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Weight Loss Gummies that work (Review for UK and Ireland)

In the UK, numerous diet products are already offered in the form of sweet treats.

Now some people are asking themselves: How can delicious fruit gums help you to lose weight? Don’t sweets rather encourage you to snack away in order to boost your diet success? This and other questions are explored here with the help of Weight Loss Gummies. First, however, we have to clear up a misconception. This is not about being able to snack on a handful of healthy fruit gums despite being overweight – and still lose weight. The dosage of Slimming Gummies is – similar to fruit gums with CBD content – very strict.

  • Natural composition with many antixoidants.
  • Effective ingredients that have been tested in studies
  • Serious product from European production
  • li>Suitable for women and men
  • Very positive testimonials from users in the diet forum
  • The test winner with us and in many other test reports
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5 out of 5 Stars)

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LB Slimming Gummies Review UK

In the case of Weight Loss Gummies, you are allowed to have exactly ONE fruit gummy per day. These are not normal sweets, but a kind of functional food that is supposed to support and positively influence weight loss. Misuse of such sweets could lead to diarrhoea or headaches. Therefore, Weight Loss Gummies should be stored in such a way that they cannot fall into the hands of small children. The second frequently asked question on this topic is: How is a single fruit gum a day supposed to support weight loss? We have also asked ourselves this question.

Discover Magazine explains that the ingredient list of the 23 best Weight Loss gummies often includes fibre as an ingredient. These substances are supposed to satiate, reduce appetite and prevent hunger pangs. Blood sugar is supposed to be lowered and kept stable. With such a low daily dose of Weight Loss Gummies, this claim sounds a bit exaggerated to some ears. Logically, Weight Loss Gummies UK do not have a high calorie content per piece. The same goes for Weight Loss Gummies. One has only four calories.

Some of the Weight Loss Gummies that work contain green tea extracts. These are supposed to boost the metabolism and provide antioxidants. Green tea extract is used in many of the modern diet products as a weight loss aid. However, it is not used in Weight Loss Gummies. In the sum of what the US magazine lists as ingredients in corresponding US products that supposedly help with weight loss, the explanations provided could not convince us.

One more reason to put Weight Loss Gummies through their paces and see for ourselves what effect they can have..

Weight Loss Gummies review and experience

Weight Loss Gummies suggest by their very name that they actively help with weight loss. The manufacturer presents its fruit gummies as fat burners. It emphasises the delicious berry taste and the low calorie content of its Weight Loss Gummies. In addition, Weight Loss Gummies are said to be useful as a metabolism booster and help immune health due to their vitamin content. All ingredients are natural. According to the manufacturer, the Slimming Gummies are without undesirable additives. What could be the benefit of a Weight Loss Gummy if someone wants to lose weight? The manufacturer sees the benefit of Slimming Gummies in the fact that they can be taken everywhere. This sounds like healthy snacking anywhere.

In fact, you are allowed to take only ONE Weight Loss Gummie a day. Because of the minimal calorie content, the fruit gummies can be eaten without a guilty conscience, according to the manufacturer’s statement. The vitamin richness of the Slimming Gummies is a booster for the immune system. That seems credible. In addition, the Weight Loss Gummies are supposed to provide important minerals such as biotin, zinc and iodine. However, iodine is a trace element. Biotin is an alternative name for vitamin B7. So these statements by the manufacturer are impure.

According to the manufacturer, the gummies are supposed to contain important antioxidants. The vitamins A, C and E are explicitly named. Otherwise, Weight Loss Gummies are lactose-free, gluten-free and free of genetic engineering. In our view, the ingredients of Slimming Gummies do not indicate clearly enough that they are a food supplement. It therefore seemed sensible to us to sell Slimming Gummies in a tin. As this is a food supplement, the dosage instructions should be followed.

Scope of use

The potential area of application for Slimming Gummies comes from the statistics on obesity. More and more people from industrialised countries are carrying around too much body weight. Even children today are affected by overweight at an above-average rate. The modern diet consists to a large extent of highly processed foods that come from industrial production. Such foods are usually highly calorific. They satisfy well and quickly, but do not provide the range of nutrients that the organism needs.

Consequently, the undersupplied organism constantly announces hunger and appetite. It wants to receive more nutrients. It can only synthesise a part of the required vital substances itself from already existing building blocks or those supplied with food. Added to this is the chronic lack of exercise, which is becoming an ever greater problem in our time. The expected boom in diabetics and people with metabolic syndrome is literally crying out for overweight people to lose weight.

