David Bolno on Why Leaving an Impact on the Los Angeles Business Community Matters Most of All

Despite his age, David Bolno has already built the type of career for himself that most people can only dream of.

Originally hailing from Westwood, California, David Bolno quickly began to make a mark for himself in the world of business management. Over the years he’s worked for athletes, musicians, artists, and so many other distinguished professionals.

Yet at the same time, he has always taken a unique look at everything he has worked so hard to achieve – particularly when it comes to how he defines his own success. Some people choose to do so by the amount of material possessions that they have. They amass a significant amount of money or suddenly find themselves with the ability to purchase expensive items, and they think they’ve “made it.”

Others choose to judge both themselves and others by the number of career achievements they have behind them. David Bolno certainly has that – but while promotions, job titles, and other factors are important, they are not what he has devoted his life to up to this point.

For him, the most important factor of all comes down to his ability to use his status and his achievements to the advantage of others. He wants to leave his mark not only on the Los Angeles business community that has allowed him to achieve so much, but the communities he knows and loves at the exact same time.

Why Giving Back Matters More Than You Realize

By his own admission, David Bolno grew up in a good family and a stable environment. It was a place where he could feel at home with himself and those around him. A space where he was free to discover his true potential and to live up to the highest ambitions, he set for himself, regardless of how lofty they may have seen at the time.

This is why family has always been an important factor in his life. People need to feel like they belong to something that is bigger than themselves. Something that makes them feel supported, accepted, and most importantly loved. He has always firmly believed that it’s a vital part of success in life… and it’s a luxury that he’s aware that not everyone gets to enjoy.

None of this is to say that others aren’t focused on the exact same things, because they are. According to one recent study, roughly 55% of people who currently engage with nonprofit and other community-focused organizations on social media sites end up taking some sort of action. Of those people, about 59% of them choose to donate money to a cause they believe in. Another 53% choose to volunteer their time and effort to helping those around them.

Some donate clothing, food, and other personal items. Others still attend or participate in various charitable events. Many people do all of these things at the exact same time.

In David Bolno’s opinion, it’s important to see this type of outreach for exactly what it is – a good start.

To get an idea of how important this idea is in practice, one must look at what is necessary to lead a successful life in the first place. Yes, having access to certain types of resources like professional connections helps. But you also need to develop critical skills like your ability to make better and smarter decisions. You need to hone the ability to think logically. Especially if you’re looking for a career in the world of business, you need mental agility. You need to solve problems quickly and accurately.

You can’t get to this point without a rock-solid foundation of education, and that is something that a lot of people simply do not have access to. That’s true not only in certain areas of Los Angeles, but around the world as well.

It’s also a big part of the reason why focusing on such philanthropic efforts is of paramount importance. It helps to make sure that everyone has access to these vital keys to success. It assists professionals in equipping as many people as possible with the skills they need to remain competitive, especially at a young age.

These are resources that David Bolno had access to when he started his own journey of entrepreneurship. In addition to being surrounded by the family that he finds so important, he also earned his law degree Cum Laude from the esteemed Temple University. This was after receiving his undergraduate degree from Duke University. There, he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

But maybe the most important thing of all is that David Bolno knows he wouldn’t be where he is today without these resources at his disposal. At the very least, his journey would have looked quite a bit different than how it all ended up playing out. That’s precisely what he wants to afford to as many people as possible through his various philanthropic efforts and he hopes that others will join him, picking up the baton and working to make all our communities a better place daily.

The Inward-Facing Impact of Community Outreach

Of course, none of this is to say that someone’s intentions when they engage in community outreach need to be 100% altruistic. There are a wide range of different benefits that someone gets when they go out of their way to help others that are more than worth exploring.

For David Bolno, one of the most important of these is improving their social interaction skills. Not only do you need to spend time around people to learn how to interact with them but giving back to the community is also a great way to develop different perspectives that you may have otherwise overlooked.

Knowing that you’ve done a good deed (or hopefully, a series of them) will also help with not only your self-confidence, but also your competence, and overall life satisfaction as well.

Whenever you choose to devote your time to a cause other than yourself, you get a necessary reprieve from whatever problems you happen to be going through. This can go a long way towards reducing your stress levels, while also bringing with it the bonus of achieving a newfound sense of purpose as well.

All of these benefit you personally, while also leading to the types of lessons that you can take with you into your professional career as well. This is a belief that David Bolno has always strongly held onto, and it’s something that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In the end, David Bolno has always worked hard to accomplish something that is much bigger than himself. Job titles come and go. Promotions are nice, for a while. But the real impact – the one that lasts the longest and, with any luck, will outlive you – is that which you leave for others along the way.

That’s why David Bolno has always made it a point to lead by example. He wants to make the best and most positive impact that he can on not only the Los Angeles business community, but the literal communities that surround it. The friends, family members, and other loved ones that play such an important role in his life and ours.

He’s always made it a priority to lead by example, regardless of how much he has been able to achieve in this life. If nothing else, he sincerely hopes that others will do the same.

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