Egypt Diesel Generator Market May Set a New Epic Growth Story 2032

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Insights into the Market During the Forecast Period (from 2023 to 28), the Egypt Diesel Generator Market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of approximately 9.59 percent.

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The agricultural sector has had a significant demand for diesel generators for some time, propelling the market over the past few years. In areas that aren’t near the Nile River, Egypt’s farmers have mostly relied on diesel generators to pump water from wells to the ground for agriculture.

Furthermore, Egypt’s demand for standby diesel generators has significantly increased as fish farming has grown. Aquaculture operations necessitate the continuous supply of energy to water pumps in order to safeguard fish in ponds and guarantee the pumps’ availability. As a result, diesel generators have been used to keep fish alive during power outages by acting as an additional power backup source.

Additionally, in order to meet the rising demand for diesel generators from a variety of industries, including residential, commercial, and industrial, Dealers and distributors of diesel engines and generator assemblers have been working together in Egypt. Due to the fact that they are required to deal with emergency power outages in addition to providing primary power, the growing investments made by Egypt’s government in construction activities are expected to force the use of diesel generators in the coming years.

The Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities says that investments made by the government and the private sector to expand construction in residential, commercial, industrial, and other areas, as of 2022, approximately USD24.42 billion. In the same year, Egypt’s government announced plans to implement 45 major national and strategic infrastructure projects, including the completion of 18 overpasses, the electrification of 1,000 kilometers of railway signals, the expansion of a metro network, and 47 express train stations, among other things.

Furthermore, the key components impelling the market for diesel generators in Egypt are the rising power request upheld by the country’s monetary broadening plans like Egypt Vision 2030 sent off in 2016 to accomplish the standards and objectives of supportable advancement in all fields. The Industrial City in Atfih, the Coal-Fired Power Plant in Hamrawein, the El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant, and the Coal-Fired Power Plant in Suez are just a few of the ongoing industrial projects that Egypt’s long-term national development framework is expected to support.

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Other government initiatives that aim to develop and strengthen public service sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, ICT, and telecommunications include the New Customs Law 2020, the Industry and Trade Development Strategy, and the ICT Strategy 2030. As a result, the market is expected to be driven in the coming years by a significant demand for power backup equipment for development activities.

Driver of Market Dynamics’ Growth: Demand for diesel generators in Egypt has increased in recent years as a result of expanding oil and gas and construction activities in a variety of sectors, including residential, commercial, and others. This has contributed to the market’s expansion. In addition, the country is attracting FDI as a result of the establishment of a more business-friendly investment law and the availability of significant energy resources like natural gas. The International Trade Administration (ITA) reports that foreign direct investment (FDI) in the oil and gas industry rose from USD9 billion in FY 2014-2015 to USD47.8 billion in FY 2019-2020. For instance, Egypt planned to invest approximately USD 38 billion over the next four years in developing its petrochemicals sector, as stated by ITA in 2022.

Also, Egypt’s government is making investments in the manufacturing sector to help the country industrialize and make its goods more competitive. Manufacturing industries are experiencing an increase in their energy needs as a result of these development plans. Accordingly, Egypt’s Diesel Generator market would notice positive development in the impending years owing to the consistent and expanding energy necessities of the thriving oil and gas industry, and assembling and development industry.

Possible Limitation: Demand for natural gas generators is being negatively impacted by the availability of natural gas generators because diesel generators significantly contribute to the concentrations of pollutants like sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrous oxides (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2), and others that harm human health and the environment. Likewise, the developing worries about such emanations are prompting the send off of eco-accommodating generators like normal generators and bi-fuel generators in the Egyptian market. For instance, Egypt’s government has set goals for 2022, based on the rapid deployment of solar and wind energy, for renewables to account for 42% of the country’s electricity mix by 2035. LNG solutions aid in reducing emissions of CO2, NOx, particle, and SOx by 100%, 90 percent, and 97 percent, respectively.

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Therefore, it is anticipated that the sale of diesel generators in the country in the upcoming years will be hampered by the government’s growing focus on clean energy and the significant role natural gas generators play in reducing emissions.

Learning experience: Egypt’s significant crude oil reserves and efficient manufacturing infrastructure are driving investments in the petrochemical industry by manufacturers like Tahir Petrochemicals and Red Sea Refining & Petrochemical Co., among others, resulting in an incessant demand for diesel generators. The government’s growing push for the development of the petrochemical industry is boosting demand for diesel generators.

Diesel generators are being widely used in the petrochemical industry because of the constant need for electricity in the hydrocarbons industry to power the distillation equipment and ensure a regular supply of power to reduce machine downtime costs. In addition, the Egypt government is making significant investments to boost GDP growth and the country’s petrochemical capacity.

Therefore, a lucrative opportunity for revenue growth in the Diesel Generator market is anticipated to arise during the years 2023-2028 as a result of the rising tendency of the Egyptian government to increase investments in the development of petrochemical manufacturing plants.

Key Pattern: Growing Use of Hybrid Diesel Generators by End Users The Egyptian government is always pushing for the use of renewable and cleaner fuels like solar, wind, and so on. to make its economy carbon-free. The Egyptian government is closely monitoring the country’s carbon and PM 2.5 emissions and working to reduce carbon footprints in order to achieve this objective. Customers in the residential and commercial sectors, among others, in recent years have switched to hybrid diesel generators. These hybrid diesel generators are able to run on both conventional diesel fuel and renewable energy, such as wind or solar, making them a hybrid generator.

These generators are also sustainable and friendly to the environment thanks to the carbon emission sensors and noise cancellation features they have. Hybrid diesel generators are increasingly replacing conventional diesel generators in the country thanks to these technological advantages.

Additionally, end-users are anticipated to switch to hybrid diesel generators from conventional diesel generators, resulting in a favorable market outlook for Egypt’s Diesel Generator market growth in the upcoming years.

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Market Segmentation by Type Standby Prime and Continuous Power Peak Shaving Standby diesel generators saw significant growth as a result of Egypt’s rapid residential and commercial building construction. The demand for these generators as a power generation and backup source from corporate offices, shopping malls, luxury hotels, and other establishments has also significantly contributed to the market’s expansion.

In addition, they are primarily utilized in the residential sector for escalators and elevators in high-rise buildings in order to prevent any variations in operation in the event that the power goes out. Essentially, because of Egypt’s flourishing the travel industry, numerous lodgings require power reinforcement at whatever point there is a blackout to give dependable and continuous power supply to the guests, thus hoisting the interest for reserve diesel generators during the assessed period.

By End User Residential Commercial Healthcare Government & Transport Oil & Gas Industrial Equipment Rental Companies The Residential Sector held a significant share of the Egypt Diesel Generator market over the past few years due to the government of Egypt’s increasing housing development. Egypt’s construction of residential structures has accelerated as a result of the government’s desire to provide middle-class residents with affordable housing. As a result, standby and prime diesel generators with variable ratings that can power the entire construction site in the event of a power outage have become more important.

Additionally, the country’s affluent have been moving into extravagant apartments, villas, bungalows, and many other types of housing, which has contributed to the development of a number of high-end housing projects in Egypt. These generators are in high demand for a variety of reasons, including powering construction equipment during peak power requirements and providing backup power during power outages, as a result of the soaring construction of luxury housing units in several cities across the nation, including Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza.

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