Neck Hammock Review – Neck Pain Relief Does It Work?

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We all understand how bad neck pain can be. Neck pain is generally caused by stains and the buildup of stress in the neck muscles. We all dread the mornings when we wake up with neck pain that restricts our physical activities. We may have to spend days or weeks living through the pain with no end in sight. Sure, you can go to your doctor and get a prescription for painkillers and muscle relaxants to relieve the pain. Still, we ask you to consider whether it will be worth it.

Doctors always want to prescribe medications because that’s an important part of their jobs. You may also feel that the painkillers are serving you well, but they will always do more harm than good. This Neck Hammock review will show why you should use this therapeutic product over pain relievers and how it will help you relieve stress better than any other drug.

You should read this entire Neck Hammock review if you have severe neck pain. This review will teach you why you shouldn’t take painkillers and how the neck hammock can help you beat neck pain without needing to ingest any medication or chemicals.

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Product Name Neck Hammock
Type Neck support
                       Main Benefits Reduces stress and chronic pain
Tech Med-tech
Direction of use Hang it from a doorknob or railings
Result 30-days at most

What is Neck Hammock?

How many days have you woken up with a stiff neck that made it impossible to move? If you’re anything like the rest of us, it’s likely happened many times in your life. Neck pains are common, but they should never be taken lightly. Taking neck pain lightly is never a good idea. Overlooking chronic neck pain increases the chance of our neck muscles becoming permanently damaged. It can even permanently damage our spinal and nervous systems.

What is Neck Hammock 54454

The neck hammock pain reliever is a revolutionary new therapeutic product. The product lets your neck muscles relax and reduce stress. The product is very easy to use and so relaxing that you will struggle not to fall asleep. Another good thing about the Neck Hammock is that it uses gravity to naturally relieve stress on your neck muscles without possibly having any side effects.

The Neck Hammock helps you save a fortune on chiropractors and medications. Having the neck hammock is like having your own chiropractor in your home to treat your neck pain. Because the Neck Hammock is a one-time purchase, you don’t have to spend loads of cash on chiropractors monthly.

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How does Neck Hammock work?

The neck hammock is a very nifty product that uses simple physics to naturally treat neck pain. Right now, medications are the most popular treatment for neck pain. Painkillers have become very popular among patients with chronic pain. Medications offer a quick and hassle-free solution to reduce chronic pain, and people believe they are the easiest way to deal with it and move. But often, the easiest solutions do the most damage.

Pain medications only mask the pain in your neck and trick the brain into believing the pain is gone. People with chronic pain will tell you that the pain returns whenever you stop taking pain medications. When the pain returns after you stop taking the medications, you start taking more and more. Eventually, you become physically addicted and dependent on drugs.Neck Hammock work 40625

We can all agree that all addictions can lead to bad consequences, especially when the drugs make you physically dependent on them. Being addicted to painkillers will cause you more harm than good. You will have bigger health problems than neck pain. The chemicals used to make addictive painkillers can damage your kidneys and liver and cause heart problems.

Opting for an easy but effective and natural way to relieve pain before taking medications is always better. The neck hammock works very differently from how prescription medications work. The Neck Hammock uses gravity to cause cervical traction in the neck. The cervical tension gradually relieves stress on your neck and helps you relax.

Cervical traction is a natural method of relieving neck stress. It is the method of gently pulling on the head to allow the neck and spinal cord to relax and fall into place. There are many ways to use cervical traction to reduce neck pain. Still, most require complex devices and professional supervision to be done safely and properly. Cervical traction therapy is effective, but you will have to buy expensive and large equipment or take hours out of your day to have a professional do it. Either way, getting cervical traction therapy in any other way will cause you more stress.

The Neck Hammock has made the entire process so simple that you can do it in your room for a few minutes and relax as you normally would. The stretchy bands of the neck hammock provide just the right amount of resistance to support your head, slowly stretching the neck.

Does The Neck Hammock Really Work?

Cervical traction is a very well-known method of physical therapy. It is the best way to naturally reduce stress and strain on the neck. Usually, cervical traction therapy requires elaborate contraptions and professional supervision. And because of its exclusivity, cervical traction therapy takes up a lot of time and money that not everyone can afford.

