The Self-Sufficient Backyard Reviews – Is It A Legit Program?

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The Self-Sufficient Backyard is easy to follow 265 pages book that contains all the necessary information to create your own food, electricity, and medicine that can support you during an emergency rather than depending on government help that sometimes fails due to extreme climate changes like a tornado or thunderstorm and earthquake.

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Worrying is a part of life. Some problems can be solved with some effort. Many people still depend on the government or electric companies during crises.

As I said, only some people depend on the government’s help, while others search for alternatives.

Even the most popular superpower, the USA, can face electricity and food shortage during a natural disaster, so how can other countries not suffer from it?

People suffering from a crisis must learn survival skills and always be prepared to handle it, as these problems occur immediately without warning. So, these people get cut down from the market and don’t have enough food and water to feed their families with no electricity.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard is the best survival program for all these problems as it teaches how to preserve food for long hours, generate water from plants that can be drinkable, and also produce electricity from it. You can also grow medical plants that will help in a critical situation when they are no medical assistance.

This program will explain how to make your home backyard into a green garden that will provide all the resources needed during critical situations instead of relying on the government.

Learning all this to make food, preserve water and store energy for long periods on your own can take months or years. So buy The Self-Sufficient Backyard Program, designed by Ron, who invested his 40 years in learning these survival skills.

To learn more beneficial results about this program, read The Self-Sufficient Backyard Review until last and then decide if it’s worth the money.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard Introduction

The Self-Sufficient Backyard is an ultimate guide that helps customers make their homeland a self-supported space where they can grow all plants that provide food, water, nutrients, medical care, and energy without sacrificing daily comforts in the crisis when people are waiting for the government’s help.

All these tricks and tips are already tested by many of the customers. Read their reviews on the official website under The Self-Sufficient Backyard Reviews section.

The program is formed by experience authors that shared their 40 years of knowledge. Everyone can benefit by implementing it easily, turning your home backyard into a garden, and becoming fully self-independent. Rather than relying on the electric company, the government’s help, grocery chains, medical care, charity, and the grid.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard also includes 100 free DIY projects to learn basic survival skills. This guide is very easy to follow that includes charts, reports, diagrams, photos, and videos that help the user in each step, from growing the plant to making electricity.

The best part about this program is that there is no age restriction, and every man and woman of any age or gender can use it and make their home backyard an off-grid farmstead.

Author Of The Self-Sufficient Backyard

The authors of The Self-Sufficient Backyard are Ron and Johanna, they both are in their 60s, and for 40 years, they have been living off the grid and never paid utility bills.

They also grow plants rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation to reduce stress and pain. Also, they use these plants to solve any health problems and even till now don’t use any pills or drugs.

Both authors are husband and wife, and they are in their 60s. They maintain their garden easily without anyone’s help, and they said that making their home a self-sufficient paradise is the happiest moment of their life. Both invest 10 minutes daily to look after their garden.

They further state that you need more than 200 sqft to make you self-sufficient. It can provide basic daily needs for a limited time per your family’s usage. To fully rely on it will cost more land and resources that no one can afford.

Benefits Of Using The Self-Sufficient Backyard

Customers will get the following advantages when using The Self-Sufficient Backyard Guide:

No Hard Work:

Maintaining your self-sufficient garden is not required hard work. Both authors of The Self-Sufficient Backyard are sixty years old, and Ron has back problems but can still maintain their home garden easily. They show the world that a self-sufficient lifestyle doesn’t require much effort.

Peaceful Life:

This program is specially designed for people who have back problems because sitting long hours on the office chair. They will take a vacation from work or a day off and spend time with these plants, reducing the stress incurred by the working environment or family problems.

Also, people who are retired and want to spend their time doing something special can use The Self-Sufficient Backyard to create their own garden in their home backyard and spend time there to produce food, water, energy, and the medical formula to cure small problems like headache, stomach pain, gastric acid, constipation, and much more.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard also gives tips and techniques to their customers living in apartments. These tips include:

  • Get hot water without electricity
  • Grow organic fruits and vegetables
  • Get rid of insects without using any chemical
  • Make honey beehive and maintain it for years
  • Get water with pressure
  • Hybrid electricity

Need Small Land Portion

When learning and reading The Self-Sufficient Backyard, people think they need a large space to grow the plant, and this is incorrect because this guide explains how to utilize your space and double its efficiency with modern methods.

People will not get 100% self-sufficiency by only using 100 or 200 sqft but can survive in the critical situation without the government or any companies’ support.

Low Cost Of Maintenance

Making your own self-sufficiency garden at home is relatively inexpensive, equaling your daily consumption. And the cost of maintenance is quite low when compared to your daily utility bills.

