Click Hub and affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing, in other words referral marketing, is developing more and more rapidly today. Everyone has at least once found an affiliate link leading to a product in the description of the videos of their favourite creator, influencer. If someone makes a purchase through such a link, the influencer receives a commission, but for the customer the price does not change. This is a frequently used way to increase sales and this form of marketing has many advantages for each participant in the process. What else is worth knowing about affiliation and do you need to be a recognizable creator to be able to work in this way online? Is affiliate marketing a job for everyone?

Affiliation: The breath of the future?

The task of marketing is to promote products and services. The strategy should be designed in such a way as to get the message across to a properly selected group of recipients. There are people who are potentially interested in buying.

Marketing also focuses on building relationships with customers. This can be seen especially in activities carried out on social media, where contact with the recipient is very direct.

This is how marketing is different from classic advertising. However, everything always leads (or at least is supposed to lead) to increased sales, increased profits and a wider base of satisfied and returning customers.

How does affiliation compare in this field? It can be considered that it combines all the above aspects. It is about promoting products and services, which ultimately is to lead to increased sales.

Relationships with customers and those who may become customers are also important. After all, they are not necessary. However, it is much easier to encourage for example one’s target group to make purchases when it trusts referrals and believes that the person’s proposed products are worthy of attention.

But what is this affiliation? The simplest way to put it is this – it is about earning money on recommending (for publishers) and advertising products through the referral system (for producers, advertisers).

In a literal translation from Latin, affiliato means adoption, inclusion in the family. It is therefore a matter of establishing and maintaining positive contacts and cooperation by an individual, group or organization with other groups or organizations.

In online marketing, the goal of affiliate marketing is to establish a partnership where all parties involved gain benefits.

As part of the affiliation, they cooperate:

  • advertisers, i.e. e.g. online stores that want to increase sales, companies providing services, etc.,
  • publishers – people who place links to advertisers’ products, e.g. on their own websites or in social media, in order to earn money in this way,
  • affiliate network – an online system that allows easy cooperation between advertisers and publishers, facilitates settlements and finding orders and contractors,
  • customer, i.e. a person who purchases a product or uses a service through a referral system.

It differs from classic marketing primarily in that affiliation benefits each party – a publisher earns a commission when a customer makes a purchase, an advertiser gains an effective form of promotion, and a customer can often take advantage of attractive discount codes.

How does it work? A publisher recommends products that are made available to advertisers. They use for instance social media, websites for that purpose. Everything happens on the Internet. Publishers receive special links through which customers make purchases.

When the transaction is successful, that is, the purchase is finalized and a customer leaves their data, a publisher gets a commission. The specific amount depends on an advertiser or an affiliate platform. Thus, working in this way can be an additional source of income or a full-time job.

Affiliate marketing has the potential for the future based on its ability to adapt to the rapidly changing online landscape. With the growing popularity of e-commerce and growing technologies, affiliation is becoming an increasingly common business model for companies, both large and small one.

Flexibility, efficiency and mutual benefits for advertisers and affiliates make it a form of promotion worth considering. Appropriately adapted to the changing needs and preferences of consumers, affiliate marketing can become an important element of marketing strategy in the future.

Become an affiliate

The first step on the path to affiliation is to choose a specific niche or industry. Think about your interests and areas in which you feel competent. This will make it easier for you to engage in content creation and actually promote your chosen products.

The next step is to find affiliate programs that will fit into your chosen niche. An affiliate platform, such as Click Hub, offers a wide range of products and services that can be promoted. Register on the chosen platform and have a look at the available offers.

The next step is to create valuable content that will attract the attention of potential customers. You can start by setting up a blog or website where you will publish reviews, guides or articles related to a selected topic. Be sure to provide high quality and value materials that will help readers and attract their attention.

To gather the community around you and gain interest, create profiles on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and regularly share content, photos, and videos related to your industry. If you earn the trust of your audience, you can expect a greater tendency to click and purchase through your affiliate links. This will increase income.

Also, do not forget to analyze the results and optimize your activities. Monitor which content and campaigns produce the best results so you can adjust your strategy. Use the analytics tools available from affiliate platforms to track clicks, conversions and income.

Partners and platforms

An affiliate platform is where advertisers and affiliates come together to create a connection between a product or service and its promotion. You will find programs that form the basis of cooperation in the affiliate marketing on the affiliate platform.

An affiliate program is an agreement between an advertiser and an affiliate in which an affiliate promotes an advertiser’s product or service. He or she receives a commission for each transaction or other specific activity, such as registration. The commission can also be paid out based on other factors, such as the number of clicks or impressions.

When choosing an affiliate platform, it is worth paying attention to several factors:

  • make sure that the platform has a solid reputation and is considered reliable in the industry, check the opinions of other users,
  • check the availability and variety of affiliate programs, choose a platform that offers a wide selection of products and services that fit your niche,
  • check the transparency and ease of use of the platform, make sure the interface is intuitive, and reports and analytical tools are available and clear.



Affiliation with Click Hub

Click Hub is an affiliate platform addressed to people who have their own online tools (e.g. websites, blogs, social media channels, online advertising campaigns) and their own network of contacts for network traffic. An account can be set up by anyone who wants to try their hand at an affiliation. The user chooses his or her niche and the markets in which he will operate, and then an affiliate link to each of the products he or she will promote.

He or she posts these links online. He or she is allowed freedom of action. The idea is to get the customer to find the link, click on it and leave their information or make a transaction. When this happens, the affiliate receives a commission. With the help of analytical tools available on the platform, he or she can track which campaigns work best and through which links customers make purchases.

The platform operates in many markets, among others BG, CS, DE, HR, HU, FL, FR, EL, IT, LT, LV, PT, RO, SK, SL, ES, SV and a few others. Each affiliate can choose which of them they want to work on.

Simple rules and certain solutions – click hub platform

In the case of Click Hub, affiliation is simple. Already during the registration, the user determines how he wants to settle payments (via bank transfer, invoice, B2B or cryptocurrency) and what he or she wants to promote. The following ones are available:

  • investment products (mainly cryptocurrencies),
  • supplements (including patches and slimming pills, ointment for muscle pain, hair growth spray, foot pads, potency supplement).

How do you make money when it comes to Click Hub? The platform pays for the acquired lead, i.e. for the data that the customer will leave on the website. To get a commission, this acquired lead should lead to sales. In this situation, the affiliate will receive from 5 to 10 euros per lead, the price depends on the market and the product.

Is it possible to make money from affiliation? A lot depends on the involvement of the affiliate, as well as on how large network he or she has created. The platform is also important. ClickHub offers many products that you can promote and thus earn extra money, and how high it will be depends on the publisher.