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E-iron Vertical Iron Reviews

You have clean clothes but are they ironed??  Well ironed clothes can improve your self image and influence people’s perception of you. You can certainly make a lasting impression on others with the manner with which you present yourself as it concerns your clothes, a well-ironed cloth will imprint a great sense of humour, responsibility, credibility and trust while a wrinkled cloth will do the opposite; as you know ”you dress the way you want to be addressed”.

There are different types of iron from irons that use coals to modern time electrical iron that’s now in various shapes and sizes,Irons are no doubt essential home appliances with the most familiar being those with a triangular,flat bottom and a soleplate that’s electrically heated and used to remove crisp and wrinkles.

Irons are handheld devices that press materials that basically need a crease,the normal traditional irons require space to accommodate an ironing board,a little technique on fiddling and fondling to provide crease while perfectly removing crispness and showing professionalism. It however is prone to damaging garments via scorching which shortens the clothes lifespan, durability and favouring wear and tear. There’s not much convenience in terms of setup,weight,space required, time and maintenance.

There’s nothing disappointing as knowing that the clothing best fit for an occasion or event is all wrinkled and you have little or no time to set up the board,adjust ironing temperature to begin ironing all the while bearing in mind there’s risk of burning your clothes or you’re tired of repeatedly scorching your clothes and wouldn’t even want to iron again, perhaps you’ve scorched a delicate garment again and have now  handed the rest of your clothing over to dry-cleaning to save yourself the trouble. The change you need is here,switch to the E-iron for the best results on both delicate and average clothes.

The E-iron is a new generation of handheld laundry care device suitable for your active lifestyle ensuring you look good and feel good while providing a fast and easy way to smooth out crumpled clothes and get wrinkles off with next to no effort.

You get to maintain your dress sense with ease without the disheartening consequence of burning your clothes because you missed the right temperature by a certain degree after setting up the ironing board. The E-iron is very unlikely to damage your clothes as it uses steam to gently ease away wrinkles without any hot metal coming in contact with your clothes.



The vertical iron works by projecting steam through its nozzle portion onto your hunged garment which relaxes the fibres of your cloth,smoothens them without the danger of scorching.

Unlike the traditional iron,the E-iron doesn’t need to make contact with your garment. It’s manufactured to provide you a soothing ironing experience in a no-contact manner, a few inches away from the desired garment is enough for it to effectively smoothen and give you the best.

How to use the E-Iron vertical iron?

garments to be ironed 53918

Select all the garments to be ironed.

refill the tank 71009

You must refill the tank and ensure that it remains full throughout the process.

wrinkles with minimal effort 24624

Say goodbye to wrinkles with minimal effort


Is the E-Iron vertical iron any good? Does it worth my money?

E Iron vertical iron any good 46399

Make room in your suitcase for E-Iron

With the E-Iron vertical iron you will be able to iron, deodorise and disinfect any garment in just a few seconds, wherever you are!

Perfect for travel, getaways and even to wear to the office! E-Iron is ideal for everything from thin shirts to thicker trousers.
Don’t let its size fool you! With a power of 1100W, it is very effective on all types of fabrics and thanks to its size, you can use this vertical iron to get rid of odours and creases whenever you need to.

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You will save a lot of time! Make your ironing board a thing of the past and go for vertical ironing. Hang the garment on the hanger, give a few strokes of steam with your E-Iron and gravity and the garment’s own weight will do the rest, smoothing the fabric naturally.

No more complications when ironing your most delicate garments. During ironing we can come across areas that are difficult to access or delicate such as buttons, zips, cuffs, collars, seams… and even embroidery and applications that require delicacy and little handling. By not touching them directly with the iron, it is difficult to damage them.

Easy ironing of household linen. Curtains from the floor to the ceiling, sheets, duvet covers, duvets…. No need to take down curtains or remove duvets. Just worry about moving the iron vertically and you will get the perfect ironing at the speed of light.



  1. Place the garment(clothes, shirts, trousers,blouse) on an hanger and check the garment tag for required temperature
  2. Use your non dominant hand to hold the garment taut and your dominant hand to grip the vertical iron
  3. Set the E-iron to required temperature and wait for it to heat up,place theiron a few inches away from the garment and apply vertically,repeat the process for effectiveness.
  4. Iron your clothing in sections e.g properly ironing the back before the front.
  5. If you encounter a stubborn wrinkle,just steam that area for a while and watch it smoothen out.


