the vehicle, including its brand, engine, model and body style. The next digit is the security check character. Then, you will find a single character that reveals the model year followed by the plant that assembled the vehicle. Finally, the last remaining six digits are unique to the vehicle, signifying its serial or production number. You can even learn the vehicle’s features, specifications and trim level from the VIN.

Vehicle History From a VIN Number Lookup

Once you have the original vehicle details, you may want to know more about the car’s history. You can get significant information by looking up the VIN number. For example, you can find any name and insurance information associated with your car’s VIN number, allowing you to track ownership. You can also learn whether the vehicle has been in an accident and how severe it was. Manufacturer recalls also show up during these investigations.

Some mechanics offer service contracts on vehicles that they tie to the VIN number, so you can learn about vehicle maintenance and repairs as well. Finally, you can find out whether the vehicle has outstanding tickets or if someone stole it. You should learn the vehicle’s value and safety ratings as well.

Steps To Perform a VIN Lookup

If you want to look up your vehicle’s VIN and history, you need the VIN number. You may wonder where is the VIN number on a car, and there are a few locations you may find it. First, it is on your dashboard near the windshield. Look at the driver’s side for the 17-digit code. Your VIN should also be on your engine firewall, driver’s door jam, insurance card and vehicle title.

Several websites offer free services where you can look up your VIN number. Some parts stores and mechanics also offer these services in person or on their websites. If you want more information, you can also go to the National Crime Bureau or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You simply type in the VIN number and get the report. Several other websites offer free reports, some for free and others for a fee.

Your vehicle’s VIN number tells you a wide variety of information. Whether you want to purchase or sell a used vehicle or you just need to get new insurance, you can learn a lot from your vehicle’s VIN number.