Umrah Tips for Ladies

Umrah Tips for Ladies

For every Muslim, Umrah is a religious rite. If you are a woman and planning Umrah, you might be looking for some instructions. The pilgrimage experience of a Muslim lady is frequently unique from that of a Muslim man. Today, women are free from the arrangement of a male relative while booking Umrah Packages 2023 in the year 2023.

The good thing is that you have found the right place. So, titled “Umrah Tips for Ladies” will give you some advice that will make your holy journey successful. By reading it, you will be familiar with what dos and don’ts to ensure a smooth experience.

One of the most significant acts of worship a Muslim can conduct is the trip to Mecca. It’s known as Umrah and can be performed at any time of the year. The pilgrimage entails several rites, including circumnutating around the Kaaba seven times and walking between twin hills.

Here are some tips to help you have the easiest and most fruitful Umrah:

  • Umrah clothing for women
  • Umrah Footwear for ladies
  • Bring sufficient Resources
  • Ideal Hijab for Women
  • Umrah practices for Ladies
  • Tawaf for Women
  • No Need Mahram


Umrah clothing for women

There are a few important considerations while choosing Umrah clothing for women. For ladies, there are no explicit Ihram regulations. Both stitched and casual attire are acceptable, but the whole dress should be according to Islamic tradition.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting attire to avoid being restricted in your movements. It is not correct to use only black or white colour Abayas, they also have other colour options. Layer your clothing because the temperature can change depending on the month. Avoid wearing any bright colours and heavy jewellery because they can be caused of distracting. Women should not hide their faces and hands but covering the head conveys modesty.

Umrah Footwear for ladies

Choosing shoes for Umrah is so significant. Ladies should select relaxed footwear that is neither too tight nor too loose. As usual, choose footwear that is modest and appropriate. Avoid wearing high-heeled or overly decorated shoes. When entering and leaving the mosques, you may need to take them on and off frequently. So, choose one that is easy to put on and take off again.

Wear closed-toe shoes to prevent infections and maintain healthy feet. They provide more support than open ones, which makes them better for your feet in the long run.

Bring sufficient Resources


Make sure you bring essential things for your Umrah trip. Being ready is always a good idea because you never know what can happen. During your stay in Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage, you will need a lot of things. Therefore, carry some clothing that is suitable for Umrah.

If you are travelling with children, pack more things. Keep your bag light and include everything you need.

Ideal Hijab for Women

Hijab should be loose and comfortable so that it does not affect your ability to pray. Additionally, it’s critical to make the correct colour choice for the hijab. Most women wear a black hijab during Umrah, so it’s a good option. Make sure your hijab is always securely tied and doesn’t cover your face. You can use an under scarf, to hold everything in place.

Umrah practices for Ladies

Below are some traditional Umrah restrictions:

  • Women are not needed to speak as loudly as men when reciting Talbiyah.
  • Ladies should cut their hair equal to fingertip length.
  • You must avoid using any type of fragrances or any scented products.
  • Prevent using makeup and don’t use henna in the state of Ihram.
  • Trim your nails before entering the Ihram condition.


Tawaf for Women

Tawaf should be performed in a circle in which it is easy to keep away from men. Women should avoid talking to any unknown men for their own safety. Do not attempt to kiss or touch Hajar Aswad outside of Sharia limits.

No Need Mahram

Being a woman, you needed Mahram for Umrah, but it is no longer necessary. You can travel to Saudi Arabia alone without presenting any permission from your Male relative. So, women can easily book their own Umrah packages without paying any extra money. This decision of the ministry has made Umrah affordable for women.

One of the most stunning journeys of Islam is an Umrah. Nothing can distract from your pleasure of the holy journey if you follow the above instructions. These are some Umrah advice for women to make the pilgrimage easily and gain huge benefits. To avoid the negative effects of the crowd, select the outer circles during Tawaf. Make sure you take each tip carefully to enjoy a comfortable stay in Saudi Arabia.