  • Ergonomic design: Its sleek design provides room for a good grip and easy mobility when in use.
  • Water tank: It has a water tank reserve that should be enough for the average shirt
  • Nozzle: it’s relatively sized nozzle allows the steam to exit the iron for the purpose for which it was made
  • Innovative technology: it adopts an innovative technology that’s designed to provide maximal laundry care to your clothing.
  • Heats up quickly: the E-iron wastes no time in heating up to the set temperature,it heats up in less than 2 minutes.
  • Lightweight, compact and portable: this gives the E-iron an advantage over the normal irons as it ensures the device is well suited for its function.
  • Temperature regulator: with a temperature regulator you can set the E-iron to provide the set temperature as recommended in the cloth tag



1. Convenience in mobility

The vertical iron is a must have as it is a  suitable companion when travelling,its portability ensures that it’s not a burden you’ll have to manage but rather an asset to keep wrinkles off your clothes. You don’t need an ironing board, just the hanger on which your clothes hang on will do, which is a plus on less luggage.

2. Kills bacteria and takes out odours

As you use the vertical iron to steam your clothes,you unwittingly kill bacteria and odours. You can position the steam of the vertical iron to areas that give off offending smells e.g armpit section of your clothes. The vertical iron is a plus for you because you won’t only look good you’ll also smell good especially if you forget your perfume when you pack in a hurry for any journey.

3. It provides a better care for your clothes

With the traditional iron comes the fear of scorching your clothes or the iron spreading dunk from previously ironed garments onto the one you’re presently ironing. The vertical iron gives you no such worry as your garments are well cared for with next to zero risk of damage.

4. It is faster and easier to use

Ironing with the vertical iron is more than easy and fast,time is saved up for other tasks.Complete your ironing quicker with the vertical iron. Its ease of use makes it a preference over the traditional iron to match lifestyle choices. No worry about temperature regulation or ironing board.Takes less time to complete ironing

5. It preserves fabrics

The steam of the vertical iron sweeps gently over the fabric of your clothes thus effectively preserving it and eliminating danger of wearing out your clothes as seen with the traditional iron. It gives your clothes the perfect impression all the while still gentle on its fibres.

6. Saves Cost and Space

It would cost you more to buy the normal traditional iron and a board than it would if you purchased an E-iron,the E-iron saves you the cost of a board and the convenience of storage.

7. Doesn’t need direct contact

The more familiar irons usually would require a direct contact with the clothing before their impact can be felt and this contact could also spell danger for your clothes should the iron overheat, the E-iron doesn’t need direct contact before giving you a wrinkle free clothes.

8. Removes allergens

Dust mites,pollens and other allergens that’ll stick to your clothes will be taken care of if you use the E-iron on it,the allergens are unavoidably everywhere and you stand a better chance with the E-iron as its steam kills them off.

9. Doesn’t require technique

Ironing with the traditional iron requires a certain type of expertise in moving the cloth round the board, flipping, folding, knowing which section to press firmly and which not to; the E-iron however is simple in its use.

10. Manageability and Maintenance

You sometimes notice gunk at the base of the iron that it must have picked in previous use that can pass onto a new garment if not cleaned and potentially damage a new clothing or cleaning to prevent rust of it’s plate;the E-iron requires minimal maintenance when compared to the normal traditional iron.

11. Efficient and comfortable ironing without a table or ironing board

The E-iron has no need of an ironing board before it provides you a soothing ironing experience, its sleek design ensures it can be firmly handled and gripped with ease for vertical movements during use.

12. Convenient to store

The E-iron has a compact size that enables it to be easily stored and tucked away gently as compared to the normal traditional iron that’ll require storage for both the ironing board and the iron.

13. Functionally versatile(Multi-purpose) and Cost effective

The E-iron is not only suitable for garments and clothes,it can serve as an important tool to clean your sheets and curtains; that’s one thing you wouldn’t try with the traditional iron. By taking care of these simple but important laundry items you save cost for dry cleaning. 


