NIE Spain: Studying the Basics About the Document

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Plan to get NIE? There are a few aspects to learn about then. This article will be of great help to those who have no idea what to start with and would like to feel as prepared as it is only possible.

Introducing the Idea Behind NIE

First of all, a NIE number is an official document that can be described as a foreigner identity number. It is essential to have it in case you want to experience convenient life in Spain (during your temporary stay).

So, you are about to have this number for a long time. To be exact, it will work until you become one of the Spanish nationals.

As for the situations when you are going to be obliged to present NIE, some of them are indicated in this list:

  • Buying a car;
  • Opening your own company;
  • Receiving a social security number in Spain (to be able to get the benefits in case of retirement, unemployment, and so on);
  • Getting a property or selling it;
  • Signing a specific contract;
  • Paying taxes;
  • Receiving a residence permit, and so on.

This list contains quite a few points, right? It means that it is not a good idea to postpone receiving a NIE number. There are a few variants you can stick to when describing a matter of getting NIE.


Foreigners often feel rather confused when they hear about NIE and TIE. So, now, you already know that NIE is a foreigner identity number. At the same time, TIE is an ID card of a foreigner. It contains such important data as NIE, personal details, and a kind of residence permit. There is also a photo of the owner of this card.

Getting NIE: Describing All Variants

First of all, it matters where you currently are. For those who are not in Spain, there are such variants as interaction with a Spanish Embassy or ordering a NIE number online. As for the option with the consulate or an embassy, you will have to plan your visit there and arrive with the set of necessary documents.

Things are about to be simpler in case you stick to online assistance. There is not too much stuff that has to be presented, and you will be able to spend the time you have on something more valuable.

And what about the situation when you are in Spain? You can visit the Directorate-General of the Police or use the online option too. The second way is all about simplicity but it is also linked to some extra expenses.

Receiving NIE by Interacting with the Authorities

If you choose to apply for NIE in person, this is what you are going to present:

  • Two passport photos;
  • Proof of entry to the country (if you are not from the EU);
  • Passport with copies of it;
  • A certificate of residence.

Besides, you will need to deal with filling out the application forms in order to complete the process of applying for NIE.

NIE Online: What Shall You Get Ready?

The most essential document to present is your passport. There is also filling out the application offered by the team, and e-signing Power of Attorney. But taking all of these steps is not going to occupy more than half an hour of your precious time.

Pay attention to the fact that you may be coming across various prices for NIE number online. But 200 EUR is certainly going to be a great cost for such a service.

Why Is the Online Option a Preferable One?

Naturally, no one can decide for you what variant to select in the end. Each of those is linked to certain pros and cons. However, receiving NIE online is all about having to spend a minimum of time and effort.

You are going to be able to request a document no matter where you are and do this really fast. Besides, there is a chance to ask for help along the way (for instance, when you cannot figure out how to upload the docs or stuff like that). But note that proper assistance and guidance on each step are given by trustworthy providers so it is really important to select one that can be called this way.

Renewing Your NIE and Dealing with the Matter of a Lost Document

Your NIE number does not have to be renewed. So, once you have received it, feel free to use this number as much as you want. But note that this is TIE that has to be renewed though.

As for the loss of NIE, you need to report it to the municipal police. Then, it is essential to request a duplicate. It is not too hard as you see! Best of luck!