When to take

Perhaps yummy supplements like Slimming Gummies send the wrong signal. They elevate the consumption of sweets to a dietary measure. On the other hand, as we all know, many roads lead to Rome. The taking of a Slimming Gummy daily about 15 minutes before a meal may not be sufficient as the sole dietary measure for some people. However, as a support for a moderate dietary change and as a supplement to a capsule preparation, Slimming Gummies can definitely be helpful. For example, they undermine the feeling that weight loss must always be associated with renunciation.

As everyone knows, losing weight is more successful when you don’t have to think about forbidden pleasures all the time. The mind always plays a part in losing weight.

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At the end of our test research, it became clear that we needed to broaden our horizons. Because Slimming Gummies are indeed useful as a standalone diet aide. Let’s take a look at the promised effects of Slimming Gummies. A look at the human metabolism will help. It works completely individually.

However, the metabolism becomes less active over the years. On the one hand, it does this for reasons of age, but on the other hand also because many people constantly overload and overstrain it. Much of the highly processed convenience food lacks healthy fibre and roughage. Slimming Gummies are said to be able to help the flagging metabolism with their content of vitamins and antioxidants.

The methylated forms of B vitamins are supposed to contribute to this. These are absorbed more quickly by the organism. They also support the function of the immune system. This is largely located in the intestine. However, sweets are not good for the intestinal biome, because sugar serves as the main food for the “bad” intestinal bacteria. If they get out of hand, they displace the good microorganisms in the intestine. This weakens the immune system, among other things. Therefore, it is good to eat as little sugar as possible when losing weight. Meals should be composed of freshly prepared foods. These are rich in fibre. They do not contain large amounts of sugar molecules.

Food supplements should complement a healthy diet. However, it cannot replace it. The serious difference between food and foodstuffs has disappeared from the consciousness of many people. Food is industrially produced. They are highly processed. They are filling, but in the end they make you fat because of their content of unhealthy fats, various types of sugar and starch. Many foods lead to deficiencies in important vital substances if the diet is one-sided.

Food, on the other hand, gives life. They contain all vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements and antioxidants that are essential for life. Without a sufficient supply of vital substances, no one remains permanently healthy. However, food supplements make sense if someone eats an unbalanced diet or has a proven vital substance deficiency due to an illness. Food supplements can also be helpful in the context of a diet and in cases of overweight, if they are designed in a coherent way. Coherent means that the food supplements provide substances that give the organism impulses for better fat burning or carbohydrate utilisation.

Let’s now take a look at which vital substances can be found in Slimming Gummies and what their function is.

Slimming Gunmmies ingredients and composition

Snacking on something is actually not a good idea when dieting. Sugar causes appetite for more carbohydrates. The blood sugar level rises after eating sugary food. It then drops again. This makes you hungry again for more carbohydrate-rich food. The blood sugar level demands a new supply of carbohydrates. This outlines the basic pattern of the development of diabetes and all the resulting secondary diseases.

The Slimming Gummies have a minimal calorie content. They contain no added sugar. The Slimming Gummies contain only healthy vitamins. The dose of one Slimming Gummy per day is therefore no danger to blood sugar levels – at least as long as you leave it at one Slimming Gummy a day. According to the manufacturer, B vitamins are natural appetite suppressants. If you have an appetite for sweets while watching TV in the evening, but don’t want to jeopardise your weight loss, you can safely suck on a Slimming Gummie.

The idea behind this product: to stimulate fat burning and improve the metabolic rate through a sweet treat. So far, we had not been completely convinced by this concept. However, intensive research into the function of the vitamins contained in the product revealed some astonishing facts. Studies by the manufacturer show that the B-complex formula in the Slimming Gummies not only promotes weight loss, but also serves to reduce the appetite for sweets. Obviously, the formula of the Slimming Gummies is more coherent than assumed.

