How long does insurance cover a rental car?

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Looking to rent a car for a long period of time requires additional attention to the insurance you get. Auto insurance for rental cars is a different story in comparison to the insurance of your own car. And whenever you check the duration of your auto insurance, you will see that there will be limitations. There are various specifications and nuances that should be certainly checked with your insurance provider. To understand all those details, we have gathered all the required information for you to check before taking a rental car. In this article, we are going to talk about all the details of what does rental car insurance cover.

Duration of insurance for a rented car

Depending on the insurance company you get, the duration of the insurance for your rental car may vary. You should always check with your provider about this kind of specification or make sure to look for some points in the contract. Most of the insurance companies provide only 30-day coverage. However, many insurance providers deliver specific options as well. So to answer your question of how long will insurance cover a rental car, the answer will depend on the insurance provider. In case you don’t have any idea about how everything should be done, you can ask for advice from the rental company. Many rental companies, such as RealCar NYC, provide all the required information and ask all your questions regarding the rental. You might think that you will not need additional insurance for your rental car. However, there can be circumstances, where the insurance will be able to cover the costs of any kind of accident, theft, or any other damage.

Where to apply if the driver himself is insured?

Firstly, you need to check if your insurance provider covers rental cars. This is a point that should be checked before you rent a car. This way, you will avoid any inconvenient situation, in case of any accidents. The thing is that when the accident happens, you cannot change your insurance coverage to avoid paying the costs of the damage. And if your insurance provider does not deliver comprehensive coverage, you should consider adding it if you are thinking about a long-term car rental. It will cost you a few more dollars, yet it will make you stress-free in case of any damages. Many rental companies, such as RealCar, can help you in the decision-making process if you want to get an insurance provider for your rental car. So you can ask all your questions to get the right answers directly from the specialists.

How to act after an insured event?

In case you have faced an inconvenient situation of a car accident, you need to take a few steps to make sure that your insurance will cover all the costs of the rental car. So, when does the insurance cover a rental car? The insurance will be able to cover the costs of the damaged rental car if you have comprehensive coverage. If you don’t have comprehensive coverage, or the accident is in a region where the insurance does not cover, you will have to pay for the damages yourself. Additionally, credit cards may cover your rental car accidents most of the time. So it is always worth checking with your credit card provider about this specific point in case you frequently rent a car. This can be a good option for those who rent a car outside the areas where their own insurance covers the costs of the damages. This way, when you pay through your credit card, your credit card provider will later give you the money back.


What does full insurance cover with a rental car: what will be the compensation?

Basically, when you think about full insurance coverage for a rental car, you assume that the insurance should cover all the costs of the accident. However, it may depend on the accident, caused damages, and many other components.

If you have crashed your car or your car has been stolen, your comprehensive insurance coverage will be able to cover the costs of the damages if you are in a region where the coverage works. For this, you will specifically need comprehensive coverage. Otherwise, you should cover all the costs yourself. If you have provided damage to another vehicle, your insurance will be able to cover the costs, if you were driving within the permitted area.

The bottom line

When renting a car, especially for a long period, you need to make sure that everything is in order, including the insurance. There are many situations that can be unavoidable, and having your rental car insured will put you in a safe place. That is why it is necessary to check all the details with a car rental company representative, understand the availability of the packages, and choose the one that will perfectly match your requirements. Having auto insurance will not be enough for the rentals. You should check if your insurance covers rental cars. And if it is not, you can extend your coverage and include rental vehicles too. This way, you will avoid any troubles or issues when driving your rental. Your auto insurance will help you get through various unexpected costs from accidents, damages, car theft, etc. So, whenever you decide to rent a car for the long run, make sure to check the coverage of the insurance and extend it in case of necessity. Although you might not need it while you have the car rented, it will be your warranty that you will not pay any charges in case of an accident.

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