Bug Zapper In Canada Reviewed: Real Fact! Read This Before Buying

After protracted research we decided to give a rundown of the best selling Bug zappers in Canada. Not only you, even some tech gurus were stuck. Which one is the best? Truly, a lot has been said, what even the manufacturers don’t know. Today, we are recommending three, each of them has been tested and its satisfaction is guaranteed.

What Is a Bug Zapper?

A Bug Zapper is an electronic device that has the ability to attract, Zap, and kill mosquitoes, Insects, and other flies without any chemical. Mostly, there is a light bulb surrounded by electrical grids. Bugs and insects attracted to the light source have an instinctive stimulus to fly towards the bug zapper, where they make contact with the grid. As a result of high current in the grids, these bugs are killed.

How Do Bug Zapper Works?

Once they are powered on, current starts flowing inside the wired grids and the light bulb starts emitting lights. Bugs are attracted and when they come in contact with these grids they cause short circuits which will generate high current that can kill them instantly.

Why Bug Zappers Are Dominating In Canada

While there are many solutions, Bug Zappers have been the most reliable means. Firstly, this method kills mosquitoes without using any chemical that might be dangerous to the environment. Instead, most of them use UV light to attract bugs, and many insects, sucked them in and kill them instantly.

Secondly, Bug zappers are gaining popularity and are becoming cheaper. Today most of them can be purchased for under $40 while some are even cheaper unlike before. They are also extremely easy to use and most of them come with improved rechargeable batteries.

Thirdly, most of them are multi-Functional. Some can be used as bug zapper, lantern, and Flashlight. Some also come with solar panels with additional USB charging ports.

Portability, compact, and durability is yet another reason why they are becoming the most preferred solution out there. They can be used any way, lightweight and Ultra compact.

Most importantly, they work. The idea has been proven scientifically. As of today, Most mosquito zapper have more than 4.9 star ratings out of possible 5 and most of them are sold with guarantee.

Advantages Of Bug Zapper

1: Bug Zappers are free from hazardous chemicals

2: Bug Zappers are Easy to use

3: Bug Zappers are affordable and last longer

4: Bug Zappers can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

5: Most Bug Zappers do extra functions. Most of them serve as a source of light.

Where To Place Bug Zapper

For more coverage, it is advised to place Bug zapper in the center of the room, working space or more closely to your personal space. If you positioned it against a wall, the coverage area is effectively halved. So always keep it in mind. Also note that Most of the zappers sold in Canada work perfectly well in medium sized rooms. To cover more space, more units will be set out in the right spacing.

Where You Should Put Bug  Zapper

Not visible from outside: The majority of insects come in from outside, so it’s important your Bug Zapper doesn’t entice even more bugs in. Make sure it’s not directly facing doors, windows or even mirrors which face outside.

Choose perfect height: mosquitoes fly about 5 feet Above the floor so placing the zapper above floor level will increase the chance of killing them.

Not above food or dining areas.

Away from other light sources

Hang them above doors as most mosquitoes enter through doors.

Hints in Reducing mosquito

  • Move your waste away from kitchen
  • Minimize waste
  • Keep it clean

Bugs Zapper In Canada

Today, there are many Bug zappers for sale in Canada. As of now we are going to review just three. They are the best-sellers, though others work perfectly well. We recommend them for reasons which you will see shortly.

The Bug Bulb


The bug bulb is one of the best bug zappers on sale today. It is the most effective and it is still selling under $40. This device is not available in other countries except the US and it can be purchased only online.

Bug bulb can be used in two modes; the lantern mode and the zapper mode. In the lantern mode, the bulb acts as a source of light to lighten the dark, the battery lasts for about 20 hrs in this mode. In the zapper mode, the bulb acts as a trap for insects, bugs by attracting them to itself and then instantly killing them with the help of the electric coil.

Like other Bug zapper, the bug Bulb doesn’t use any chemical. It is safer, more powerful and very efficient.

Components Of Bug Bulb

The bug bulb comes in a packed box with its several components, which include:

1: A small handle for hanging the back bulb

2: A switch for turning the bulb off and on

3: A charging port

4: A cleaning brush for getting rid of dead debris

5: A long lasting, strong and durable lithium ion battery

5: A double electric grid

An electric coil which kills the bugs/insects instantly

6: A USB charging cord for recharging the bulb

7: A lamp which emits the light

These components put together make up the bug bulb and are responsible for the effective function of the bug bulb.

Prices and Where To Buy

Today, Bug Bulbs are sold on the official website like other mosquito zapper selling in Canada today.

Listed Prices

One unit cost $39.99

Two units costs $79.99

Three units costs $89.99

Four units costs $119.99

Main Advantages

It’s water resistant, which means that it can get wet, can be used when it rains, is washable, and if you use it near a lake or pool, you won’t have any problem if it gets a little wet.

Gets rid of mosquitos with ultraviolet light and its powerful LED lightbulb with three light settings (high, medium, low)

Portable anti-mosquito lantern powered by USB-chargeable battery.

100% safe, perfect for use outdoors and indoor and last longer.

Powerful camping light

See what other reviewers said about the bug bulb

The MosquitoZap


MosquitoZap comes equipped with advanced LED lights that attract mosquitos like a magnet, ensuring that you are protected from bites all night long. The light is designed to attract mosquitos and other flying insects, ensuring they stay away from you and your family. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that uses a USB connection for charging.

MosquitoZap is entirely odorless and mess-free, eliminating any unpleasant smells or messy residue. Plus, its whisper-quiet and discreet operation means that you won’t even notice it’s there!

Using MosquitoZap

Open the package and grab your newly bought GoGo MosquitoZap.

Charge the device with the included micro-USB.

It will be fully charged once the LED indicator turns


Turn the top rotary switch until you hear a click


If you see a purple LED light, the device is working.

Place it at your preferred spot.

You can place it 2 hours beforehand, for even better


Main Advantages

1: It is noiseless

2: It is odorless

3: It is Very efficient

4: Compact and Portable

5: Advanced LED lights

6: Easy to use and clean


1: It can’t be used as a camping light

2: It is only available online

Prices And Where To Buy

Currently, MosquitoZap is available only on the official website only.

Listed Price

One MosquitoZap Cost $59

Two MosquitoZap cost $119

Three MosquitoZap cost $134

Four MosquitoZap Cost $164

The Blitzy Bug

blue (1)

It is another efficient bug zapper sold in Canada. It is the finest to use around children and animals because it doesn’t contain any chemicals. It can be rapidly recharged and is completely safe. It attracts, zaps and kills mosquitoes and other annoying insects.


Easy to use


Compact, portable, and lightweight

Cover larger areas

20 hours run time

Listed Prices

One cost $64

Three cost $163

Five cost $199

Cleaning Bug Zappers

Each of the mosquito zapper recommended today comes with included brushes for removing dead mosquitoes. Don’t spray any chemical or water inside it. Always clean each one as recommended.


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Summary and Conclusion

In Conclusion, Bug zapper works though some brands are not as effective as others. We feel that this is the best deal this summer though you can choose what you think is the right option. We have used all of them and they work pretty well. Some cost more than others but they are doing almost the same Thing.  Feel free and grab any of these zappes today.

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