Patients may often damage their necks even worse when they attempt cervical traction therapy, but not with the neck hammock. But now, the neck hammock has made cervical traction therapy so easy and convenient that you can do it anywhere you want. The neck hammock’s design is the safest way to receive cervical traction therapy.

The neck hammock’s straps give enough resistance to comfortably support your head. You can also set the resistance you think is necessary to support your head. The straps don’t become tangled, so you don’t have to worry about getting strangled by them if you fall asleep.

The neck hammock has also sold over 300,000 pieces to hundreds of thousands of people in over 100 countries. So far, we have not discovered any substantial user complaints that contradict its effectiveness. The few bad reviews we found had complaints about shipment issues and minor defects. We could not find any reviews claiming that the neck hammock didn’t work.

Based on what we know about the neck hammock, it does work.

Who made the neck hammock?

Since the start of humanity, we have been dealing with neck pain. Even though it’s one of the most common health conditions, we don’t have many healthy ways to deal with it. Medications and chiropractic visits are only some of the effective ways to treat neck pain. Medicines could be better for our health and cost a lot of money. Regular chiropractic visits cost a fortune and take up valuable time.

This gap in our health care made one chiropractor contemplate what he could do to help people receive proper care for their neck pains. After years of research and putting his years of chiropractic training to use, he was able to invent the revolutionary neck hammock.

The brilliant chiropractor who first invented the neck hammock is the one and only Dr. Steve Sudell. Dr. Steve Sudell is a chiropractic practitioner with over 10 years of experience. He chose his profession because he was motivated to cure a football injury on his neck that caused him a lot of pain.

He thought that the usual ways of receiving traction therapy required too much work, and the ones that were a bit easier to use were flimsy and would break at even the slightest pressure. After years of struggling with neck pain, he put everything he learned into making the Neck Hammock.

Dr. Sudell has designed the neck hammock with user convenience in mind. Because he suffered from this exact health condition, he knew what would make it easier for the patient to do themselves and what would be the most effective. After he put all his years of research and personal experience to use, he released the neck hammock onto the market.

What are the features of the neck hammock?

The neck hammock by Dr. Sudell is unlike any other cervical tension tool. It is very easy to use and will relax the patient so much that they may even sleep during the therapy! The neck hammock is designed to be used by anyone without needing supervision or help from anyone else.

The neck hammock is a simple belt-like device used to treat neck pains, but it’s much more than a mere belt. The neck hammock is effective and easy to use because of its features. In this review of the neck hammock, we have listed some key features that make it the best solution to neck pain we could find anywhere.

The features of the neck hammock are as follows:

  • Portability: You can carry the neck hammock with you anywhere. You can wrap it up and fit it almost anywhere, from your handbag to your suitcase. You can take it to work daily and take the stress off your neck during lunch or whenever you have some free time.
  • Convenient design: the neck hammock’s design is very convenient to carry. You can understand how to use it just by looking at it because it’s not complicated. It is made using soft materials that do not cause any discomfort. There are specific paddings on the hammock that perfectly support the head and provide the right pull.
  • Flexible straps: The neck hammock has highly flexible straps that support your head when you use it. These straps are very easy to use and are adjustable. You can raise the height of the straps to increase the suspension on your head or lessen them according to your taste. You don’t have to worry about the neck hammock causing damage to your neck because it’s designed to support your head and neck perfectly to avoid damage. The straps also have a “do not disturb” sign, which you can hang outside while you’re in therapy.
  • Very efficient: The neck hammock takes massive loads off your neck and lets the muscles and your spinal cord relax, stretch a little, and heal the neck. It is very efficient and can be used even in a hurry. If your neck pain worsens, you can use it whenever and wherever you want.

What are the benefits of using the neck hammock?

Usually, most of us try to shrug off our neck pains and think they will get better on their own. It is true to some extent that you will feel the pain less and less with time, but it’s foolish to think you will get better. When you feel pain in your neck, it’s usually because your neck muscles and bones have suffered damage. If you don’t take action to relieve the stress in your neck, it will keep building up inside you.

You won’t even realize what the pent-up tension in your neck will be doing to your health, but you will begin to realize that something’s not right. You will feel like there is tons of weight on your shoulders, and you will feel more stressed. If left completely untreated, the strains on your neck can cause permanent muscle damage. They can even hinder blood circulation to the brain.

