Driving Rules and Penalties in Saudi Arabia

Driving Rules

One of the best experiences is visiting or living in a new country. Driving on it is a different matter. If you follow the laws, we can guarantee that you will have a safe and enjoyable drive across the breathtaking scenery and beautiful cities. So, we’ll provide you with a number of driving regulations in Saudi Arabia to make it easy for you.

Drunk-Driving is never acceptable

Expect to face harsh penalties if you are found to be driving while drunk. Violations are punished by more than $10,000 or 37,500 SAR in fines and up to ten years in prison.

For a pleasant trip, make sure to read about forbidden things that you can’t bring into Saudi Arabia. Saudi guards will thoroughly inspect your belongings to make sure you don’t carry any unlawful products.

Speed Limitation

Overspeeding is the cause of many road accidents in the country, so be careful on the road!

Urban and rural areas typically have different speed limits, with urban ones being 45 km/hr and rural ones being 80 km/hr. On the other hand, the speed restrictions on highways are higher, often between 120 and 125 km/hr.

Blocking an emergency car

Depending on how you react to emergency vehicles, you could save or kill someone. If you are caught blocking the way, you will be fined between $80 and $133 or 300 and 500 SAR.

Seatbelt Regulations

Wearing seatbelts is mandatory by Saudi Arabian law for both front passenger seat and rear seat occupants. Also, the law states that 4-year-old children and below must use a car seat, while children below ten years are banned from using the front seat. Those who violate the law, are subject to a fine of $40 to $80 (150 to 300 SAR) for the first time.


Because there are so many automobile owners in KSA, it can be challenging to get a free parking spot. Fortunately, there are inexpensive designated parking spaces available. Be careful not to block drive-away entries or park in disabled spots.

Eating or drinking while driving

Driving requires your complete attention, and it is unsafe to drive while your hands are occupied. Therefore, the Ministry of Interior in KSA has placed a fine between $40 to $80 (150 to 300 SAR) for drivers eating or drinking in the car.

Texting while driving

Worldwide, texting and driving is a major issue, and Saudi Arabia is no exception where authorities try to enforce strict rules due to the high accident rates. Your first offense will result in a $40 (SAR 150) fine, with the possibility of an increase to $80) SAR 300 (and a 24-hour detention.

Driving a car without a license

To avoid problems as a foreigner in the country, always keep your documents with you. If you were stopped by an officer who requested your driver’s license, the fine will vary depending on whether you were driving while ineligible at the time of the stop or just did not have your license with you.

We highlighted the most significant driving laws in Saudi Arabia in this article.