The ingredient list of Slimming Gummies reads as follows:

  • Vitamin A – 25 per cent of daily requirement
  • Vitamin D3 – 100 per cent of the daily requirement
  • Vitamin E – 50 per cent of the daily requirement
  • Vitamin K1 – 20 percent of daily requirement
  • Vitamin C – 37.5 percent of daily requirement
  • Vitamin B6 – 50 percent of daily requirement
  • Biotin – 50 per cent of the daily requirement
  • Vitamin B12 – 100 percent of daily requirement
  • Zinc – 25 per cent of the daily requirement
  • and iodine – 50 percent of the daily requirement

Alternatives for the german market

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The LB Slimming Gummies ingredients in detail

  • Vitamin A has benefits for the immune system in particular. Recent studies show that vitamin A also plays a role in weight loss. Interestingly, it stimulates fat burning in cold conditions and thus contributes to the success of a diet. In cold conditions, white adipose tissue is converted into brown adipose tissue more quickly due to the natural increase in vitamin A. This process improves fat burning. This process improves fat burning. The organism makes energy from fat molecules to warm itself. Through increased energy consumption, more calories are burned.
  • Vitamin D3 has an anti-inflammatory and immunoprotective effect. Interestingly, a lack of vitamin D3 can promote obesity. A study from Minnesota shows that the more vitamin D there is in the blood, the greater the dietary success. A deficiency of this vitamin causes a stronger feeling of hunger. At the same time, it reduces the burning of fat. Since almost every German now has a latent deficiency of vitamin D, an additional supply makes sense.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a strong antioxidant and a good detoxification helper. It also regulates the cholesterol content in the organism. Tocopherol also has an anti-inflammatory and cell renewal effect. Experienced alternative practitioners know that a certain form of vitamin E can be used to treat weight problems and obesity. This vitamin helps to improve fat digestion even when fat intake is high.
  • Vitamin K1 is often promoted as a super vitamin. It serves health in many ways. However, an unbalanced diet will favour a deficiency of vitamin K. Vitamin K1 is converted by the organism into vitamin K2. This vitamin promotes the utilisation of vitamin D3. Vitamin K1 thus indirectly supports the burning of fat.
  • Vitamin C is a highly effective immune booster and an antioxidant. Vitamin C enables the organism to produce noradrenaline. This is necessary to transport stored fat molecules out of the cells. In combination with niacin and vitamin B6, the organism can produce L-carnitine. L-carnitine is an amino acid that serves to improve muscular fat burning.
  • Vitamin B6 supports the organism as soon as it has to convert food into energy. This vitamin is also responsible for establishing a balanced protein balance. A deficiency or excess consumption of B6 has far-reaching consequences. Among other things, it causes the metabolic disease HPU.
  • Biotin (vitamin B7) boosts the metabolism. The digestion of fats and carbohydrates is improved.
  • Vitamin B12 is involved in numerous processes in the organism, including enzymatic ones. It also controls the metabolism and promotes the breakdown of body fat deposits. Energy consumption is also increased. This favours weight loss.
  • Zinc is also involved in countless processes in the organism, including the immune system. Good digestion and the maintenance of skin health depend on the zinc content of the diet. In case of zinc deficiency or excess consumption, losing excess pounds becomes much more difficult. Zinc has a positive influence on fat metabolism. Zinc is also indispensable for carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Iodine is just as necessary for the thyroid gland as for the immune system. Iodine is also an efficient metabolism booster. In the case of latent or pronounced hypothyroidism, all metabolic processes in the organism are slowed down.

To our surprise, every ingredient in Slimming Gummies has a credible function related to obesity reduction. The manufacturer propagates that you can lose weight three times faster with its Slimming Gummies. He proves this with corresponding study results.

Use and intake

Slimming Gummies intake is limited to one fruit gummy a day, according to the dosage instructions.

Our hot tip: The most sustainable weight loss is achieved by using Diet Capsules and Slimming Gummies in combination. By taking the capsule and the Slimming Gummies, the metabolism is boosted twice. It is fed with the vital substances necessary for losing weight. This automatically makes weight loss much more effective.

Please take these fruit gums exactly according to the dosage instructions. It is recommended to suck the Slimming Gummies to enjoy the active ingredients and the fruity taste. Increasing the daily dose of Weight Loss Gummies creates problems rather than increased benefits. If the sweet tooth has not completely disappeared despite preparing varied and healthy foods – enjoying a Slimming Gummie will eliminate it.

Slimming Gummies prices

Regular gummies currently cost 99 cents a bag. Fruit gummies with a slimming effect naturally don’t want to match this supermarket price. After all, they are food supplements that you are not allowed to snack on. The value that a food supplement has through its function is also reflected in the price. It is an investment in losing weight, not in a sweet treat.