The neck hammock offers an easy fix for your neck pain for a very low price. You don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on checkups and medications when you buy the neck hammock.

In this neck hammock review, we have compiled a list of all the benefits of using it and its effects on your life. The list of neck hammock benefits is as follows:

  • Relieves pain: The neck hammock is made to effectively reduce neck pain. It relieves stress on the neck muscles and bones, allowing the neck to relax and heal. The neck hammock keeps your head in the right position to reduce pain within 15–20 minutes.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety: Neck pain and stress on the neck can double your stress levels. If the muscles on your neck can’t relax, neither can you. The neck hammock is just the right fix for these problems. It will also make your daily work very tough, as you will feel like your neck can’t sustain the weight of your head.
  • It can be used anywhere: You can use the neck hammock anywhere you want. You can use it after a long day of work, after a long flight, during lunch, or even in a hotel while traveling. It is very easy to carry and only takes up a little space. No matter where you are, you will never have to worry about neck issues if you have a neck hammock.
  • Gradually heal: You will feel better as you use the neck hammock more. Once you’ve gotten used to the hammock, you wouldn’t want to sleep in your bed because you will feel more comfortable sleeping with your head on it.
  • It’s do-it-yourself: You don’t have to be a chiropractor to use the neck hammock. You only have to follow some simple instructions, and let’s use them ourselves. Because you can do it alone, you will no longer have to worry about going to a doctor every time your neck acts up.

What are the pros and cons of neck hammocks?

Now, it’s important to know everything about a product before you go ahead and buy it. To put the minds of our readers at ease about the neck hammock, we have prepared a list of all the pros as well as the cons of using it so that you can know that the neck hammock really isn’t too good to be true, but it really is that effective.

By comparing the pros and cons of using the neck hammock, you can decide for yourself if it really is the right choice for you or not. The list of neck hammock pros and cons are as follows:


  • Simple to use.
  • Most types of neck pain are relieved.
  • It works at home, and everywhere else you go.
  • Low and reasonable price.
  • It is portable and may be taken anywhere.
  • It can be used anywhere.
  • It aids in the healing of neck injuries.
  • It takes little time.
  • You can buy it for yourself.
  • It is quite relaxing to use.
  • You won’t have to go to the doctor whenever your neck hurts.
  • You save money on drugs.
  • It provides excellent head support.
  • It does not irritate.
  • Is 100% risk-free.
  • Provides a money-back guarantee for 30 days.


  • You need some space to use it.
  • You will need 15-20s of uninterrupted free time.
  • You will have to find a place to hang the hammock.

What is the scientific evidence of the Neck Hammock?

The neck hammock usescervical traction to treat neck pain. The neck hammock reduces stress on the neck and lets the neck muscles relax to reduce neck pain. It effectively reduces neck pain by allowing the neck muscles to relax and heal independently.

Neck muscles can become damaged in many ways, and if left untreated, the damage can become much bigger. A stiff neck can cause a wide range of health problems in the future, resulting in much worse conditions than mere neck pain.

The neck hammock helps to suspend and pull your head just enough to reduce the stress it puts on your muscles. By reducing this stress on the neck, your neck finds it easy to heal.

How to use the neck hammock?

Using the neck hammock is very easy for almost everyone. You don’t have to be a chiropractor to figure out how it works and how you need to use it. The product designer has made it so that anyone can figure out how it works and how they should use it.

To use the neck hammock, you must unwrap the straps and attach them somewhere, like your doorknob or the railing. After attaching it, you will need to adjust how much you want your head to be suspended and how hard you need it to be. It’s best to get a yoga mat because you may need to lie down on the floor if you don’t have railings or doorknobs around your bed.

After that, you simply need to lie down, place your head on the hammock, and let gravity do the rest. You will need to stay like that for at least 15–20 minutes. You don’t have to stress about hurting your head or your neck getting tied up while you relax because it’s designed to not get tangled when used. Use it every day, two or three times, to get the best results.

Where can I buy the neck hammock?

You’re excited about getting the neck hammock right now, aren’t you? If you are, you should know that you don’t have to look for it in stores or anywhere else because the neck hammock is sold on its website, and you can buy it whenever you want.