Fabrics that best suit the vertical iron

  • Screen printed shirts
  • Suit jacket
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Cottons
  • Tablecloths
  • Wools
  • Silk blends
  • Cashmere
  • Wool blends
  • Drapes
  • Upholstery
  • Chiffon
  • Satin
  • Rayon
  • Linen
  • Corduroy

Fabrics that shouldn’t be steamed

  • Waxed jackets
  • Suede
  • Nylon and embroidered garments
  • Leather
  • Velvet

Pros of the E-Iron Vertical Iron

  • It can be used anywhere provided there’s water,an electrical outlet and a hanger(your hand could hold up your clothes thus serving this purpose)
  • Minimal setup required
  • No ironing board
  • Takes less time and effort
  • Recommended for materials that don’t require frequent wash
  • Doesn’t require technique as seen in the traditional iron
  • Ideal for delicate fabrics like silk, chiffon or satin
  • It can serve as way of disinfecting as it’s steams gets rid of bacteria and odour from clothes
  • Perfect solution when there’s no space and less time
  • Worthy travel companion
  • It can serve as a household cleaning gadget
  • Cost effective and budget friendly
  • Promotes lifespan and durability of clothes
  • Versatile in use, extending its use from a basic clothes iron to a great laundry tool

Cons of the E-Iron Vertical Iron

  • It doesn’t provide the pressure needed to get crisp lines in clothing or stubborn wrinkles.
  • Not suitable for specially tailored clothes
  • It can’t be used on hot water sensitive clothes
  • It can’t give smooth and sharp crisp creases as seen with the traditional iron
  • It’s a little more expensive than the traditional iron
  • Clothing might require air-drying as it’ll be damp after ironing
  • E-iron requires frequent refill of water depending on the quantity of clothing that’s worked upon.



 How do I tell what fabric is suitable for the E-Iron vertical iron?

You can try a small portion of the clothes first before attempting to steam the whole or you could check the care instructions for the clothes on its tag.

How do I prevent scalding myself while using the vertical iron?

It’s advised that you start steaming from the bottom of the garment,you not only avoid scalding yourself you also make ironing easier because the hot steam travels upwards to enhance your work. Your clothes should also be hanged instead of being handheld,you could also get a glove if it’ll make you feel more safe.

Can the vertical iron wear out my clothes?

Yes,it can wear out your clothes if you overuse it at a fixed portion for quite a while.

Will the vertical iron wear away the colors of my clothes?

It’s best to test the steam on a small patch of the clothing to ascertain if you need to proceed with the use of the vertical iron or not.

Can I steam my clothes while wearing them?

No, don’t steam a garment you’re wearing directly onto yourself, you’ll scald yourself if attempted.

Can the E-iron provide perfect creases on clothes?

The E-iron cannot give perfect creases on clothes, you’ll need the normal iron to get that job done.

Does the E-iron completely replace the normal iron?

The E-iron is an alternative to the normal iron when there’s no space,less time and possibility of scorching but it doesn’t outwit the normal traditional iron

What happens if I use the vertical iron over an extended period of time?

Using the vertical iron over an extended period will cause the cloth to loose shape.

How do I get my own E-Iron?

  • Visit the official website to order this beautiful product
  • Choose your payment method as you correctly fill the information required
  • Double check the information you filled to ensure an error free delivery

Once your delivery arrives it’s a whole new level of effortless ironing that’ll ensure you iron without worry while saving your cloth material from danger of scorching, burning and even wearing out.

What do E-Iron users think?

Anne A

rate 13940

I was honestly quite surprised for quick ironing of T-shirts, blouses, shirts and not very stiff trousers such as jeans, you will be surprised how well it works!

Michael T

rate 13940

This iron is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! I’ve never liked ironing and I don’t have space for a board… so E-Iron is the best option for me.

Mery S

rate 13940

I am very happy with this iron! I find it very useful that you don’t need a board and that it can be ironed vertically.

Martha G

rate 13940

In addition to removing wrinkles, it deodorizes and disinfects clothes in a few seconds.



Good riddance to the various hassles you’ve encountered with the traditional iron as you embrace the vertical steam iron. Choose vertical irons as a convenient way to keep your clothes wrinkle free and fresh be it at home or on the road, it ensures your clothes looks new as well as eliminating the wear and tear, shin bruising and scorching that’ll likely accompany use of traditional irons.

You should worry less about taking certain materials like your curtains for dry-cleaning because in a matter of minutes all that laundry is taken care of; back and forth events or occasions wouldn’t cause an alarm when you have the E-iron as you’re guaranteed to showing up stunning in well ironed and odour free clothing whether it’s at home or you have to hit the road.Reach into your wardrobe for fresh clothing with joy whenever you want clothes to wear,let your clothes look alive again when you wear them.

Don’t be left out, visit the official website to order an E-iron now.