Wood Profits Reviews – Can You Make 90K From Woodworking?

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Starting your own woodworking business is awesome, but it is challenging to start without having experience or specific tools and equipment. So Wood Profits is the best woodworking guide that helps users select modern tools and succeed in this business.

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For starting any woodworking business, you don’t need much investment because woodworking tools and equipment are affordable. But this business is challenging to start.

If you decide to go with Wood Profits Program, visit their website, where you will see that they are claiming to start your own woodworking business and earn $90k. Some people, in the beginning, think it is a scam, but that’s not correct because many of my friends earn much more than the website claims.

Earning these income figures can take time and effort, and people must give time and practice to become perfect. This business is not easy as earning online, where users learn and apply it to start generating little amounts.

The woodworking business follows the rule of doing more practice to make you perfect. These days woods are very expensive and you are working on the customer paying for wood and if you do something wrong, you have to pay them back. So that’s why this business needs more practice and experience.

But no problem; if you don’t have experience or are new in the woodworking business, Wood Profits is your best guide, as this guide is created by an experienced woodworker who shared all their tools and experience to make you perfect.

In this Wood Profits Review, I will give you a full report about who the author is, how it works, and its benefits and price. So read this review till last to check whether it is a scam or legit.

What Are Wood Profits All About?

Wood Profits is a program that includes everything from launching woodworking projects to the first sale.

The Wood Profits Guide is 53 pages handbook that trains customers to make their own woodwork projects and sell them online to earn money. The good thing about this program is that it also comes in audio format because many people get bored reading long books.

This book also teaches how to turn your woodworking business into a profitable one. You don’t need to work 9 to 5 like labor, only give 20 to 25 hours a week for practice and make small furniture to make yourself perfect.

This Wood Profits program is best for beginners with no previous experience and who are interested in starting a woodwork business. This business requires only $1000 as startup capital for buying tools and equipment.

The Wood Profits website claims that learning these skills for three months can make you an expert. Then you can open your woodworking shop and run it yourself without professional support.

This guide focuses on three major parts: teaching woodworking skills, making woodwork projects, and learning basic business skills to sell these woodwork projects online.

Who Is The Author?

The author of Wood Profits is Jim Morgan, and he is a well-known home base carpenter.

In 1994, he got jobless and could not find a job. He also struggled with financial problems because he had no money to feed his two kids. In his spare time, he used to make wood projects in small spaces at home. His wife thinks that Jim got mad; therefore, she started a job and could feed their children.

Jim’s dream comes through when he first sells his wood project chair. Then he realized that his hobby is good for earning money, then he invested all day and night to become an expert carpenter. Within a year, he got a 1400 sqft garage and shifted all his business there.

After working for 25 years in his woodworking shop, he helped numerous carpenters sell their woodwork projects online. After helping his friend, he thought of helping people learn carpentry and making it a full-time or part-time business.

People interested in woodworking who want their hobby to earn money follow Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits Program to become an expert and make your dream come true.

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Will Wood Profits Program Works Same For All Individuals?

Before checking how Wood Profits work, we first describe what woodworking is.

Woodworking is the art of creating something with wood that needs some skills. Simple wood projects are chairs, tables, jewelry boxes, etc.

Hard and long wood projects make bed sets, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and more that need expert skills.

Wood Profits work by enhancing woodworking skills and teaching them how to sell it online. And when you get expert and people demand your items, you can earn 90k to 150k, as the official website claimed.

Everyone thinks this Wood Profits Program is a scam because it shows high figures of income, which cannot be possible in the starting. So these people start calling it a bogus or fraudulent product.

What Will You Find In This book?