The manufacturers of the neck hammock only allow the product to be sold on their official website. By restricting the sales of neck hammocks to only their website, the manufacturers have made sure that each of their customers will receive a genuine product from them. by selling the hammocks from their website, they can also offer premium customer service to all their customers.

How much is the neck hammock?

The neck hammock is worth the buck if you have chronic neck pain. It’s much easier to buy it from the website because multiple offers provide multiple discounts the more you buy on the neck hammock website. Their website offers the neck hammock for almost nothing.

Here we have listed the packages that are available on the neck hammock website right now:

Neck hammock Price 24258

  • 1 hammock bundle (neck hammock, eye mask, travel bag, do not disturb sign) for $49.99.
  • 3 neck hammock bundles (3 Neck Hammocks, 3 Travel Bags, and 3 Eye Masks) for $99.98. Free U.S. Shipping.
  • 2 neck hammock bundles ( 2 neck hammocks, 2 travel bags, 2 eye masks, and 2 do not disturb signs) $79.98. Free U.S. Shipping.

What is the neck hammock return policy?

The neck hammock return policy is simple, and it is the same for American and international orders. You can send the product back if you don’t like it within 30 days of the purchase. All parts of the product must be in the same condition you bought it into cash in the refund.

To receive your refund, you will need to request an RMA number by emailing with your order number, name, and the products you want to return, along with your reason for returning them. After receiving your RMA number, you must mail the product back in the original packaging with your RMA number written on the box.

Neck Hammock. Mail address:

9160 E. Del Camino Drive.

Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

Neck Hammock user reviews

here we have brought together some of the reviews of the neck hammock shared by some of its users. Reading these reviews gives you a better idea of what it’s like using the Neck Hammock and why you should use it.

The neck hammock user reviews are as follows:

  • “Honestly, this stuff is pure magic! I work 9 to 5 at a computer and then go to kickboxing, which has done a number on my neck and back. I’ve been using the Neck Hammock for a few days now, and it’s a game-changer. My neck and back are feeling less strained. I just advised my mother to go out and get one because I know it will help her greatly. Everyone can relate to tension in the neck and back, which is why everyone can benefit from this.” Flower Queen‎.
  • “I’d been eagerly down the days until this arrived, and I have to say……IT’S AWESOME!!!! I could feel the stress in my neck releasing even after just one application. As an ardent cross-fitter, this also helps prepare me for overhead workouts!

I can count the number of reviews I’ve left on the one hand, so it must be worthwhile. Be cautious and make sure you’re obtaining a genuine article. Many imitations are appearing on Amazon.” Courtney W.‎

  • “This was purchased for my boyfriend, who has been experiencing neck and shoulder problems. I decided to try it after suffering from tension headaches for several days. This helped with the headaches. It’s good to come home from a day of looking at a computer and rest in the hammock.

It relieves all of the strain on my neck. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from headaches, such as me.” Kim V.‎

Neck Hammock Review – Summary

we all had neck pains at some point in our lives. If you still think that neck pains are no big deal, then you probably never felt how bad the pain can really be and how it can make living life feel like going through hell. You can’t move, your head and neck constantly hurt, and you can’t even talk right. This condition may seem treatable, but it’s not that easy.

The neck is a sensitive area of the body. If not dealt with carefully, it can paralyze a person in the worst of cases. This neck hammock review showed you how this amazing new product can help you treat your neck pain without any trouble. The hammock will stretch your head and neck so the pressure on your neck will lessen, allowing the neck to heal. You only have to let your head relax on the hammock, and the hammock and gravity will do the rest.

So, if you or someone you love suffers from neck pain, you should buy the neck hammock today!

Neck Hammock FAQ

  • What is the bonus package for Neck Hammock?

When you buy the neck hammock, you can receive an eBook from Dr. Steve Sudell to help you guide through physical exercises. This eBook will teach you new and better ways to stretch and 10 tips to increase strength and flexibility.

  • Is Neck Hammock FDA approved?

Yes, the Neck Hammock is FDA-approved and manufactured in the United States. The hammock is absolutely safe for anyone with chronic neck pains to use.

  • Is Neck Hammock safe to use?

Yes, the neck hammock is absolutely safe to use. You don’t have to worry about headaches from laying on the hammock for too long. You also don’t have to worry about damaging your neck while using it because it is made to support your neck no matter what you do while using it accordingly.


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