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Theory Of The Self-Sufficient Program

The Self-Sufficient Backyard is a 265 pages guide that provides all the information and steps for creating 100 DIY projects in your home garden. This guide divided all this into 17 chapters, including getting hot water, water purification methods, water with pressure, and growing medicinal plants.

To get the full idea of what these chapter covers, below are the detailed information:

In a few starting chapters from 1 to 4, you will know what homesteading is, where it originated, the history behind it, its benefits, and why people now think it is good for them. After reading it, people can have good knowledge about the homestead, and now they want to know how much home space it needs. So don’t worry; these chapters also provide valuable instruction on creating your own home garden sketch. Take a pencil and start drawing the sample sketch of your self-sufficient garden.

In Chapter 5, you will get reliable details on storing rainwater and utilizing it when needed. This chapter also explains the resources used to keep the water clean for longer and use it in your homestead. Further in this chapter, you will get basic tips to install a filter system and fire pump that gives you hot water in cold weather.

Chapter 6 is important because everyone lives in different places and the resources are also different from others. This chapter provides reliable instructions about alternative things that can use instead of finding the same resources.

In chapter 7, customers can get full information on how to create their own off-grid electricity. The author Rob Beckers is an electrical engineer with vast knowledge of the hybrid system and energy sources. He shared his experience in this chapter to educate customers to make their electricity in difficult circumstances rather than relying on the electric companies.

From Chapters 8 to 12, users can get good knowledge about food resources such as growing chicken to get eggs from it, creating honey beehives to collect honey, and growing plants to get fresh fruits and vegetables. People can also sell their excess food resources to earn extra income. Further in this chapter, you will get the list of plant names that have medical properties to treat fungal infection.

In Chapter 13, the author shares knowledge of Mario Swinkels, a beekeeper and Canadian Honey Council member.

Chapters 14 and 15 give customers full instructions on how to grow chickens quickly and save them from harsh weather.

The remaining two chapters include the final step of harvesting plants in your homestead. These simple tools and equipment easily be searchable from any woodwork shop. And also, these plants are beneficial for a healthy environment.

Final Price

This program can only be obtainable from the official website of Self Sufficient Backyard, not from any other Amazon or eBay stores.

This program is getting popular, which is why many other online stores sell fake copies with the same brand name. Therefore be careful of these fraud sellers.

According to the official page, The Self-Sufficient Backyard Program is available in two different packages:

Digital Package: The program will cost $37, and the customer can use it after payment.

Physical Package: In this package, the total price of this program would be $47 because they charge $10 for shipping and handling.

Both these packages include one-time payment, no hidden or subscription fees, and a lifetime free membership that, whenever they provide further bonuses in the future, will get for free.

You will get three free bonuses with both packages.

Refund Policy

The authors have full confidence in their program, which is why they have given a full refund guarantee within 60 days of their buying. Any customer who doesn’t like the product or doesn’t get valuable results can ask for a refund.

But remember, the customer must have brought The Self-Sufficient Backyard Program from their official product website. After checking the customer’s details and verifying them, we will return all the money to the customer without asking any questions.

Free Bonuses

By buying The Self-Sufficient Backyard Program from the official page, customers can get three free bonus ebooks, explained below:

Bonus 1: The Aquaponic Gardener

This book explains the new concept of an aquaponic system that keeps the plant healthy by recycling water and also provides fresh fish whole year. This system is useful because it takes only 10% of water and recycles it during the process so that no water shall be wasted. Then water will feed the plant’s soil and create bacteria to feed fish, and then these fish will generate nitrates that are useful for growing plants.

Bonus 2: DIY Projects from the 1900s

This book holds ancient DIY methods to purify water, wood stoves, fireboxes, solar water heaters, and many more. Please read it to enhance your survival skills and keep the plant healthier for many years.

Bonus 3 – Where FREE Land can still be found in the US

This book is especially advantageous for US people because it tells customers where to get free land in the US and start their off-grid homestead.

Each bonus book will cost $27, but the customer of The Self-Sufficient Backyard will get it for free.

Final Verdict

At last, in this The Self-Sufficient Backyard Review, I want to convey that this is the best survival guide I have never seen something like that because it uses new methods to make off-grid homestead.

Customers will get a free lifetime membership and three free bonuses with The Self-Sufficient Backyard Program.

This guide contains 1000+ projects of growing chickens, make own beehives, harvesting plants, and installing a water filtration system to make water clean for your family.

If you are ready to buy this program, make sure to buy from the official store as they are giving free bonuses, free lifetime membership, and a 100% money refund guarantee with a no-question-asked policy.

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