Price comparison

  • Some beginners may be sceptical. Someone only wants to get rid of two or three kilos of belly fat. With sixty Slimming Gummies, this can be done within two months. And without any effort. Normally, a single dose of Slimming Gummies would cost 69.96 euros. Currently it is short-term available at 49.95 euros plus 4.95 postage. That sounds like an expensive diet treat. However, a single Slimming Gummie costs only 83 cents. The weight loss that can be achieved with them should be worth that much. What’s more, you have the option of tweaking the price a little.
  • Whoever wants to lose more than two or three kilos should be prepared for a longer diet. He can order two packs of Slimming Gummies at once. Two cans of Slimming Gummies cost 79.95 euros together. For each tin, the price is reduced by ten euros to 39.97 euros. This means that a single Slimming Gummie costs only 66 cents. You receive 120 Slimming Gummies and can lose weight for four months without exerting yourself. If you are considerably overweight, we recommend combining them with diet capsules.
  • The manufacturer’s super-affordable set of three is aimed at girlfriends or married couples who want to lose excess weight together. The total price for three doses of Slimming Gummies is 109.95 euros. The individual price of a tin of Slimming Gummies thus falls to 36.65 euros. You will receive 180 Slimming Gummies. A single Slimming Gummie now costs only 66 cents. A small investment compared to everything else you spend in a day.


On Amazon.co.uk you can buy the Slimming Gummies not.


You cannot buy the Slimming Gummies in pharmacies.

Weight Loss Gummies UK user testimonials and reviews

Since every metabolism acts individually and every gut flora is uniquely composed, reviews from verified customers should also be considered individual reactions. For some, Slimming Gummies work without dieting. For others, the metabolism is so slack that the additional intake of diet capsules makes sense. Alternatively, every overweight person is free to swap a fatty lunch kebab for vegetable sticks with avocado dip, pumpkin soup or sushi.

Obesity sufferers are certainly not adequately catered for with Slimming Gummies it works alone. Most overweight people in this group want or need to get to weight loss faster. However, Slimming Gummies are a meaningful support for a calorie-reduced diet and a permanent change of diet. In the case of obesity, nutritional counselling and medical support are a good idea. Self-help groups or chat groups on social media can also spur dietary success.

Before and after pictures (Before and after)

The manufacturer of the Slimming Gummies often receives before and after photos. These pictures provide conclusive evidence of the success of the gummy formula. Many of the verified customers praise the fast express delivery and the 24-hour German-speaking customer service. The natural ingredients and secure payment are also well received. Only the taste is criticised by some reviewers. Kristin Werner was annoyed by negative comments from users who did not follow the instructions. In this case, the Slimming Gummies can have the opposite effect.

Customer reviews of the Weight Loss Gummies

  • Customer Jenny Middleton confirmed that the Slimming Gummies helped her well against cravings. Silke Mauer criticised the taste somewhat. However, she recognised that this was exactly what prevented her and her friend from becoming addicted to them and taking more than one gummy a day. As is well known, questions of taste are open to debate. Everyone has their own ideas about this. It is more conducive to weight loss if someone does not become a fruit jelly junkie through Slimming Gummies.
  • Marion Mueller wrote that, in her opinion, Slimming Gummies are the best product on the market. She had already tested various diet products. But only the Slimming Gummies made a difference for her. As I said, every metabolism reacts individually to diet products and their formulas. Lisa Faust confirmed that the Slimming Gummies curb cravings and boost fat burning. She didn’t like the taste much either, but stuck with it anyway. The manufacturer will certainly rethink its taste concept if there are further comments along these lines.
  • Joshua Smith was surprised that she had lost a whopping five kilos after three weeks. This is the tenor of most of the customer reviews. The only point of criticism that comes up at all is the taste. We cannot confirm any shortcomings in this regard in our test – but as we said: preferences in terms of taste experience are very different. Perhaps the expectation that Slimming Gummies should taste as delicious as Haribo sweets gets in the way of some buyers. In our view, however, this would be counterproductive.
    LB Slimming Gummies are not normal fruit gums, just as they would not be fruit gums with CBD content. CBD fruit gums also do not taste like normal, but like hemp. We are talking about food supplements with a health benefit, i.e. functional food. And you don’t just snack on that.

Order Slimming Gummies at the lowest price

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