By reading Wood Profits Reviews, I came to know the user can get the following tips:

  • Step-by-step information to create small woodworking projects like a wooden table, chair, or jewelry box that are low in cost and sell fast. So the user must focus on it instead of making a whole bedroom set which takes time and will sell less.
  • This guide instructs customers to start their woodworking business for only $1000. Many people wrongly believe that woodworking tools are expensive, so they cannot buy them. But this program will guide you on getting these tools at a discounted price from a second-hand shop or online.
  • Tips on marketing their wood projects. People who live in rural areas cannot connect with a large sum of people, so they need to advertise their products on social media so that many people know about these projects and, thus, increase their income.
  • Getting customer satisfaction means if any customer buys your product and has some defects, you must repair it. This build trust of your customer towards you and they can also refer to their friend and family member, which will be good for business.
  • In starting, try to make wood projects simple, low cost, and good quality and charge less profit. And when these items get sold, you get trusted reviews, then increase the price and maintain it for a year to gain customer trust.
  • Also, make one huge profit wood project like a full bedroom set or full kitchen cabinets that help you earn a good profit; seeing your good work can order more.
  • By maintaining the quality, more customers can reorder the projects or sometimes give whole home woodworking projects. With this, you can make thousands of dollars within a month or two.

Price of Wood Profits Program

The original price of Wood Profit is $87, but the discount period is going on, so the price is $37.

The Wood Profits is only available at the official website and if you find it on any other local store or online store, consider it fake because the author hasn’t signed any seller.

On buying from the official website, customers can get three upsell with this program for only $12.

After clicking the buy button, you will be taken to the buy page, backed by the most powerful and secure transaction platform, Clickbank. So all your transactions on this site are safe, your profile is hidden, and no one can see your data except you.

They will charge once from the debit or credit card and provide lifetime free updates and bonuses. It is an online program and doesn’t need handling fees or shipping fees.

Customers who buy it will get direct access to the member’s area, where there will find 1 Wood Profits PDF and 3 Upsells. Customers can download it as often as they want on their preferred device and start using it. They don’t need to wait for the hard copy to deliver to their doorstep, which takes around 7 to 8 days.

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Refund Policy

Jim Morgan is very confident about his program, so he gave each customer 60 days full refund promise. Any customer who doesn’t like the product’s fonts or hasn’t seen any positive results can apply for a refund within 60 days of their purchase. But keep in mind, the refund policy only applies to those who brought Wood Profits Ebook from the official page, not from any other online store like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.

After verifying all the customer information, Jim’s team will pay them back the full money within three business days.

Is Wood Profits A Scam?

Many customers seeing highlighted income of $90k to $150k on the official page claim that it is fake and that it can’t be possible from a woodworking business. But in my view, no starting business can give an income of $90k per year.

To reach that goal, you must be an expert with many years of experience so that building constructors can give full woodworking projects to them. In this way, they can reach their goal of $90k to $150k.

The book will teach you all legit things like creating a small wood project and selling them over the internet.

Suppose Wood Profits is a scam, then why the author gives 60 days to every customer to try out his program? Also, they claim to return full money, and no one can do fraud for only $37.

Yes, we know that the author’s name Jim Morgan is different from what is shown on Google searches, but it can be possible that the author is now become a reputable actor or model and doesn’t want to disclose it.

When following Wood Profits, if you feel it is difficult to understand, you can contact Jim’s team through email and ask the question; they will respond within a day.

Positive And Negative About Wood Profits


  • Wood Profits is a program that educates all customers to make small wood assignments.
  • It also instructs how to earn income online from a woodworking business.
  • It is an easy step-by-step guide for all beginners to experts. Men and women can use it; there is no age or gender restriction.
  • This guide is very helpful for those willing to start their career as a carpenter.
  • All the customers have 60 days trial period. In between, if they don’t like it, they apply for a refund and get all their money back.
  • You can download this ebook on any suitable device you like most.
  • The bonus books all show the list of 1000-plus woodworking crafts with diagrams.
  • Wood Profits Program also comes in audio format for customers who cannot read digital books.


  • Wood Profits can be only accessible on the official website.
  • People who don’t buy the product from the authorized website cannot claim a refund.
  • You must have an internet connection and a device like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.
  • In starting, the result will not be great claimed by the author.

Last Conclusion

If you are a beginner and want to learn woodworking skills, then Wood Profits Guide will be great.

Also, if you are an expert carpenter and don’t know how to sell your skills or wood project, then Wood Profits will really help you as it teaches marketing skills also.

At this stage, you can now realize that Wood Profits is not a scam, and if you still do not agree, then read Wood Profits Reviews over the internet and make up your mind.

At last, I recommended all my readers to try Wood Profits Program once and if they don’t get a satisfactory result. Ask for a refund as all users have 60 day trial period.

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